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Goin’ Buggy

Kylie had her Kindergarten program, “Goin‘ Buggy” last night…too cute. She played a bumblebee, had an apron, bumblebee bib, star antenna, and a ladle. Watching her on stage singing about bugs was, for lack of a better word…adorable. She danced around a bit and had some priceless facial expressions, especially during the ladybug song.

The play didn’t last long, which was probably good since Grayson was a bit of a loon. He kept wanting down, then didn’t really know how to handle the slant of the auditorium floor and wanted back up, then wanted back down again. Trinity also has this uncanny talent for making him screech like you’ve stabbed him or something, which happened about every 3 minutes or so. He was quite fascinated by the disco ball during the firefly song…much appreciated silence.
I heard Kara a few times, but she chose to sit with her mother…who remarkably decided to grace everyone with her appearance at one of her children’s activities. I believe this has only happened 3 or 4 other times in their lives.

After arriving home, we gathered some bugs (a mosquito, and some tiny ants) for Kylie to take to school to feed the baby chicks in their classroom. While killing some ants, I noticed what appeared to be a dead spider in the laundry room. I asked Greg to make sure it was dead, then put it in the bag with the other bug carcasses. Greg in his infinite wisdom, kicks the spider towards me rather than stepping on it, only to discover it wasn’t actually dead. It proceeded to jump down the floor vent and disappear into the darkness. When the girls had gone to bed, Greg and I were talking in the computer room when I casually put my hand on my knee, brushing something fuzzy with my pinkie. Looking down, I see a fuzzy caterpillar making its way up my leg. (I was wearing jeans, so I couldn’t feel it wiggling.) After doing the “Get it off, get it off” dance, we placed it (still alive) in the bag with the other bugs. Kylie was crazy excited about bringing it to school. (Not real sure if she realized she was condemning this creature to death.) For the rest of the night I felt creepy crawlies…non-existent of course.

Party! Party! Party!

Well, I survived the weekend…barely. =)

On Friday night, we had a Hershey’s Bliss Party. This party was sponsored by Hershey’s/ They sent a party pack.

This was the first party I have hosted, and I think it went pretty well. The guests were James, Tera, Conner, Ray, Tina, Makenna, Brandi, Keegan, and our crew. It took a little bit to get going, but I think everyone had fun. The kids watched Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, and the adults played the Wii. Ray won the “Guess how many” game…the vase filled with bliss chocolate. He won a yummy smelling candle and then traded it back to me for the contents of the vase…which was fine by me. I actually wanted the candle for myself, then decided I had to have a game with a prize…plus, like I need anymore chocolate! The food turned out really well. I made a chocolate fondue using the Hershey’s Bliss Dark Chocolate (which was delicious), a fruit dip, a chip dip, and strawberry slush punch.

On Saturday, I worked on cleaning up and preparing for Kara’s birthday party on Sunday. The most difficult thing was the Marshmallow Fondant. It turned out awesome, but making it is a chore. I also finished the Wacky Zingo Pinata…which I must add turned out perfectly. It was a bit tougher than we thought it would be, so Greg ended up having to whack it to release the candy…the girls did do a good job of denting it though.

Kara’s dog bowl cake turned out better than expected, but I had to improvise a little on the “dog food” because I didn’t have any food coloring. I used powdered cocoa to color the fondant as “dog food” and it looked great. I also served chex mix in an actual dog bowl, banana slush punch, and “dog bone” cookies. We also had a craft activity where the kids got collars for the stuffed animals they brought…they turned out really cute. The kids played outside for awhile…mainly chasing the balloons (it was a bit windy). Her guests were Erin & Erica, Sarah, and our crew…which was plenty! I don’t know what I would have done if everyone invited showed up…

Overall, I had a good weekend. A little stressful at times, but so worth it. I’m now on to planning for Trinity’s birthday party in June…wish me luck. =)

Party Pooper…

Well, I’ve been planning 2 parties for a couple weeks now, and the time has come. Tomorrow, I am hosting a Hershey’s Bliss chocolate party…sponsored by Hershey’s (they sent me free chocolate and gifts). This is mainly an excuse to hang out with our friends. We haven’t had anyone over to the new house yet, and I like company. =) Then on Sunday I am throwing Kara a “Webkinz Puppy Party” for her 5th birthday. This is the one that has taken extensive planning. I’m not really sure what about this party has been so difficult, but after all this planning I am actually dreading it. How terrible is that!? I have made a pinata in the shape of a “Zingo” (still working on it), have a small craft planned, will be making a “dog bowl” cake, and “dog bone” cookies. I really hope everything turns out the way it looks in my head…if so it will be fantastic!

I may be slightly insane for planning 2 parties in the same weekend.

Intro & Not quite 30 yet….

Well, I have decided to join the band wagon and start blogging. I have alot of things that I ponder on, and what better way to get them out of my head than to write them down. And since I can’t seem to make myself get out pen and paper, (and I type faster than I can write) what better way than here? Not that I have anything extremely interesting to say, but maybe someone out there will be intrigued.
I am turning 30 in less than 2 weeks, and am having a little trouble dealing with this. At first, it was ‘I don’t want to be 30! I love my 20′s!’ …plus my husband is still in his 20′s and that just doesn’t seem fair. Now, in a way, I am embracing this change. Last week an old friend of mine that I hadn’t seen or talked to in a couple years passed away. She didn’t get a chance to turn 30…her birthday would have been May 26th. Her death hit me very hard even though we hadn’t been close in recent years. I was unable to attend her memorial, but have been able to accept this and say good-bye in my own way.
So, in sort of a lame tribute to Wendi, “Thank you for helping me to see that growing older is a blessing from God. I’m sorry we lost touch over the years, but I know we are friends forever.”