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Trinity’s 8th Birthday…Part 1

I have been stressing & working my behind off over Trinity’s birthday. The original plan was to have a big party at our house with all her friends from school on June 7th. She wanted an “Arctic” Webkinz Party, and I had most of the details planned out. We then get a call from Amy saying she had to have the girls (Kylie & Kara) for a family reunion that day, so we changed the party date to the 8th after church. About a week later, we received another call from her stating she would need to keep the girls until Sunday night. So, after talking to Trinity, we decided to have a small family party on May 29th, then take her to Branson on the 7th for a day all about her. (I was very frustrated that I had to change my daughter’s birthday plans repeatedly to accomodate her plans – even though it was our weekend – but we finally got it all worked out.) Trinity was happy with the change…she got her Arctic Party that her sisters were able to attend, and she will get a day all about her.

The cake took me 2 days total to bake, make the fondant, and create the finished product…which I was very pleased with. (Plus, it was delicious!)

She LOVED the gifts she received, and she really enjoyed spending time with her family. She is growing up so fast…I am astounded at how she has grown. She is an amazing kid – I couldn’t imagine a better daughter.

Part 2 (Trinity’s Day in Branson) will be posted sometime after June 7th.

Brand New Kids "Big Event"

Tonight was the Brand New Kids monthly event titled “Fun and Games”. About 20 kids or so showed up…pretty decent turn out in my opinion. Water balloons, water guns, bubbles, what more could kids want? It started out pretty crazy – kids fighting about their place in line, not getting a squirt gun, getting hit with balloons, etc. After they got pretty wet the fighting subsided. The kids had a great time with the different games and activities. I got to enjoy a little “grown up” conversation with some friends from church…much welcomed company when you have no adult interaction during the day.
When it was finally time to go, after about 2 hours of wild, wet fun, I decided to race Trinity the last 5 feet or so to the truck, and the fun ended. She slipped on some gravel, and slid under the truck. After convincing her she wasn’t dying, I loaded her into the truck & drove her home (listening to overly dramatic sobbing gasps coming from the back). She scraped her knee pretty good and required a HUGE band aid. Seems she will survive since I spun her a pretty good story to tell her friends at school about how she almost beat her mom in a race…so she wouldn’t be embarrassed of the HUGE band aid.

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, we accomplished very little this weekend. After planting the garden I worked so hard on starting indoors about 6 weeks ago, something has destroyed most of the plants. I am beyond furious. I am suspecting either bunnies or birds…both of which I have seen in our back yard in abundance. Speaking of birds, the girls were playing outside excitedly began to tell us of a baby bird they found and wanted to take care of. After a quick inspection, Greg determined the baby had been abandoned and was too young to survive. Begging insued. I told Trinity she could use my small garden spade to find worms, chop them up, and feed the bird by hand. If she did this, then they could “keep” the bird. Of course I knew that she had no intentions of touching a worm. After more dramatic begging for Greg to do the dirty worm work and put a bandaid on the birds’ boo-boo, he took a closer look at the baby bird. It was in quite bad shape…aparently something had attacked it at some point and its insides were no longer inside. It was definatly not going to make it. This sparked another round of tears from Trinity, our resident Drama Queen. She was absolutely heart broken, and it was terrible to see. There was nothing I could do for the bird, and this was unacceptable to her. Greg ended up placing a bowl over it so the girls would stop looking at it. They forgot about it for an hour or so, enjoying running through the sprinkler…which Grayson wanted nothing to do with. He was quite adorable in his swimming trunks though.

Wii Fit Blog

I have created a seperate blog for our Wii Fitting. It is called Wii Fit, You Fit, Everybody Fit. It is about our use of the Wii Fit & progresssion of our individual fitness. I will have links posted along the sides of my blogs to help navigate between them.

Grayson’s "Major" Haircut

Well, on a whim, Greg & I decided to give Grayson a “High & Tight”. It’s been about 5 years since I’ve done this haircut, and never on a child…sooooo…here’s the pics.
“Before” (He’s brushing his hair with one of the girls’ My Little Pony Brushes he found somewhere. He also brushes his stuffed animals…only the ones with fur though, somehow he understands that his turtle Sherman doesn’t need to be brushed.)
“After” He did a really great job of not freaking out and being still. There are a couple spots at the top of his neck that I didn’t completely get, but it’s not that noticeable. I seriously doubt he would let me fix it. He didn’t like the part around his ears or at the top of his neck.

Mother’s Day 2008

I had a fantastic Mother’s Day! I got some wonderful gifts from my babies. Trinity gave me an apron she decorated & personalized at school. Funny thing was I had been wanting an apron for quite awhile, but hadn’t mentioned it. It is a perfect gift…I love it. From Kylie, I got a nice shadow poem & a cute picture of her. I also received some really cool magnetic containers to hold my spices that I have on the side of my fridge…frees up some much needed cabinet space. I will post pictures sometime this week. From my awesome husband I will be receiving a Wii Fit in a week or so. I am way excited, and plan on posting a seperate blog about our experiences & progress.

Kylie & Kara spent a couple hours with Amy today. Trinity & I played Wii…I finally beat her in bowling. It was way close though. She is awesome at the Wii. We also played Mario Party 8 and made a delicious chocolate pie with oreo crumb crust. Greg rented August Rush…excellent movie. Grayson was sweet as usual…kissy, snuggly, and playful. It was so great to spend time with my family today. I am so blessed.


After planning Kara’s birthday party, and it turning out so well, Trinity has requested an arctic Webkinz party for her birthday. I am planning on making an igloo cake using the fondant to cover a cake baked in a pyrex bowl. I figured I needed some more practice with the fondant, so I am in the process of making Greg a football cake for his birthday today. I have had experience in the past with making a rounded cake from Kylie’s princess cake. The part I am nervous about is the fondant. Not sure why I am on this cake thing this year, but here are a few pictures of the other cakes I have made.

The first one was made using an 8×8 pan and 4 mini-loaf pans for Grayson’s 1st Birthday, the second one was made using the pyrex bowl, and an 8″ round cake pan for Kylie’s 6th Birthday. These both used cream cheese frosting. The last one was made using 2 8″ round cake pans and marshmallow fondant.

Below are pictures of the completed cake for Greg’s birthday. If I ever do another football cake, I have a totally different plan on doing the fondant. It actually turned out decent. Oh, and the little footballs around it are just candies made from the fondant.


Well, my drivers license expired on my birthday, which fell on a Sunday, and I still have yet to go get it renewed. I am stalling… I got all ready on Monday to do it, but talked myself out of it. I am dreading going into that stinking office with my 18 month old son, waiting in line for FOREVER, just to get a terrible photo ID. I do, of course, get to have my name corrected after 3 years…when I got remarried the genius who made the name change made a typo and I have been Jessica Alecander for 3 years now. It will be nice to not have to explain that to everyone that needs to see ID. I am justifying the stalling by the fact that I have not needed to go to town…this will not be the fact on Friday since I have to pick up the kids. I’m sure I will have something to post about that endeavor.

On a different topic, Grayson has been running a fever for almost 3 days now. Nothing high, but a fever on and off nonetheless. I haven’t been able to get much done around the house because he has decided to only nap for about 30 minutes at a time, and the rest of the time just wants to snuggle. I love when he is snuggly…just makes me less productive. I am pretty sure it is because he is cutting more teeth. Hopefully the fever will be over with soon and he will be back to his old self. =)

Okay, went to the DMV… First of all, I think a prerequisite of working there is rudeness & lack of personality. Who doesn’t take credit/debit cards?! Uh…the DMV. After waiting for my turn…while answering Kara’s never ending spew of questions about driving rules and entertaining Grayson, I approach the desk stating that I need to get my drivers license renewed. The “lady” says, “$20.00 & your old license”, I hand her my license & debit card, she huffily responds “Cash or check only”. I let her know I don’t have it, I will be back. I then load the kids back up, drive across town to the ATM, drive back across town to the DMV, and take another number. This time I don’t have to wait, and am being helped by someone not rude…still no personality though. I give her the $20, my license, the name & address change, then on to the picture. Now, why on earth they feel they need to zoom in to where my face takes up the entire photo spot, I don’t know. She says, “Smile or not on 3 whichever you prefer. 123click” No time to prepare at all…totally the worst picture I’ve ever taken for a license. Ugh…another 4 years of ugly. LOL

My Big 3-0

Well, I have had a wonderful weekend. My darling husband planned a weekend away to celebrate our birthdays. Planned may not be the right word…either way, it was a perfect weekend. We began our weekend on Friday after he got home from work. We had Ray & Tina watch Grayson Friday evening & all day on Saturday, and Doug & Rebecca keep him Saturday night through Sunday afternoon. We drove to Branson, checked in at the resort, and went down to Branson Landing. We enjoyed one of the most delicious bacon cheese burgers I have ever had the pleasure of tasting (at Garfield’s), and just walked around checking out the different stores.

On a totally off topic side note…I have noticed that I seem to fall deeper in love with my husband with each passing day. It’s not because of anything in particular that he does, it’s just him being him, and me noticing. I LOVE HIM!

Okay, back on topic…

On Saturday, we “slept in” (I put that in ” ” because for some reason, I am unable to sleep past 8:00…sooooo frustrating), ate breakfast at IHOP – the caramel banana french toast is AMAZING, went to the time share presentation… I know, I know, but 2 nights at the resort & 2 2-day passes to Silver Dollar City for $79.00 was worth it. Plus, during the tour, Greg had to help push the golf cart thing up a hill…it was great! We went back to Branson Landing to shop, then ate sushi at Wasabi. Well, not exactly sushi…the waitress recommended since we had never eaten sushi, that we try California Rolls. “They good for beginners.” she said. It was awesome. For someone who doesn’t really like fish, I sure did put away the California Rolls. We also ordered sake. For those who don’t know…it is rank. It is a heated alcoholic beverage, that tastes like a cross of wine & moonshine. UGH! It doesn’t pack near the punch you would think by the way it tastes though. Everything else was delicious. I even had Green Tea Ice Cream for dessert…just to get the entire Japanese taste experience. I can safely say, we will be going back for more. After eating at Wasabi, we went to the Kirby Vanburch magic show. It was very impressive. He and his wife were VERY good at what they do, plus it was quite a long show…well worth the cost. I was a little disappointed that after paying over $60.00 for us both to get in, they tried to sell us a photo they took of us on the way in for $18.00. I mean, come on! It cost what, maybe a quarter to print, and a buck or 2 for the frame? I would have paid $5.00 or so for the souvenir, but $18.00? No thanks.

On Sunday, after getting several calls wishing me a “Happy Birthday”, we grabbed some yummies at Krispy Kreme, then headed to the outlet mall. Here my oh-so-generous and loving husband purchased for me a beautiful diamond necklace. I have never been given such a beautiful & thoughtful gift. We then had a fantastic ride home, just talking about our family and enjoying each other’s company. After arriving home, I was able to pick up Grayson…we missed that kid tremendously! He seemed as though he missed us as well. Good thing since he’s stuck with us for at least 17 more years. =)

Tonight, I plan on spending my 30th birthday evening with my dear husband and son (my beautiful daughters are here in my heart, but physically with their other parents), eating pizza, watching a movie, and enjoying the first evening of Life @ 30.