Monthly Archives: November 2008

The Milk Man

About a month ago, our neighbors introduced us to farm fresh milk, as I mentioned in an earlier entry.  The “dairy farm” is about 5 minutes or so from our house, and we go about twice a week.  On my last visit, I met the man who owns the cows who will now be known as the Milk Man.  He is your stereotypical country boy.  He grew up on a farm, owns cattle, chickens, turkeys, etc., milks the cows by hand everyday, and loves it.  The Milk Man is as sweet as can be, and very friendly.  Today on our trip to pick up milk, Trinity was to help me carry the milk back to the truck because we were getting 3 gallons, and I didn’t want to make 2 trips.  Upon getting out of the truck, we were warmly greeted by the Milk Man, and then the embarrassment began.  He walked us back to the truck and the girls began to bombard him with strange questions and random facts. 

Kylie: Howdy! Are you a farmer?
Milk Man: Yep.
Kylie: Do you make the milk?
Milk Man: Yep, I do.
Trinity: He squeezes it from the cows titties. (YES SHE SAID TITTIES!)
Trinity: Why don’t you have one of those things in your mouth?
Me: A toothpick?
Trinity: No, one of those long things with the fuzzy stuff on the end?
Me: Hay?
Trinity: Yeah.
Me: Get in the truck.
Trinity: Is your last name Brown?
Milk Man: No, it’s ——- (omitted for his privacy)
Trinity: Your name should be Farmer Brown
Of course the Milk Man was a bit confused, but was a perfect gentleman.  He talked to me for a few more minutes, telling me I had “some fine kids”, and then I was on my way.  Needless to say, the kids will be confined to the truck next time.

Disaster Area

After making our custom Christmas cards last night, which turned out awesome, the girls worked on their “web show”.  This consisted of Greg recording them “acting” out a scene….needless to say it will not make it to the Internet.  He says Trinity is a good actress, but a little too dramatic, Kylie has terrible “stage fright” as soon as the camera beeps and is very spastic, and Kara tends to hide.  He is working with them, so when they come up with a script and can perform it I will post the link to their web show.

Okay, on to the disaster area part.  The weekend began with spotless rooms, no dirty laundry, clean bathroom, etc.  There had been very little messing throughout the weekend and they were very good about quickly getting their room back in order.  When I went to tuck them in last night, before I could even get in the door, Kylie announces “Our room is trashed”.  Trashed was an understatement…it seriously looked like someone ransacked it looking for treasure.  So…I had Greg bring home some boxes from work at lunch, and I took the boxes and filled them with the random mess on the bookshelves, under the bed, in the closet, shoved in corners, and scattered on the floor.  (I did throw away a bag of what I deemed trash…we’ll see if they notice.)  Hopefully tomorrow I will get to spend time working on the rest of the house in preparation for Thanksgiving.  The girls came home to a strangely empty room, and are currently slaving over the boxes. 
Oh, FYI the web show has been put on hold pending room cleanliness.

The Park

Yesterday, I picked Trinity up from school, and 2 other girls that I watch 2x a week and decided since it was warm and a beautiful day that I would take them to the park.  I knew today would be back in the 30/40′s and thought they would enjoy the fresh air.  Grayson loved the slide, but it was very static-y.  Every time he came down and I would guide him (so he wouldn’t fly off the end), I would get shocked.  And I mean SHOCKED…it was really starting to get to me when he decided he wanted to play with the rocks instead.  The girls had been taking the rocks up to the top of the twirly slide and then after collecting a bunch would push them down.  This was great fun for them…not sure why, but hey, they were entertained.  I decided to open my big mouth and explain since there were 3 of them, they could form a line and get the rocks up faster that way.  During the “line” episode, I was helping Grayson find a yellow (aka yehyo) rock when I was nailed in the face with a shoe.  It hurt, but didn’t bleed, so all was well.  Soon after this, right before it was time to go, the girls decided it would be a good idea to put rocks down their pants.  Don’t ask me why.  This resulted in screaming/laughing and crazy dancing as rocks were being expelled from underpants.

Honestly, I don’t understand why these weird random things happen to me, but it does keep life interesting.

Growing up soooooo fast!

My kids are growing up so fast, and it seems like I’ve been oblivious to it until now.  (I typically go through this a couple times a year where I get a revelation about how fast time goes.)  

Grayson is becoming such a little man.  He is talking so much, and it actually makes sense.  He is super smart, and very independent.  He plays well by himself, and loves to “help” me.  (He actually folds clothes as good as Kylie does.)  I am amazed daily by his cuteness and innocense.  Yesterday he attempted to put sheets on his bed when I was doing laundry…he worked on it for like 15 minutes and didn’t get frustrated when he couldn’t do it. (This was shocking since Kara starts crying her eyes out within 5 minutes.)  He then proceeded to use the fitted sheet as a blanket since he couldn’t get it over more than one corner at a time.  He improvises and makes things work for him…I love that about him.  Then he goes and plays with an empty box for 30 minuts or so – putting things in, taking them out, climing in, closing & opening, all the while sweetly talking to himself.  After all this cuteness, he decides to take a poo in the hallway.  (A non-messy one, but still…in the hall in front of the bathroom door?)  So, he received an early bath, rejected dinner, and passed out around 6:30.  Well, that’s all I’ve got for today, when I have the girls next week, I will try to go into their growing-up-too-fastness.

Cream Cheese Catastrophe

Okay…not really a “Catastrophe” but disappointing nonetheless.  I guess I should have done a little more research on my cream cheese project before beginning…the “buttermilk” I used was not cultured buttermilk.  After uncovering the bowl full of milk and buttermilk sitting on my counter for 24 hours, expecting to see curds or a yogurt-like consistency at least, I have a bowl full of milk.  So in my search of “What went wrong?” (which I am not a stranger to) I discovered the different kinds of buttermilk.  I think I am probably going to try this again sometime using actual cheese making supplies (and alot more research)…maybe in a couple weeks or so…gotta check the budget first.  So, in conclusion, Cream Cheese – Take 1 – ended up in failure, but is that not how we learn? =)

Not so much a country girl…

Those of you that actually know me, know that I am not a “country girl”.  Being born and raised in Arkansas, others typically label you as country…this is not the case.  I do not like country music, I do not have a southern (aka hick) accent, I hate being barefoot, I am not crazy about most animals, and I have all my teeth.  Saying this, I have noticed that I am intrigued by how things were done “back in the day”.  Upon suggestion by my neighbor that brings me farm fresh eggs, I have begun buying farm fresh milk.  For some reason, I was expecting to walk into some sort of dairy farm office building and purchase this milk…instead I drove down a dead end dirt road, was nearly attacked by crazed turkeys, and purchased the milk by taking two gallon sized jars out of a refrigerator on someone’s carport and leaving $6.00 in a cup.  I love that this area is still nice enough for things like this to be purchased on the honor system.

I haven’t actually drank the milk yet because I am a weenie (the kind of person with psychological barriers that prevent me from drinking store bought milk ON the due date), but Greg and the kids really like it.  I made butter last night which turned out really well, and am currently attempting to make cream cheese.  So far, I have heated 2 quarts of milk to lukewarm (around 95 degrees F), poured this into a large bowl, added 1/4 cup buttermilk (from my butter making last night), and covered with a kitchen towel.  (NOTE: If you are going to attempt this, place skewers or something over the bowl before draping the towel to prevent it from sinking into the liquid.)  This will sit on my counter for about 24 hours before the next step…will post update tomorrow.

Halloween Part 2

Well, Halloween is over and I am soooooooooo glad.  We had a great time, but it was so much work!  Why do I feel the need to get all crafty and make everything?  After carving a pumpkin (didn’t feel well that week, so only did one), baking seeds, baking cookies, making 3 costumes…I was exhausted – so exhausted that I didn’t take a single picture of Grayson on his first official Halloween.  Thank heavens for James Moore the photography genius who got a picture of me and Trinity walking in the door, and a picture of Greg holding Grayson.  I really wish we would have got one of all of us together since we were a theme, but I’m not complaining.  I have got to better organize my mind…I can’t believe I forgot to take pictures.  Anyways, we had a great time.  Trinity was adorable as Goldilocks with her curly blond wig. 

We attended the BNC Hallowin party, and then since all the men were starving – we went to Pizza Hut.  We got kind of a late start, but handed out quite a few DVD’s.  What a wonderful way to minister to the masses & appease the kids *cough* dad’s *cough* hunger for free candy.  I am definitely planning on starting the costumes sooner next year than I did this year…can’t wait to see what I come up with. =)