2009 Family Vacation ~ St. Louis Arch

On our first official Alexander Family Vacation, we decided to go to St. Louis, MO. (We’ve taken trips before, but it’s always been to visit family…not to just spend time together and have fun.) On our drive, we decided to do what every other family does and play the license plate game. We ended up getting 35/50 states, and 2 from Canada. I also gave them notebooks to use as vacation journals and they enjoyed writing about and drawing pictures of things they saw along the way. Once we made it to St. Louis, it took us a bit to check into our hotel. We drove around for about 15 minutes looking for parking before deciding to just suck it up and pay the 19.95/day to park in the hotel parking garage. Our room at the Hyatt was fantastic and looked just like the pictures on the website. The view of the city was beautiful as well.

They recently completed a $63 million renovation, and the hotel is beautiful. (I found a special deal HERE where we paid $63/night for a total of $219 rather than $527. You have to call and request this deal…couldn’t find it available online anywhere.) After getting checked in and situated we decided to walk to the St. Louis Arch and start the fun.
We walked around the museum for about an hour while waiting for our tour group and enjoyed learning about Lewis and Clark, their journey, and the Arch. (To get into the Arch and walk around the museum was free, but the ‘Journey to the Top’ was $29 for our entire family. Purchasing tickets online in advance is more expensive, so I would just wait until you get there.)
Kylie for some reason couldn’t keep from getting in front of the stroller wheels and got ran over repeatedly. One such time tripped her and sent her rolling down a ramp. It was quite hilarious (she was not injured). While standing in line, Grayson announced he had to pee. Greg, not wanting to get out of line and take him, insisted he could just go in his pull-up. I warned him that Grayson had been overflowing his pull-ups lately, but did he listen? Nope. Greg was holding Grayson when he couldn’t hold it any longer. He peed, and it created a large wet spot on the front of Greg’s shirt. Luckily it didn’t soak Grayson’s clothes. Problem was that we were too close to the actual ride to the top of the Arch to run back to the hotel to change, so Greg & Grayson had to enjoy the ride with wet clothes. (The line actually took so long that they were basically dry before we rode in the tiny compartment.)

Trinity was a little nervous during the ride, but didn’t freak out or anything.

The view of the sunset from the top of the Arch was magnificent.
It was quite crowded, so we didn’t stay long at the top.
Once we made it back down, the kids were pretty much wiped out, so we headed back to the hotel. The kids enjoyed their favorite hotel past time
(watching the traffic seven stories below) until bedtime, and were then out within minutes of their heads hitting the luxurious pillows. Good thing too, because the next day was our trip to the zoo.

8 thoughts on “2009 Family Vacation ~ St. Louis Arch

  1. Oh my good gosh! THAT is absolutely magical. That photo could win contests. I would add a watermark to it if I were you. That is the kind of photo to hang on the wall. So beautiful.

    Happy WW from Sara @ The Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

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