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Funny Story…

My wonderful husband, Greg, works hard.  He is passionate about coding…I don’t get it, but whatever makes him happy.  He is always working on some super cool thing for work, or just for fun…part of the learning process to him.  Anyways, occasionally he has to work on weekends or after hours or they call him at home.  His employer prefers not to pay overtime (totally understandable), so he typically ends up taking time off to make up for it.  So, this past week, he took off at noon on Thursday and was also off on Friday.  We conveniently had an appointment with a lawyer about an hour away on Friday, which is also close to where our church’s main campus is…so we paid them a visit.  They were holding a conference for rural pastors, and happened to be eating lunch when we arrived…talk about perfect timing.  Let me tell you, our church is stinking AWESOME.  I knew, or knew of most of the staff, and got to visit with quite a few that I hadn’t seen in quite some time.  They are the sweetest, kindest, most attentive group of people you’ll ever meet.  They always make us feel so special & loved.  Now, those of you who read my blog or follow me on Twitter know about Grayson’s views of our pastor, Shannon.  For this reason, I was slightly anxious when we arrived…praying that Grayson wouldn’t embarrass us or anyone else for that matter.  I must admit, Grayson did good – was sweet, shook hands, was overall adorable, and recognized Shannon as “Shannon”…until we were eating and he heard his voice without seeing him.  He then shouted “God” a couple different times, but we were far enough away from everyone for them to notice. =) It then came time to leave and we were given directions for a short-cut/back way home.  These directions consisted of travel through a tiny podunk area which I had never been.  We were having a nice time enjoying the different scenery, and discussing various random subjects when we hit dirt road.  There was no talk of a dirt road when we were receiving directions, and when I attempted to use the Google Maps application on my phone, it said we were on “Unknown Road”…since we had to be back in time to pick up kids from school, we decided not to risk it and turned around.  

So, our “short-cut” ended up costing us an extra 30 minutes or so, but we enjoyed each other’s company.  We were comparing “What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done?” stories, and I nearly peed my pants upon hearing Greg’s.  Mine was – while in High School, I had been at a friends house until pretty late one night, and on my way home I saw someone stranded on the side of the road.  I had recently ended a relationship with a guy and I was a little afraid of him…not sure why except that he was pretty big.  As I got closer, I realized it was him on the side of the road waving for help.  I must regretfully say, I didn’t stop…when I say didn’t stop, I mean sped up-zoomed by-got home as fast as I could without getting a ticket.  He didn’t recognize me, because I was driving a borrowed car, but I still feel bad about it to this day and it’s been what? 13 years?  Okay, on to Greg’s former heinousness.  Greg used to work for Rent-Way, and had to perform collections…back before he was a Christian.  (I say this, because the Greg I know would never do anything like this…which is one reason it is so humorous.)  Anyways, he had travelled to collect on an outstanding balance about an hour away on the day before Thanksgiving.  When he got there, the people didn’t have the cash, so he had to reposses their oven.  This is where it goes from bad to worse…they not only had to turn over their oven-the day before Thankgiving, but had to remove their Thanksgiving  turkey from the oven for him to repo it.  I could only imagine the choice words they had for this young man doing his crappy job, but he told this story in such a way that was utterly hilarious.  Needless to say, I enjoyed spending a long weekend with my sweet hubby & look forward to a lifetime of laughs with this man. =)

Gotta love Marines….

Obviously I’ve got a thing for Marines…I mean, I’ve married two of them, right?  Well, I’ve been meaning to stop by the local recruiting office to get a sticker for my truck.  You know, the round shiny ones that say United States Marine Corps and have the EGA emblem in the center.  (For all you civilians EGA = eagle, globe, & anchor.) =)

I had one on my Matrix, but never got another when we bought the Expedition.  Trust me…I have some USMC pride.  Anyways, I finally made the time to run in and I gotta say, I quite enjoyed my visit.  Compliments were flying left & right.  If I hadn’t had the kids in the car, I may have stayed for a bit just to chat.  I really would like to find my old recruiter turned Warrant Officer.  I may actually drop in for another visit when I’m having a low self-esteem day.  Needless to say, my truck is already sporting this fine looking decal.  Semper Fi!
One of these days, I will post the story of my experience with the Marine Corps, but not today.  Too long of a story, and I don’t feel like a trip down that memory lane at the moment.

Random Thought Thursday

Once again we take a look at my random thoughts from the week…

1. What is the deal with lotion “boogers”? If they can eliminate mustard crusties, why can’t they do the same with lotion?
2. One of my pet peeves is stepping in wet in my socks.
3. I am short, so I wear petite sizes.  Why is it that the clothing in the petite section is hideous?  Just because I’m short doesn’t mean I’m blind. 
Wow…didn’t really have that many random thoughts worth publishing this week.  Had my mind on important stuff, yeah, that’s it.   Okay, aside from the random thoughts, I wanted to post about some exciting things that have been going on.
First of all, Greg and I are taking a class called Manthano at BNC.  This class is intense.  The only time I ever actually studied was my one and only complete semester of college…which was what, almost 13 years ago?  I am enjoying diving deeper into the bible & actually learning.  It seems as though if I’m not going to be graded, I tend to slack on the studying part.  I mean, in high school I didn’t study. period.  I graduated #18 or something out of like 275…I just retained the stuff & picked it up easy enough that homework was enough.  This stuff…sheesh.  Not the case.  But heck, it’s new and exciting, and I’m loving it.  
Secondly, Greg had reconnected with his biological mother.  She lives in California, and he has only talked to her once (I think) since he was like 10 or something.  This is mind blowing for me because my family is tight.  I talk to my sister daily, my mom almost daily, and my brother about once  a week who all live in Texas.  My dad lives closer but is harder to get in touch with because he lives in the sticks & has bad cell reception, so I only talk to him once a week.  Back to Greg.  He was a little nervous to talk to her since it’s been so long, and there are alot of blanks that he wasn’t sure he wanted to get into.  The conversation was pleasant, and he got updates on all his brothers and their families.  I pray this turns into something wonderful for him…he deserves it.

Things I Love

Yesterday there was no school in honor of Martin Luther King day, so I was home with all 4 kids.  Overall we had a decent day…chocolate chip pancakes & scrambled eggs for breakfast, made collars for all their Webkinz – over 30 *sheesh*, played the Wii, water colored Chinese lanterns…you get the picture.  There was also fighting between the middle 2 – K & K.  Seems like whenever Kara (aka K#2) is alone with any of the other kids WW III ensues.  If it’s w/ T – there is always crying, w/ K#1 – screaming “I’m gonna tell Mom!”, w/ G – he bites her.  (She’s the only person he bites.)  In addition to the fighting, Trinity has acquired this heinous attitude, and Grayson has decided to become a nudist.  So, needless to say…

1) I love the kids’ first day back to school after a long weekend or holiday.
In an earlier post, I commented on how Grayson was under the impression that Shannon, our pastor, was God, and how we attempted to explain to him this was not the case.  (For the entire story read the post entitled “Sweet Innocence”.)  Well, despite our lesson on who God is, last night when Greg went to pray with the kids, every time Greg said “God”, Grayson whispered “Shannon”. 
2) I love the “facts” that pop into my 2 year old’s head and stick.
Yes, my kids drive me crazy, but I love them more than life.  I would do anything for my children, and I think this is the way it should be.  We are a mixed family – Greg and I both have children from previous marriages, so our kids lives are not as normal as we would have liked.  We have the girls week on/week off, so the switching back and forth sometimes has consequences.  We attempt to deal with these issues the least stressful way for the kids even if it causes us turmoil.  For this reason, sometimes we are not the most popular parents.  We tend to be a little more structured, which typically means more strict.  We also hold our kids to a high standard.  So when out of the blue, the kid that has recently had some serious behavior issues, says “I hope you have a great day tomorrow, Mom.”, it melts my heart. 
3) I love random spouts of love from my stepdaughter.
There you have it…3 things that I have loved this week.  I may make this a weekly thing as well, like “Things I Love, Tuesday”…stay tuned to find out. =)

Sweet Innocence

We love Sunday.  First of all, we attend the greatest church on the planet – Brand New Church.  We both are blessed by being able to serve as volunteers.  Greg typically runs the lights both services, and I run the registration/check-in desk before both services, but get to attend the second service.  Lately we have been leaving after the worship in the second service before the message starts, and attending the iCampus at 5pm.  This is really working for us on the weekends we have the kids because they don’t have to physically be at the church for so long.  Well, the other side of this is that my son’s view of God is slightly skewed.  The only time he sees our pastor is when we are watching the message on the iCampus, so all he hears is him talking about God.  (Not that this is negative, it’s just fact.)  Tonight while attending the iCampus, at the end it went from our pastor Shannon, to the iCampus pastor Fred.  When this switch happened, my sweet little boy turned to me with a look of confusion, and asked “Where God?”.  This precious, innocent child thinks our pastor is God.  I love it!  When we asked him “Where’s God?” he either replies “In the sky” or points at the TV.  This was the perfect comedic way to end our day.  After a good laugh, tickles, and some snuggles, we attempted to explain God to a 2 year old…we will see how much of that is actually retained.  The innocence of childhood is priceless.

Sporting a new do

After Grayson’s disasterous hair cut last week, I made an appointment with my friend Kim to fix his hair, and cut and color mine.  She is stinking awesome!  His hair is 1000x better, and mine rocks!  It is the kind of hair style I have been saying I dislike for quite some time, and I love it.  It is shorter in the back than in the front, just not drastically.  I think that is what I was not liking was the dramatic angle from back to front.  Anyways, my hair is DARK brown naturally, and it now has some blonde highlights…which I also love.  She actually told me I could pull off being a blonde because of my skin tone.  How cool is that?

The first pic is when she styled it, which of course seemed simple.  Blow dry forward, & straighten a bit to control any flippies.  The second is after my shower when I just blow dried – no products, no straightening, nada.  I like it both ways, but it will mainly be the 2nd way just because it’s faster.  I’m all about faster when I’m wrangling 4 kids.  Regardless of how I fix it, Greg loves the new me.  FYI, Grayson’s after-after pic will have to wait until tomorrow he conked out in his high-chair during dinner.

Negotiations have ended!

After intense negotiations, Greg is taking all the kids to school each day, and I am giving Grayson his baths.  This should eliminate 1.) the yelling from me in the mornings about getting ready/getting out the door, 2.) Greg’s whining about no heat in his car since he’ll be taking my truck, and 3.) My asking (aka “nagging”) Greg everynight to give Grayson a bath.

Greg is a list person, as am I.  We can hardly function if we don’t have a list to mark off our accomplishments.  If we can’t see what we’ve done, the tasks at hand seem to be insurmountable…plus, we get sidetracked easily.  Because of this, I am considering a grouping of lists…things we need, things we want, projects, etc.  I am sure Greg will lament this idea because I will be making lists of things I need/want him to do.  I am planning on posting this list where it can’t get “lost”…which seems to happen quite often.  *In all seriousness, my husband is wonderful.  He is a genius php coder, who does a wonderful job at providing for our family.  He has a wonderful heart, and I adore him.  (Just thought I’d throw that out there since this blog seems to be a little hubby bashingish.)*

Dumb & Dumber…

My poor, precious son got a much needed hair cut yesterday, only he got butchered.  I went to a place I have taken my kids often because they do a decent job, and it was in my price range.  They used to charge however old they were up to a certain age, but have since changed this and didn’t tell me when I made the appointment.  Since Grayson is 2, it would have been $2.00, but I usually give $5 because I like to tip…which is what the new price is for his age.  No biggie…except for the fact that it wasn’t worth $2.00 let alone $5.00.  Seriously, it looks like he cut it himself.  There are long chunks here and there, and the front is WAY uneven.  He looks like Jim Carey in Dumb & Dumber except with blond hair.  I am planning on getting my hair cut tomorrow, and will see if my friend can fix his…if it is unfixable, I will be forced to cut it the only way I know how…high and tight.  Needless to say, I will not be going back there.  If I ever get around to uploading the pics off my camera, I will post a before picture.  I will also post an after, after picture tomorrow evening.


Random thoughts

Okay, there are a few things that I’d like to know if I’m the only one…

1. When I get tired, my thoughts have a British accent.
2. When I am in the giggly stage of tiredness, I tend to do what Greg lovingly calls “my old man laugh” – silent but wheezy.
3. Sometimes when I’m reading my bible, God just makes me laugh. Either I have a thought about how things were back in the day-like Jesus as a 2 year old playing with bugs, or He does something that strikes me in a funny way-like when God says “I, the Lord, have spoken!”  Which translates into, as Drill Instructors say, “Do it now! Move!”
4. When I’m in the shower, I tend to sing Marine Corps cadence from boot camp back in 1998.
There are more random thoughts…just can’t locate them at the moment.  I think I’ve had too much caffeine today.  Maybe I’ll make it a weekly thing like Random Thoughts Thursday (never mind that today is Wednesday).  
Anyways, a shameless plug for my baby girl.  Trinity is 8, and has been singing as long as I can remember.  She has ALWAYS had a song in her heart.  She sings in the shower, in bed, in the truck, at the dinner table, everywhere.  She’s never sang in front of anyone besides us, until my dad’s wedding this fall.  She was very nervous, but ended up singing in front of about 50 or so guests.  Once they started clapping & rooting her on, I could hardly drag her off the stage.  So, here’s the video – please leave her comments, she is very excited about being on the internet.  You can leave her comments here or on vimeo

Trinity Singing Oct 08 from Jessica Alexander on Vimeo.

Trinity singing at her grandfather’s (Pepa Rob) wedding reception October 2008 in Sturkie, AR.
First part is part of a song she wrote when she was 6 called “Come On Daddy-O”.
Second part is her rendition of One-Way Jesus by Hillsong.

Total Meltdown

Last night I took Grayson and Trinity over to my friend Whitney’s for dinner…leaving Greg home to get some work done in peace.  Whitney and her husband Josh have a dog named Willy.  Willy is a puppy – Australian Shepard I think – and is adorable.  He has grown quite a bit since the last time I’d seen him, but still loves to jump so he had to stay in the back.  Willy cried alot since he could hear us out in the living room, and Grayson kept shouting “Shush!” at him…which was cute for about 2 minutes.  The food was yummy, and I really enjoyed spending time with my friend – seems like I hardly ever see her anymore.  After we finished dinner, Josh came home and decided to let Willy out.  Grayson freaked out…and when I say freaked out, I mean FREAKED OUT!  There was a look of terror I have never seen on that sweet face, and lots of screaming.  Willy did nothing aggressive, just came running to see what was going on.  (Trinity played a part in Grayson’s terror by screaming (playfully) when Willy came out.)  I picked Grayson up to comfort him, and the poor little guy was trembling.  So, what do I do next?  What any good mother would do…give him a cookie to make him feel better.

BTW…Greg finished up some stuff he’s been working on, but none of the things I had on “The List”.  I think he plots against my list.