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Since today has consisted of my cleaning bathrooms and doing laundry, I figured I would blog about something a little more interesting.  I didn’t figure my millions of readers would enjoy details of my cleaning bath toys, and throwing out empty shampoo bottles.  Okay, enough sarcasm, and on to the grossness.  I was trying to think of the grossest things each child has done besides the normal kid stuff like eating boogers, or sniffing their poots, and this is what I’ve come up with.

#1 Grayson: This summer when I was in Texas for a couple weeks visiting family with Trinity & Grayson, we decided to take a trip to the zoo.  It was the kids first visit to the zoo, and they had a great time.  When we reached the petting zoo portion, there was a large fish tank that had clear places on the sides to view the fish.  Grayson really liked this, and decided to lick the glass.  (This one I actually caught on film.)
#2 Kylie:  I couldn’t really think of anything overly disgusting with Kylie…she’s a messy kid, and usually has food of some sort on her face.  I thought I’d be able to come up with some sort of food nastiness, but the best I could think of was when she threw up in her bed, and hid it under her pillow.  (She did tell me about it.)
#3 Trinity:  When Trinity was little, she liked to wash her hands and put lotion on.  She then always wanted me to smell her hands, and would hold up these little hands and say “ess” (which in her language meant “smell”).  On one such incident, I, without realizing that we hadn’t washed or lotioned hands in awhile, smelled her outstretched hand.  Ewww.  It stunk.  I said, “Ewww!  What is that?”  She said, “Boombie.” (translation: her behind)
#4 Kara:  This one, by far – in my opinion, takes the cake.  Before Christmas this year, we took a trip to Texas to visit family.  We decided to take advantage of some sales and hit the mall.  After taking turns watching the kids while the other parent shopped, I was approaching the kids and noticed Kara chewing.  I asked her what was in her mouth.  She immediately tried to dispose of the evidence, which I intercepted…gum.  In this crowded mall, while trying to control my raising voice, I asked her where she got gum.  She said she found it…on the floor…already chewed.

A Brand New Chapter

Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit corny with the “Brand New” part, but heck, I’m excited.  See, I’ve been volunteering at my church-Brand New Church (BNC) since September 2007.  I began helping with the children’s area check-in, mailing out “miss you” cards, keeping track of attendance, just small miscellaneous admin tasks.  I was then appointed the Creative Arts Director – not sure if this was an official title or just a friendly gesture by the children’s area team leader.  There was then a change in administration, and I took on alot more work it seemed…not sure how that happened, but I enjoyed it, so no complaints.  (I pretty much had free reign over the artsy stuff in the kids area – like painting the walls & floor, decorating for themes, etc.) Well, after a little over a year of working in the children’s area, I began praying for a change.  Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, but since I personally have so many, it would be nice to get away from kids in general for a couple hours a Sunday.  So, after a very short time of prayer, God gave me the most fantastic answer.

Drum roll, please.
I have been asked by the iCampus – Campus Pastor, to kind of be his assistant.  This is the best thing ever.  I am still going to work the admin part of the children’s area – all computer stuff, but not work the registration desk.  Plus, I get to be a bigger part of our church.  Our church is growing at a phenomenal rate, and I am so pumped about being a big part of it.  I am taking on huge amounts of responsibility and work, but the rewards are great.  I get to help with the mission Jesus gave us…to tell the world about Him, and increase His kingdom.  I’ve had a few people ask me if this is a payed job.  Here’s my answer…I don’t know, and I’m too excited to care.  If it is, then fantastic – I get to help Greg with the bills…if not, who cares?  I am doing what I asked God to let me do, and he’s letting me!  How awesome is that?

Mrs. Crabby Patty

Okay, so today I am crabby. Not exactly sure why, but it may have to do with the fact that I am still fighting a stinking cold. Regardless, I have been a crab monster most of the day. Grayson has discovered that he can get pretty much anything he wants by saying peeees! (please) in a cute way. It also melts my heart when he says Opet (open it) and throws a peeees! on the end. So, needless to say, he has ran the house today and made me open a travel wipes container Lord only knows how many times.

This amazing 2 year old also put me in check while picking kids up from school. Picture me griping about the sun in my eyes/forgetting my sunglasses while sitting at a traffic light waiting for morons – ahem – other drivers – to decide to FOLLOW THE ARROW AND TURN LEFT ALREADY!!! When after a few moments of cloudiness, in which I found my back up pair of sunglasses in the cubby, the sun breaks through the clouds with a burst of breathtaking sunbeams streaming down from the heavens. Grayson then points at this gorgeous vision I am taking for granted, and excitedly shouts “God!” I was definitely put in my place. I typically notice these things, and am in awe. I regularly thank God for creating such marvels just for me. This time, my day had me flustered, and made me miss it. Thank you Grayson, for seeing the Son in that sunbeam, and for reminding your mom how precious each moment is. I will cherish this memory.

One more notable thing…not quite as profound as the end of that last paragraph, but whatever. I decided to stop by this fruit place near my house on my way home to run in and get some fresh honey. Little did I know, a small comment about Oprah (which the lady behind the counter was watching) would turn into a 15 minute rant about EVERYTHING from cartoons, to porn, to drugs, to kids, to war, to Obama, to the economy, to cable, to sex, to the internet (not necessarily in that order) and finally to religion. This all occurred AFTER I had made my purchase and was trying to leave – with my hand on the door knob. She was a nice lady…just very opinionated and vocal. I plan on going back tomorrow to actually look around the store…maybe I’ll bring Greg. hehehe

Uneventful day…not necessarily a bad thing.

Well, today has been relatively uneventful.  Grayson still remains the cutest little boy on the planet, I discovered a local Freecycle group which is a totally cool way for me to bless others with our abundance (aka stuff I don’t need, but have been too lazy to donate), I’ve read my bible, exercised, (got hungry from the exercise and ate beef jerky, chocolate cookies, and french fried onions…no, I’m not pregnant – my goal is to NOT do this tomorrow), I TOTALLY purged my phone & both e-mail accounts, and did some other not as interresting stuff that I can’t think of at the moment…as if deleting my call log was riviting.

  Oh, and I did play a little Tiger Woods ’09 on the Wii.  I can never get my character to look like me…not sure what the problem is, maybe Greg can fix it.  I must admit, I am pretty good at golfing on the Wii…in real life, not so much.  I’m not a strong driver, so it takes me an hour to get on the green…after about 10 holes, I get mad/tired and start throwing my ball on the green and just putting.  We haven’t been golfing in quite awhile though…maybe I’ll surprise Greg for Valentine’s Day or something.  Greg, if you’re reading this, I was just joking…no golf for you. =)
  I also must admit, I am looking forward to only one child being here for the next couple days.  I mean, I LOVE my children, but after no school for what seemed like eternity, I am going to enjoy the peace of just me and Grayson…and after he goes to bed, I will enjoy the company of my AWESOME husband. =) We will be keeping Trinity for a few weeks starting Saturday while her dad attends a school out of state for his job, and it is nice to hang out with my baby girl as well.  I am looking forward to spending some quality time with her…she is growing up so quickly.

Slacker! No wait…I’ve been busy.`

Okay, once again I have neglected my blog.  You could say I’ve been slacking, but I have been extremely busy.  Guess I just need to prioritize my time a bit better.  Rather than playing on Twitter I guess I need to be updating my blog daily. =) Mind you, not everyday is exciting, but I will attempt to update even if just a few lines.  

We have finally completed all our Christmases…5 in total, plus 2 birthday parties (including a slumber party with a total of 5 girls).  When I have a chance to upload pics I will.  Went a little lazy on the cakes this time…no fondant.  We had a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to a new year of abundance.  Trinity has been rocking out with her “tPod” (mp3 player), Kylie has been torturing us with her violin, Kara continually destroys her room with a mound of dolls, and Grayson loves his train table & hot wheels-he has to bring at least one wherever we go.    
We have been battling colds, fluishness, strepthroat, fifths disease, and ringworm for the past few weeks.  All I’m going to say about the ringworm is that we picked up K & K from their mom on NYE, and they had a total of 39 ringworm “boo-boo’s” between them both.  Not cool.  Been doctoring them for 6 days now, and washing their sheets/towels daily – insane amounts of laundry.  They are almost all clear, and none of us have gotten any – PRAISE GOD!
I didn’t actually make resolutions this year, but have set goals.  Resolutions always seem to be broken, so I am hoping to achieve my goals.  Just to hold myself accountable, I am listing them here.
1) Read the bible daily  2) Exercise at least 15 min. daily  3) Let go (of bitterness, anger, etc.) 4) Get a little more organized & stick to the Flylady plan (Part of this that pertains to #3 is not stressing about others not being organized – it is out of my control!) 5) Budget, Budget, Budget
So far, I have been doing quite well with my goals.  #3 is very difficult for me since I have to deal with the people quite often, and I haven’t been totally doing #4, but I am getting there.