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Random Thought Thursday

Thursday is a sneaky day.  It is not an overly anticipated day.  It is not the beginning, middle, or end of the week.  It is just a day…a random day, so the perfect day for Random Thoughts. =)

1. I hate licorice. ANY kind. Black, cherry, strawberry…despise it.  Can’t even stand the smell.
2. Grayson cannot say “Percy” (green train from Thomas & Friends) very well, and tends to embarrass me in public when talking about one of his favorite little choo-choo’s.
3. I tend to embarrass myself more on the computer than in person.  I seem to be conscious of what I say, but not really what I type.
4. I love flowers & plants, but can’t keep them alive.  I have actually killed a tree.  I think I try too hard & over water.
5. One of my favorite cars is a 1969 Dodge Charger.  Not sure if this is because of loving The Dukes of Hazzard as a kid or what, but I would love to have one some day…that and a Hummer.
On a side note…which is totally appropriate since it is Random Thought Thursday…I learned a couple things at MORPH last night that I know I’ve heard before, but didn’t stick until now.  I am making the choice to do begin my day with the intention of doing everything for God.  There is no reason to get totally sidetracked and not get jack done.  Does that glorify God?  No.  Also, like Mary & Martha wanted a “headache” fix from Jesus for their brother Lazarus, we have wanted this for our financial problems.  No more.  God has BIG plans for us & I am going to stop getting frustrated when he doesn’t just “heal” our finances.  He is going to raise them from the dead!  We will continue to glorify Him for the way He has blessed & continues daily to bless our family.  Seriously, there is NO way we are surviving right now except that God is providing for us & multiplying our provisions.  
Okay, if you have any random thoughts you’d like to add, please feel free to do so in the comment section.

Yoga-ing it up!

Today I decided to actually do yoga rather than just think about doing yoga.  Lately I have been weirdly hurting myself & I am blaming it on being out of the habit of doing yoga instead of the fact I’m closing in on 31.  hehe  During this morning’s yoga session, which should last about 45 minutes after fast-forwarding through all the commercials, Grayson sat in his high chair nicely eating breakfast.  He would ask me ‘What doing Momma?’ and I would respond with ‘yoga’ half the time since I don’t know the names of most of the poses.  After about 25 minutes or so I let him down from his chair.  By this time I am sweating, popping every time I move, and struggling not to fall over.  Grayson feels that this is the perfect time to attack me.  He proceeds to climb on me if I am in any position that more than one limb is touching the floor.  I “reluctantly” give in, and end my yoga session for the day.  He then decides he wants to yoga, and takes over my mat.

I am hoping to get back into the habit of doing yoga everyday…if I can keep control of my mat.

Memory Lane Monday

For today’s trip down memory lane we are going to reference something I did as a kid in relation to what my kids have done.  When I was 4 or 5 and hanging out at my Grandma’s house for the day, I decided I needed to trim my bangs.  I think most kids take this task on at some point in their lives.  My make over resulted in crooked bangs…that is all.  My kids take this to a whole new level.  Here is what they looked like a few weeks before their self induced make overs.

About 3 years ago, our 3 girls were playing outside during nice weather.  I noticed they were quiet for quite awhile, and decided to go looking for them.  What did I find?
Trinity hiding behind a friend’s car in our driveway, cutting away.  She ended up cutting about 5 inches in length, but once we took her in to get it fixed it actually turned out pretty cute.
Trinity got into pretty big trouble.  She was grounded for a month, but didn’t get a spanking because she was already crying hysterically so we figured that was enough punishment.  We did stress that this was a HUGE no-no, and if anyone EVER cut their hair again there would be spankings.
Two days later on Saturday, (during Amy’s time) Kylie & Kara were staying at their Grandma’s house.  (Amy said she had warned them there would be dire consequences if either of them ever cut their hair…on the way over to Grandma’s house on Friday.) While Grandma was taking a nap, they decided to play beauty shop.  The agreement was “If you let me cut your hair, I’ll let you cut mine.”  Kara was first to get her beauty treatment.  She began with her bangs, and Kylie finished up the back.  We received a “not-so-nice” phone call on Sunday and then a little visit.  Kara was very snotty about the whole thing, laughed a couple times, and acted like it wasn’t a big deal.  I seriously wanted to smack her…she treats Amy like crap, Amy lets her, and it infuriates me.  Anyways…here were the results.
As you can see…she has NO bangs, and there were some pieces in the back about an inch long.  Grandma didn’t discover this until she woke up from her nap.  Once Kara’s haircut was over, Kylie reneged on her end of the bargain…she cut a small 1″ piece on the side of her hair that was hardly noticeable, so it didn’t warrant a mugshot-like picture.  Kara’s “fix” didn’t turn out quite as cute as Trinity’s…only because of the bangs.  The hairstyle actually fit her quite well. 
(There were no consequences for this monstrosity at the time, but when we got them back the next week, EVERYONE was grounded.)  Needless to say, the kids have not cut their hair again.

Not-so Funny Story Friday

I’ve decided to forgo Funny Story Friday today, and vent a little…well, kind of vent.  As some of you know we’ve gone through a lot of crap, mostly based on bad decisions we have made in the past.  Some of these decisions occurred before we were even married, so yeah…it’s been awhile.  Over the past few weeks, we have been dealing with Realtors (technicalities), lawyers regarding our finances, and Greg’s mom.  I don’t want to come across as the typical wife that doesn’t get along with her husband’s mom, because this is not the case.  I have tried, but she has embraced Greg’s ex-wife rather than me, and I’ve accepted it.  I’ve moved on.  I am unconcerned about whether she likes me or not, approves of my parenting skills, or wants to be a grandmother to my son and daughter.  I made the choice at the beginning of the year (in place of New Year’s Resolutions – which I cannot keep) to no longer take part in the drama that they feed on.  This drama came to a head this week that was unavoidable (I am thankful I was not directly involved) and forced Greg into some unwanted realizations.  I realize that hearing these juicy tidbits of information would make this post much more interesting, but since it doesn’t directly deal with me, I cannot divulge any of those.  Sorry!  I am doing my best to comfort and support my husband during this time, but dang it’s hard.  So hard not to call people up and tell them what they are doing to other people, how their words are creating wounds that may heal but will always be there.  But I am staying on the sidelines, fighting to keep my mouth shut and the tears in, and praying.

On a lighter note, I plan on posting about our romantic Valentine’s Day dinner this weekend some time.  We have the kids, so my plan is cooking them a special “Breakfast for Dinner”, and then hubby & I something a little more elaborate.  We will dine by candlelight while the kids play or watch a movie in the game room, and we will enjoy each other’s company while setting all our stresses to the side.
I understand that this blog post is probably confusing and boring, but I promise I will work on something good for next time.  I just needed to let some stuff out, and this is my place to do it.  Thanks for reading & I appreciate all your prayers.  Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! =)

Random Thought Thursday

Well, today snuck up on me somehow and I am totally unprepared…soooooo…’Random Thought Thursday’ is REALLY random.  If you’d like to post your own random thoughts in the comments section feel free.  I have come to the realization that I actually have readers other than my husband who are lurking on my site not leaving me comments….shame on you! =)  I do love ya though…keep coming back!!  Okay…on to randomness.

1. Why do canvas shoes always smell like fish?  This has really hindered my purchase in the past…now I don’t buy them because I just don’t like them, but still.
2. Our mailbox is broken & we think that someone hit it.  We have to prop it up so we can receive mail, but it seems like every time the mailman comes it is mysteriously in the ditch and we don’t get mail.  The windstorm with like 50+mph wind the other night didn’t knock it down, but yesterday a bright sunny 60 degree day did and we got no mail…hmmmmm.
3. Pumpernickel!  (That’s for you Greg.)  Sorry everyone else, little inside joke that you wouldn’t think is funny anyway…just us being silly in a nerdish type way.
4. I am forced to work on Greg’s computer because mine is being weird which means a 19″ monitor instead of my 42″ LCD TV.  I want to throw my CPU through a window…is this wrong?
5. Okay, I’m out of random thoughts, but I do have a little prayer request.  Greg & I have a lot of stuff going on right now…some good, some not so good.  If you could just keep us in prayer that we will hear God’s voice & follow His direction, I would be eternally grateful.
6. One last thing…random cuteness so I’m putting it at #6.  Grayson has had more fun with a flashlight “pashyite” today than anything else.  He doesn’t even want to watch Thomas.  Just running around pointing it at things shouting “Pashyite, I see couch.  Pashyite, I see phone.  Pashyite, I see door.”  I love that kid!

Panty Poacher

Because of our little trip down memory lane on Monday, I began reminiscing of all the ridiculous things I have done over the years.  One that really sticks out happened a few years ago on Black Friday.  Usually we go to Texas over Thanksgiving holiday to spend time with my family there.  Which in turn, makes available to me countless stores, other than Wal-Mart, to shop at during the Black Friday deals.  This particular year, we decided to go to Foley’s first since they were offering a $20 gift card to the first 200 people through the door.  After receiving our gift cards without being trampled, we wandered around the store looking for SOMETHING for $20.00.  I wanted to buy my husband something for Christmas, but could find nothing for $20.00 or less.  Well, we decided to buy ourselves some panties after searching for gifts for others.  I mean, who said we couldn’t buy ourselves a gift?  Now picture this, my sister and I rummaging through countless pairs of panties trying to find 3 pairs we liked in our size.  It always seems that my size is sold out.  I am 5’0 between 115 & 120 lbs.  I am not a “normal” sized person, so why is my size never available?  Do all the shorties decide to shop the day before me?  Do they stock a minimal number of items in my size?  Okay…enough of that rant…back to the story.

After locating 3 pairs I liked and only finding 2 in my size, I notice that the mannequin (which is only waist to knees) on top of the display is wearing the ones I liked.  Could this mannequin be wearing my size?  Whaddya know…she is.  Now, picture my sister and I devising a plan not to draw attention to us de-pantying the mannequin so I could get my 3rd pair.  This consisted of hysterical giggling and lots of “shhhhh”ing.  What we decided on was, since she was taller, she was to pick up the mannequin and while holding it up, I was to quickly remove the panties, then she was to replace the mannequin before anyone noticed.  This did not go as planned.  First of all, we had problems removing the panties because she wasn’t holding on tight enough to the mannequin, secondly I yanked too hard and quickly…this caused a loud commotion and hysterical visual of a flying, half pantied plastic half person.  To remedy the situation, I, the quick thinking girl that I am, snatched the panties off & kicked the naked mannequin under the display.  We were hoping we could check out without being grilled about the incident…wishful thinking.  The cashier actually asked us to go back and redress the mannequin.  

Happy Birthday to my little brother!

Well, I had a post all written but have decided to save it until tomorrow.  Instead, I am going to wish my little brother, Dylan, a Happy Birthday.  Back when I was about 4, I asked my parents for a little brother.  When I was 5 1/2 I got my wish.  February 10, 1984, Dylan Watters Irby was born.  He was 7lbs something, and to me was a tiny wish came true.  Once I realized that babies are little blobs that don’t do anything but cry, eat, and poop, I wasn’t too enthused.  Where was this friend that would play outside in the dirt with me, play trucks, and finger paint?  Instead I had this little being that pulled my hair and peed on me.  (A couple years later I asked for a baby sister…and got that too.) As we got older, we fought like crazy.  I do remember times where I tried to protect him from things such as bullies on the bus.  Since I was so much older, I felt like a superhero.  Then there were times when he would intentionally get me in trouble.  From my room I would hear, “Mom!! Jesse hit me!”, then “Jessica Marie! You’re grounded!”  Nice…I wasn’t even in the same room with the brat.  =)  I also remember things I did that were wrong, like hitting him & just picking on him in general.  But he was my little brother, so it was my duty to torture him…right?  There was a time when I was worried about the man he would grow up to be.  Times when there was trouble in school, trouble at home, trouble with the *ahem* police.  Were these to be a precursor to his future, or were they just a phase?  At the time, I would say ‘just a phase’, but would worry that it was just building to worse things.  I thank God that it was ‘just a phase’.  Dylan has grown into a good man.  He has a wonderful girlfriend that I hope will someday (soon *hint, hint*) be my sister-in-law, he has his “babies” – 2 chihuahuas, is a talented musician, and is crazy smart.  He has huge potential & is successful in anything he attempts.  I am excited to see the future of this man…my baby brother.

First pic is Dylan playing guitar – second is me, Dylan, & Nicki Christmas 2008
Here is the link to a sample of his music.  If you knew Dylan when he lived here, in Arkansas, you will be surprised at how his style has changed.  Gone are the times of screaming, thrashing, metal-here are the times of hillbillyish folk music w/ humor…I love it.  (And yes, he is singing…doesn’t sound like him, but it is true.)

Memory Lane

Okay, for our trip down memory lane today I am going to reference a memory from childhood.  My dad was a fantastic dad when we were kids, once I hid adolescence we hit a bit of a bump…which could be contributed to my parents going through a divorce, but our relationship now is excellent.  Anyways, what has brought on this trip down memory lane was a single phrase during a texting war we had following the recent ice storm.  This phrase was “Wazza Meow”.  Now, to the outside world, this is gobbledygook…but to me, this was a flashback to simpler times.  Times before your family had recording equipment, amps, and equalizers…times when “jamming” consisted of singing into a microphone your dad had propped up in one of his Tony Lamas so you wouldn’t have to hold it while he played “There’s A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea” on his 1968 Hummingbird…times when your dad tucking you in and your bedtime ritual was the highlight of your day.  ”Wazza Meow” was my response to my dad when I was a kid and he would tuck me in and say “Hasta mañana“.  During this silly texting back and forth about when we had gotten electricity back, he had included “Wazza Meow”.  This nonsense phrase actually brought tears to my eyes…the fact that he remembered that which I thought had been forgotten long ago was so touching.  Below is the actual goofy texts we had going on for about an hour…you have to keep in mind that my dad is a nut & the apple didn’t fall that far from the grapevine.

Dad: Got elec on @ 10 last night (he sent this one 4 times)
Dad: still alive?
Me: Yeah, didn’t you get my txt? We got power Mon night @ 745.  How are you guys?
Dad: No we got it Sun. elec I mean
Me: Yeah I know you sent the same txt 4 times. lol Glad to hear you guys made it okay. Miss you!!!
Dad: Did you get power on yet! lol
Me: Yes! Monday @745pm.  So glad to be back home.
Dad: Did you say Sun. at 2 EST?
Me: What?
Dad: When r u gettin u power on. U can stay with us if u want 2.
Me:  Okay loonie…for like the 7th time-we got our power back on MONDAY @745pm lol
Dad: Central or Mtn. time? love yall (This is where I realize he is being goofy…can you believe it took me this long???)
Me:  CST why does it matter? Habla Englais?
Dad: Hope u don’t suffer without electricity.
Me:  There is a typhoon headed your way named Raoul…might wanna board up & stock up on soup.
Dad:  Drop the soap!!? Power 2 the people…Wazza Meow
Me: Night…LOVE YOU!! Gobble, gobble (we used to make turkey noises to each other)

Then the next evening it resumed…

Dad: Did Dylan & Nico get elec back on? (My bro & sis…live in TX & were not effected by the ice storm)
Me: Nope, TX fell into a sink hole & popped out in Japan…enjoying the sushi.
Dad:  Lucky dogs.

And the next night…
Dad:  We got elec back on Hooray!!! 

I didn’t respond to that one because I was running low on texts at that point…I mean, I only get 200/month and had already used half in like the first week and a half of the month.  

So that concludes our trip down memory lane for today…hope you enjoyed it. =)

Funny Story Friday

Being stuck in the game room for what seemed like eternity with 3 of our 4 kids, in hindsight was pretty fun.  We played a lot of games…UNO, Sorry!, Scrabble, Cranium Family Fun, Monopoly Cards, Candyland, Memory, and a torturous 2 hour+ game of Trivial Pursuit – Genius Edition.  Nothing makes you feel more like an idiot than thinking Muggsy Bogues was a mobster…and being informed he was actually a basketball star.  Or answering Sugar Ray Leonard to EVERY boxing question…knowing that eventually it would be right…and it wasn’t.  The saddest thing was we intentionally picked the orange sports category every chance we got because it was the easiest.  I have no idea how I won…guess I really am a genius. hehe I will admit defeat in UNO though…Greg was the master, and he is fantastic at card tricks.  The kids were repeatedly amazed and have not stopped asking for magic tricks.  

I would have to say the most annoying thing about not having electricity besides freezing cold toilet seats would have to be the constant flicking of light switches.  I bet I “turned on” lights a thousand times.  Oh, and I planned dinner one night to be grilled hamburgers…we only have an electric grill.  The dependency on convenience is ridiculous, but I can say that we are so thankful for what we have & that we had each other’s company last week.  There were several people who lost their lives or their homes during the ice storm, so we will not take what we have for granted.

Emerging from the Ice

As you who follow me on Twitter know, we had a big ice storm here & were without power for 149 hours.  This meant that we had no hot water, and the only heat we had was a small propane wall heater in our game room.  We were lucky in the fact that it was our off week with the kids and the first day it was just Greg, Grayson, & I.  K & K’s mom sent Kylie to stay with us on day 2, and Trinity came on day 4.  So, at one point there were 5 of us in one room passing the time making sock puppets and playing various games.  (I must make note that Greg and I played a torturous game of Trivial Pursuit that I had picked up at a yard sale and didn’t realize it was the genius edition…it was like a 2 hour game that made us feel like idiots most of the time.  I won.)  Greg amused the kids with card tricks…which he is really good at, we have a propane stove, so I was able to cook by flashlight.  The first night was really the worst, I think.  While laying on a futon mattress in the floor of the gameroom, looking out the skylights, you could hear what sounded like a war going on outside.  Loud cracks, and then what sounded like shattering glass raining down all around us.  It sounded alot like fireworks…this was also coupled with the occasional shotgun blast by our neighbors.  This sound was tree limbs succumbing to the weight of the ice, or trees being completely uprooted and falling over in our yard.  Pic is of the kids climbing tree…aka our plum tree.

We actually witnessed a huge limb fall on Greg’s car which resulted in a cracked windshield…nice.  Needless to say, being without power was NOT fun, but we made the most of it and really enjoyed eachother’s company.  On day 5, we loaded up what was left of our food & headed to Ray’s house.  Since he is out of town, he said we could stay at his place.  It was so nice to be able to shower, do laundry, just turn a light on.  Our power came back on late on day 7, and the kids went back to school the next day…my sanity thanks the MH school system!  I still haven’t completely gotten our lives back in order, but am almost there.  I plan to be posting back to normal very soon…