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One of those days…

Okay…it’s gonna be one of those days. I woke up a little before 3am, laid there trying (too hard, I guess) to go back to sleep until almost 5am. During that time, 2/4 kids woke up for some unknown reason & 1 of them proceeded to bully his way into my bed & kick me in the face repeatedly. I’m guessing he dreams of being a football star…complete with stiff-arms, jukes, & spin moves. Either he plans on being a running quarterback, a kicker, or a wide receiver. Besides all that, it is a dreary rainy day…which I don’t really mind except that it makes Grayson a crab. For example:
Me: Grayson, put your weewear (underwear) on.

Grayson: I need pull-up!

Me: No, you’re a big boy…you need weewear.

Grayson: Momma! I need pull-up! (total meltdown)

It took him 15 minutes of this before he finally put them on and proclaimed (while wiping his tears off) ‘I so happy!’  I can guarantee that this will not be the final meltdown of the day.  For some reason Rain = Tears …it also = Snuggles which is so worth dealing w/ the crabbiness.

Memory Lane Monday…kinda

I lie on my bed enjoying the sweet smells of spring drifting in my window on the breeze.  I hear children laughing in the distance, birds chirping, a dog playfully barking.  I gaze through the window at the clouds drifting across a beautiful blue sky, at the flowers soaking up the sun, at the grass swaying aimlessly.  And I think, ‘What have I done to deserve the life I have?’  I mean, the blessings I’ve received over my life are nearly unbelievable to me.  I sometimes wonder if I will wake up one day and it all have been a glorious dream.  

The reality is, I need to take more moments like these and enjoy the simple blessings in my life…there will be another day to dust, fold laundry, and vacuum.  And if not, then I spent my last day wisely…enjoying my children, my husband, my life.
I began this blog about a year ago, inspired by the death of a friend of mine from grade school that I lost touch with over the years.  She was a few weeks younger than me, and never got to turn 30.  She left behind a good husband, wonderful parents & siblings, 2 beautiful small children, and countless friends and other relatives.  I can confidently say she is in heaven now and is being rewarded for her service to the King.  She was a good Christian woman who made a difference in so many lives.  It is literally impossible to track how many people she influenced & led to Christ in some way.  Her death, of course, makes no sense to us…there is no way to understand why it was her time, but I have found comfort in this poem.
I actually purchased a tapestry similar to this to send to her parents with a letter letting them know how she influenced my life, but I have yet to find the right words.  I plan on sending it to them in the next couple weeks whether I’ve found the ‘right’ words or not.  I am sad that she is no longer with her family, but I rejoice in the fact that I know she is singing to and praising the Lord for eternity.  It is a beautiful image I hold in my heart of a beautiful person, mother, wife, daughter, and friend. 

Funny Story Friday

Last year, I decided to pool my resources with my brother & sister and get my Mom a birthday present she would really love.  She is a big American Idol fan, and had been rooting for David Cook since the beginning.  I did a little research to see when the Idol Tour would be near her, and we pitched in and bought her 2 tickets.  We, of course, enjoyed teasing her about her ‘Best Present EVER’ for weeks before her birthday.  She was given vague clues as a hilarious form of torture…even her cake was a clue. 
Her guesses consisted of total randomness…appliances (after the cake her friends were sure she was getting a gourmet oven-which is hilarious considering I had to practically squeeze the money I did out of my siblings.), cooking classes, a frozen margarita maker (because she really wanted one), and various other guesses that I can’t think of at the moment.
To continue the torture, we wrapped the card containing the tickets in a box which was then placed in a larger box.  A huge, heavy chain was placed in the largest box to confuse her even further.  
Once she got down to the card containing the tickets, she correctly guessed the gift.  
She was quite excited and confirmed that this was one of the best presents she had ever received.  The torture continued since the concert was several weeks away, but she said it was worth the wait.  Her and my step dad caught the tour at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, and had pretty good seats.  They didn’t actually get to meet any of the Idols, but had a wonderful time.  (I planned on including pictures of the actual concert, but someone *cough* my sister *cough* neglected to send me the link.)
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Random Thought Thursday

Okay, Grayson has been running a fever on and off for 4 days now, and I am exhausted.  He decided to conk out last night in Daddy’s arms sometime between 6:00 & 6:30, and didn’t wake until I was going to bed around 1:30 this morning.  Attempting to get him back to sleep by letting him ‘snuggle Mommy’ was unsuccessful.  He finally fell back asleep sometime after 3:00, after a pull-up change & 2 trips to the kitchen for water he requested then refused to drink.  So…the fact that I am going on about 4 hours of sleep means that Random Thought Thursday is only consisting of one random thought, and I HAVE to get in a better mood or today is going to stink.

1.  Do you think God occasionally likes to jack w/ us a bit like I do my kids?  For instance…kids ask if they can have a snack after school…I say ‘Sure’.  All the while, I know in their minds they are envisioning fruit snacks, cookies, or Cheez-its…yet, I am preparing sliced strawberries, apples, and cheese.  I gave them what they asked for, but not what they were expecting.
Oh, and for those of you who checked out my ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post yesterday…
The picture ties in with the ‘Funny Story Friday’ post from last week.  That was our attempt at washing the blue goo out of Kylie’s hair that was used to turn her into ‘Thing 1′ Halloween 2005.
Feel free to post your own random thoughts below in the comment section. =)