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Thrifty Thursday

This is my first time posting a ‘Thrifty Thursday’, but not my first time being thrifty at Walgreens! =) I have finally started stockpiling coupons (when I remember to buy a newspaper on Sunday), so I was able to use those rather than scouring the internet for printables. I got some really good deals on some of the stuff I bought…other things we just needed.
Here was my Monday trip to Walgreens:
WG green bags reg .99/each were 3/.99 using the WG ad coupon.
Mac & Cheese reg 1.59 were .69/each using the WG ad coupon.
Cottonelle Fresh Wipes reg 3.79 were 1.99 using the WG ad coupon, plus I had a coupon for .50 off.
Nicotine Lozenges (Greg is quitting in 2 weeks!) reg 24.99 was on sale for 19.99, and had a $5 RR.
M&M’s were on sale 2/$5, had a $1 RR, and I had a coupon for $1 off. (Couldn’t pass up a deal on chocolate…)
Visine Eye Wipes (can also be used to remove eye make-up) were on sale for 4.99, and I had a coupon for $3 off. (This was a need since I ran out of my eye make-up remover.)
Schick Quattro Titanium Razor reg 9.49 was B1G1, and I was able to use a $4 off coupon for each. (Making the total for both razors 1.49…WOOHOO!)
Gilette Fusion Razor reg 9.49, I used a $4 off coupon, plus it had a $2.50 RR.
St. Ives Body Wash reg 3.49 on sale for 2.99, plus it had a $3 RR.
L’Oreal HiP Eyeshadow reg 7.99 was B1G1, plus I used a $2 off coupon for each. (This was also a need since someone broke my eyeshadow the other day.)
L’Oreal Mascara reg 6.99, I had a coupon for $1 off (Also a need…been putting off buying this for a long time.)
My original total came to 95.67 before tax. After all my coupons + $2 RR from a previous trip my pre-tax total was 48.49, and I received 11.50 in RR. Considering I bought stuff I normally wouldn’t like the lozenges and the make-up, I thought I did pretty good.
(I ended up sending Greg to WG on Tuesday to grab some milk, and had him pick up another St. Ives Body Wash, so another FREE after RR item.)
On Wednesday I made one more trip to Walgreens, since I was in town for coffee w/ my friends, I figured I might as well. (I left my receipt in the truck, which Greg has today, so this is all from memory…) I wanted to get the Schick Razor refills for B1G1, but they only had 1, so the cashier gave it to me for 1/2 price, plus I had a coupon for $4 off. I also grabbed more WG green bags, Mac & Cheese, and another St. Ives Body Wash…how could I pass up FREE? As a surprise, I got Greg some Axe Shampoo that was B1G1 50% off, and I used 2 $2/1 coupons making the total $5 for the shampoo. I love Walgreens!

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Oh, how time flies…

This is a picture of the girls back in 2005 playing dress-up…which used to be one of their favorite pastimes. One of my favorite pics: T being the big sister & trying to control K2, and K1 looking like she’s hatching an evil plan.
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To-Do Tuesday

1. Stick to my workout 6 days this week. M-√ T- W- T- F-√ S-
2. Blog. M-√ T-√ W-√ T-√ F-√ S-
3. Write in journal.
4. Return library books.
5. Fix T’s bike.
6. Shop @ Walgreens. (see weekly deals at STL Mommy I’m totally addicted)
7. Clean out refrigerator.
8. Menu, list w/ coupons, & shop for 2 weeks.
9. Write reviews.
10. Prep Father’s Day present for kids to finish on Friday.

11. Finish prep for Trinity’s Thank You Notes + extras.
12. Call various people about things I’ve been avoiding…UGH!
I did fairly decent on my list from last week. I am hoping to someday actually mark every line off my list! Maybe this week…
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Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the Personalized Journal from Designs by Doré is…..

Ethan, Zach, and Emma’s Mom said…I love the Once Upon a Child Girl journal–I’d love to have that for writing down the cute things Emma says!Congrats! There’s an e-mail on the way to you with details!

Memory Lane Monday

Today my dad turns 58. My dad doesn’t seem like he’s 58. 58 seems old…it’s so near 60. (Even though my idea of old keeps changing with every milestone I reach, 60 just seems huge.) My dad is far from old. I think he’s actually perpetually 27 and stuck in the 70′s. There are so many things I admire about my dad I don’t have any idea where to begin. I have so much I want to say, but the words won’t come. Call it writer’s block, or whatever, but all I really need to say is that I love my Dad. He’s had more ‘rough spots’ in his life than I even know, and yet he is always smiling. He’s a father, a husband, a grandfather, a friend (to more people than I can count), an artist, a musician, a fisherman, an HVAC expert, a jack-of-all-trades (master of many)…the list goes on. He’s not perfect, but he’s a good man. He’s the kind of person that the saying ‘You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.’ was made for. Here’s a picture of him getting married last year…
(Since my computer crashed a few months ago, I have been unable to locate mass quantities of pictures…this is the most recent one I could find.)
He’s a lot of things, but the most important thing he is, is my Dad. I know my life won’t always be peachy, but I hope I can face adversity as he has and come out the other end with smile on my face and a song in my heart.
If you are the kind of person who genuinely cares about the destination of other, would you say a prayer for my Dad? I know he reads the Bible, but I’m unsure about his salvation. I’ve been praying for him for years, and have questioned him several times on the subject. I always get the typical ‘Walked an aisle, prayed a prayer’ answer… I believe my Dad will go to heaven someday, but I would like to see a change in his life, sooner than later. To see him make a difference in a different way. I know he has helped many people, he is a giver. But it’s different. This is something that is on my heart every day, and I ask you to take a moment and pray for my Dad.

I’m being eaten alive…

What is it about my non-tan, often dry skin that mosquitoes love? I enjoy being outside, but tend to stay in because of bugs. They bite, I slap…and usually miss, and then the agony begins. I whelp up…big. Then after they go down from their huge golf ball like lumps, they turn into large icky red blotches which last for over a week. Aside from the itching, the most annoying thing is that it makes me self conscious. Not sure why, I know everyone gets bit by bugs, but it just bothers me…which causes me to wear jeans rather than shorts when it’s 90 degrees outside. Poor Grayson has inherited this problem from me. A couple weeks ago, a very hungry (and seemingly indestructible) mosquito made it in the house, and ate us up. Grayson had bites on his arms and legs that were so swollen and lumpy…my heart ached. He actually bruised from the bites.

It also would seem like the mosquitoes don’t just want to bite once and enjoy. They sample several places in the area. For instance, here is a picture of my calf. (I was very hesitant about posting this, since it’s gross, but I wanted to prove my point.)
My main issue is when we are unexpectedly outside and without some kind of bug deterrent. Like when we joined my MIL this past Wednesday for dinner & took a tour around her garden/yard (she has like 10 green thumbs), which is where I got all the bites.
When I plan to go outside, I usually use Skin So Soft which works decently, I despise the smell of bug spray so it’s out of the question, and then there’s the times when you’re going to be out in the sun and need sunblock as well. Grayson has super sensitive skin when it comes to sunscreen, so he has to use the baby kind…which gets expensive. I think I’m going to try mixing the Skin So Soft with the sunscreen on myself and see if it works.

Party All Night Long! (or not)

Trinity’s birthday party was a huge success! We began actually prepping for the party the week before by making the invitations and planning the evening out a bit. The invitations were simple to make, turned out very cute, and Trinity was quite proud of them. The plan was for her to bring the invitations to school on Monday and give them to her friends. We were only inviting a few girls because of the birthday party being a slumber party, and I wanted to survive the weekend with my sanity intact. There was to be a total of 8 girls (including my 3), one didn’t go to her school, and 2 were sisters, so she really only had 3 invitations to deliver. The last day of school being 2 days before the party wouldn’t pose a problem since she was handing the invitations out on Monday, right? WRONG! First, she ‘forgot’ to bring the invitations to school on Monday…then on Tuesday she informs me that the school won’t let her hand them out. What?! Evidently it is against school policy to hand out invitations…not sure why, but whatever. So, I then had her call her friends to invite them…none of which answered, so I now had a very discouraged birthday girl leaving party invitation messages on voicemail.

Fast forward to Friday…Party Day. I had purchased pizza, pre-made Banana Punch, and was putting the finishing touches on the Ice Cream Sandwich Cake. Kids were set to arrive after 4, with my girls coming at noon. Trinity completed her pre-party preparations, and I sent the girls outside to play. 3/5 girls had RSVP’d, so everything was going smoothly. The 2 sisters that were coming live in our neighborhood, so when they saw our girls outside at 2pm, they came over early…not a problem. I began setting up for the party. Nothing fancy, just getting the craft ready, setting the punch out, bringing out the presents, etc.
Our third and final guest arrived at 4pm as planned, and we began the craft. They decorated tote bags to take home, and had a great time. They also made a special one for Trinity that they all added something to for her birthday.
Greg got home around 5:15, and I put the pizza’s in. We got a phone call about 5:30 that one of the girls that was invited would be coming sometime after 6:30, so our count was up to 4/5 guests. I let the girls go ahead and eat pizza and cake and then we waited on our final guest to begin opening presents and finally start the movie.
Trinity got some great stuff for her birthday, and was glowing when she read cards saying how good of a friend she was and how much her friends loved her. It was really wonderful to see how this affected her.
Trinity chose ‘Hotel For Dog’s’ as the movie. We laid out some blankets and had them bring in their pillows and small blankets for what began as a quiet time.
Several of the girls had already seen it, so it was a bit wild in the game room during the movie. After the movie was over, I gave them all glow sticks to play with in the game room…we’ve never had a problem with them before, but of course we would at a slumber party with sugared up kids. A glow stick burst on Trinity as she cracked it and sprayed her in the face. Thankfully it didn’t get in her eyes, just on her forehead, chin, and her blanket. We cleaned up the glowing mess and continued on with the evening. Our late arrival announced she was not having any fun and wanted to go home around 10:30. Since she lives in our neighborhood, I let her call her mom and she came to pick her up. I told the girls they could stay up as late as they wanted as long as they were quiet and stayed in the room. I fell asleep on the couch around 11:30, and when Greg woke me up to go to bed at almost 1am, they were all asleep.
The plan was for the kids to be picked up by 2pm on Saturday, but they were all gone by noon.
Trinity had a great time with her friends, and overall had a wonderful birthday. I was very pleasantly surprised that there was hardly any fighting the entire time. Since I did survive the weekend with my sanity intact, I think we will do this again. I will most likely plan a few more specific things for them do next time, but the party really was a success.

Summer Fun @ the Library!

This is the 2nd year in a row we are participating in the Summer Reading Program at our local library. This year’s theme is ‘Get Creative’ @ your library. I bought each of them program t-shirts, and signed 2/4 kids up for weekly classes. For signing up for the reading program, they each received this:

For some unknown and insane reason, the library staff thought it would be a good idea to include a kazoo in each bag. At one point all 4 kids were ‘playing’ different songs on their kazoos…I sent them to the game room and shut the door. Other than the infamous kazoo, their pack included a game board to keep track of how much they read during the program, a door hanger, a bookmark, and a bingo card. The kids are pretty excited about participating again this year. They are also each entering into a coloring contest. The 3 girls are all in the same division, and Grayson is on his own. Aside from all that, there is a sculpture contest they want to take part in as well. There are also separate activities each Saturday that we are going to attempt to go to. (I am also participating in the Adult Summer Reading Program, and have convinced Greg he has time to ‘read’ audio books and participate as well…I’m currently reading ‘Tough Cookie’ by Diane Mott Davidson, and hubby is listening to ‘The Assassin’ by Stephen Coonts.)
We live in a relatively rural area, but there are many free or nearly free activities to keep our kids occupied during the summer. This is a huge blessing since we have 4 kids, and are sending one to church camp (not free), and we are planning a family vacation (not anywhere near free).
I will be posting more about the activities they are participating in this summer whether or not they are in conjunction with the library.
Oh, and I feel the need to praise the awesome staff in the Children’s area of our local library. They are fantastic with the kids, and the Children’s Librarian (Deborah) goes out of her way to be helpful and make sure everyone is happy. I am so thankful for the wonderful staff, and am looking forward to regularly using the beautiful new library in the process of being built.

To-do Tuesday

This week my To-Do list is going to be quite small (including some carried over from last week)…and I’m not doing a ‘Tackle It’ since last week was so huge.

1. Stick to my workout 6 days this week. M-√ T- W-√ T- F- S-
2. Blog. M-√ T-√ W-√ T-√ F-√ S-√
3. Find Chili’s gift card…that I lost OVER a month ago.
4. REplan family vacation. (Dates got bumped. poo.)
5. Fix T’s bike.
6. Shop @ Walgreens. (see weekly deals at STL Mommy I’m totally addicted)
7. Catch up on laundry from this weekend.
8. Sign kids up for summer library classes & reading program.
9. Work on design for blog.
10. Get some more sun.

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