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Wordless Wednesday

I know this is ‘Wordless Wednesday’ but this pic NEEDS an explaination. During a much needed nap a couple weeks ago, I told her she was not allowed to play because her and her sister were being loud & giggly and keeping the others awake. After some silence, this is what I found when I went to check on her…

Littlest Pet Shop toys resting on her face…and yes, she’s asleep.

To-Do Tuesday

I am finally getting back in the groove after having family in for a week, so I am being a bit ambitious this week. =)
1. Stick to my workout 6 days this week (or do at least 30 min of yoga). M-√ T- W- T- F- S-
2. Blog. M-√ T-√ W-√ T-√ F- S-
3. Write in journal.
4. Work on reviews.
5. Fix T’s bike.
6. Bake & Freeze Homemade Crescent Rolls and English Muffins.
7. Make menu for 2 weeks.
8. List w/ coupons & shop for 2 weeks.
9. Find sewing kit & repair Grayson’s Lightning McQueen chair.
10. Re-pot plants.
11. Not kill my plants.
12. Pack & finish planning for vacation.
13. Make detailed list of stuff to sell.
14. Spray paint remaining sculpture parts. *Greg actually did this for me.*
15. Help kids finish sculpture for library competition.
16. Return library books.
17. Open savings account & deposit rebate checks.
18. Shampoo carpets.
19. Bake Greg more cookies.
20. Re-figure budget.

I ‘stole’ the following from Crazy Adventures in Parenting…the fearless leader of To-Do Tuesday. =)

Would you like to join us this week for To-Do Tuesday? Start with just a few things. Don’t over-do it your first couple of times. You’ll grow to become a list-a-holic later, start small now, though, k?
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Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s Off To Camp She Goes…

Well, my baby girl is off to camp today. This is the first time she will really be away from family. She gathered most everything she needed, and I finally got her all packed up yesterday. She’s a bit nervous, but excited at the same time. She’s used to being away from one of us for a week at a time, but not both. I packed a few little surprises in her bag…hopefully they will make her happy rather than make her cry. What am I thinking? This is Trinity, the Drama Queen, it will most likely make her cry. Maybe since she will be around friends she will refrain.

This is what she looked like this morning, all packed up and excited, and asking me a million questions. (Her dad said she cried a bit when he dropped her off…) A couple weeks ago, I had a talk with her telling her what it was like when I went to camp when I was a kid. I was also a Drama Queen, and didn’t want to be away. Then when I got there I had so much fun that I didn’t have time to miss my family. This seemed to make her feel a bit better, but she was still skeptical.
I am praying that she will come home on Friday with a fresh outlook on her walk with Jesus. That she will have learned things that I can’t teach her. That she can share what she learned at camp with her step-sisters and make a difference in their lives. God has great things in store for her, and am excited to watch her grow and see where her path leads.

Adventures w/ the Fam ~ Part 1

Well, as you know, I have totally neglected my blog this past week or so because we had family come from out of town. My mom, little sister – Nicki, brother-in-law – Johnny, and sweet little niece – Madi, along with their 3 chihuahuas – Chico, Rooster, & Tater, arrived on Thursday morning, and headed home Tuesday evening. Even after warning the dogs not to pee, poop, puke or any other disgusting ‘doggie’ action in my house, they managed to do all 3 not long after arriving. We are borrowing a shampooer…

One of the first incidents we had, was what we will call the ‘Fire Ball’. Nicki decided she was going to make breakfast (scrambled eggs), while I was going to take a quick shower. Having just cleaned up a little water spill in the dining room, I headed down the hall. After a few seconds I heard a *Ka-Boom*, then a little ‘Yelp’ from my sister. Thinking she slipped on the not-quite-dry floor, I came back down the hall to find her whimpering in the Living Room. She, not knowing how to use a gas stove, had turned the burner on, then when nothing happened she turned it back past ‘Light’…hence the *Ka-Boom*. She claimed it created a huge ‘Fire Ball’ and was ‘So scary!’ Mom and I burst out laughing thinking she was over exaggerating, then after instructing her on how to use the stove I noticed the partially melted plastic sack on the counter. Luckily it only scared her…not sure if she’ll want to cook the next time she visits.

We wanted to spend the day w/ my dad about an hour away, so Nicki, Johnny, and I loaded up all the kids and headed to Sturkie. Dad had planned for us to spend the day at the river and let the kids swim…maybe take a little trip up river in the canoes and fish a bit.

(I have a whole blog post planned for the fishing stories he told that day.) Grayson had a meltdown earlier when dad’s neighbors puppies jumped all over him, so he was a little shaken up when we finally went to the river. There were several groups already set up along the bank in various places, but there was plenty of room for our crew. Grayson helped my dad set a minnow trap, and then spent most of the day licking the river.

I physically could not get him to stop. Every time I turned around he was doing it again. (He ended up catching a virus from doing that very thing, and has been sick for a week.) There was a river buggy that we enjoyed watching all day, climbing banks, running over trees, etc.
The girls played in the water and just had a great time…gave me flashbacks of doing the exact same thing in the same spot when I was a kid.
Madi enjoyed throwing rocks in the water and watching the fish.
It was so nice spending time with everyone and enjoying the simplicities of childhood. It brought on a flood of memories, some that were bittersweet, but all worth remembering.

Nivea Cream Oil Body Wash Review

I bought Nivea Cream Oil Body Wash because there was a register reward for it at Walgreens a few months ago. I typically buy cheap stuff for myself, but since there was a register reward of $5 offered I figured I’d pamper myself a bit and pay the $6.99. I am so glad I did. There were two kinds available at Walgreens and I made separate trips to get one of each…Nivea Touch of Radiance and Nivea Touch of Sparkle.
Nivea Touch of Radiance boasts an experience of stimulating scent and radiant sensation while gently cleaning your skin. The stimulating scent is of lime blossom, which I absolutely love, but my husband does not. This stimulating scent is said to ‘inspire your scenses’ and is left softly on your skin long after the shower. I have noticed that my skin is less dry than when using the cheapo brands, and the scent does linger softly for awhile after showering. It also states it is enriched with exfoliating massage beads and creates a supreme lather that rinses smoothly. I love the feeling of the exfoliating massage beads. They gently exfoliate without damaging your skin. The body wash is creamy, lathers well, and is not greasy at all…which I partially expected since it’s a ‘Cream Oil’ body wash. Personally I would recommend it highly, but would suggest you smell it first since the opinions at our house are so varied.
Nivea Touch of Sparkle makes pretty much the same claims as their Touch of Radiance except instead of the massage beads, it is enriched with sparkling diamond powder and conditioners. This cream oil body wash is quite nice, pearlescent and very silky. It lathers nicely and does rinse smoothly without leaving any shimmer particles on your skin. (I actually would rather it leave a little shimmer…I think it would be a nice touch.) My husband likes the white calla blossom scent of Touch of Sparkle much more than the lime blossom of Touch of Radiance. It is a nice light scent, but it is a little sweet for my taste…it lingers, but is not strong.
Overall, I am impressed with the Nivea line of Cream Oil Body Washes. They live up to their claims of moisturizing, scent, lather, etc. I look forward to trying other scents in the future. My only issue is that I usually don’t spend that much on myself for body wash, so I would wait until they are on sale. I must add though, that if it were in my budget, I would for sure be buying this brand. It is definitely worth it.

Thrifty Thursday

This week I didn’t do much… First off, Walgreens didn’t have that great of deals…at least for stuff I needed. Plus we went to Old Navy on Saturday and that’s where I chose to spend most of my money. =) You can see how I got $180.50 worth of stuff for less than $55.00 in my previous post ‘Old Navy Smackdown!‘ Lastly, I have family coming in today, and have been frantically getting my house ready and planning activities to entertain. They were actually supposed to be in early this morning, but aren’t going to be here until around lunch. I was planning on using mom’s truck to do my grocery shopping today so I didn’t have to shuttle Greg to and from work, so my shopping will occur later this afternoon. I hope to get some good deals at Wal-mart using LOTS of coupons! I’m gonna be feeding 10 this week rather than 6 on the same food budget, so I’ll have to be REALLY creative! If I get anything super-duper I’ll post it here later this afternoon.

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