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Menu Monday ~ 3/7

Well, tomorrow Big Puppy and I begin Stage 3 of ‘The Diet’. This means we can eat a wider variety of foods, take in more calories per day, and exercise! I never thought I would say this, but I can’t wait to start exercising.  As of today, Big Puppy has lost over 19lbs, and I have lost over 12lbs…we are both within a few pounds of our goal weight!  How exciting!  Since we’re hitting Phase 3 before the girls come back, we’ll be able to all eat the same thing again, yeah! (There will be a few exceptions since Big Puppy & I can’t have starch or sugar.) Anyway, here’s our menu plan for this week…

Monday – Chili

Tuesday – Cheesy Chicken & Broccoli Soup

Wednesday – Pepper Crusted Steak w/ Caramelized Onion

Thursday - Cold Curried Chicken Salad

Friday - Pot Roast

Saturday - Beef & Cabbage Soup

Sunday – Spaghetti

I also plan on surprising Big Puppy with a little Phase 3 Chocolate that we can occasionally snack on. I know he’s missing his sweets. =) Here’s the recipe I plan on using…

Phase 3 Chocolate


2 Tbsp. virgin coconut oil or butter

3 Tbsp. cocoa powder

Stevia to taste


Melt coconut oil or butter.  Mix in cocoa powder and stevia to taste.  Adjust the level of cocoa or oil to achieve desired consistency.  Enjoy warm as a chocolate dipping sauce for fresh fruits.  Or add a Tbsp. of chopped nuts & refrigerate to harden. Makes 1 serving

Doesn’t it sound yummy?  I’m excited about the wider variety, tomorrows shopping trip…not-so-much. (If you’re interested in any of the recipes above, let me know & I’ll email it to you…I don’t feel I can post them all here since they’re from a cookbook that we had to purchase.) So what’s on your menu for the week?

The Poo Has Hit The Fan

This week has been immensely stressful.  I don’t know what is going on, but my kids were not themselves this week.  We’ve had some major attitude, talking back, lying, sneakiness, laziness, etc…the list goes on.  There’s been spankings, grounding, yelling, crying, lectures, blah, blah, blah…nothing has worked.  Yesterday was a doozy.  After dealing with all the nonsense of the week, the last straw occurred yesterday morning.  I’ll spare all the details leading up to the blow up, but as Princess2T was storming out the door for school , Big Puppy had enough.  He got in her face and made it known that this crap will no longer be tolerated in our home.  She cried, they left for school.  While in the car, he let them all know that things are going to change…no more half way doing your chores and getting allowance, no more ugliness to any member of our family, NO more lying, no more attitude, etc.  They all cried (he’s typically not the one that lets them have it, so when he does…it’s a serious matter), he explained why things were changing, calmed them all down & dropped them off at school.

Fast forward to after school…  I pick up Chubbs just like any other day, then head over to pick up Princess2T & Pickle.  I pull up to the pick up area, and only see Pickle looking all freaked out.  I get handed a note by the on duty teacher, who happens to be Princess2T’s math teacher, that basically says she decided to ride the bus today.  She was very surprised that she had done something like this because ‘It’s so out of character for her, she’s such a good kid!’ I smiled & told the teacher that I would call her Dad & let him know to be expecting her, all the while I just wanted to cry.  So, since I have to wait for almost another hour for her to get off the bus, I run my errands, then drive over to where she’ll be getting off the bus.  I wish I had recorded the look on her face when she stepped off the bus & saw my truck, I saw her little mouth say ‘Oh my gosh!’  Her Dad then let her know that she can’t just go where she wants, we have a schedule for a reason & we are on the same team.  It doesn’t matter if one of us makes her mad, get over it.  Discuss it with that person, don’t run away…and it is NEVER to happen again.  So, we went home, had a lengthier discussion, and dealt with the punishment. (Come to find out, Pickle had that note all day & didn’t tell anyone, so she got in trouble as well.)

After all that, you’d think that they would actually try to change and do right this morning…uh, no.  They left their chores undone, didn’t get their morning duties done, and still had attitude.  So, we’ve come to the conclusion that our kids were abducted by aliens, and hopefully they’ll be returned next week.

Seriously, we have some major changes that are going to occur in the Alexander household, starting with us, the parents.  I am partially to blame for the craziness since lately I have been so preoccupied with my own stuff, I have been slacking on my quiet time.  I believe that if my relationship with God isn’t right, then how can my relationship with anyone else be?  I am getting back on track with my daily reading and my quiet time…enough is enough.  Do you find that when you start slacking everything goes haywire?

4 Year Old Philosophy

I love just sitting and listening to Froggy’s take on life. Most of the time, it has to do with dinosaurs, robots, or any number of superheroes, but yesterday was different. While sitting in line waiting to pick Chubbs up from school, our conversation went something like this:
Froggy: Momma, I know why we have to wear our seatbelt.
Me: Oh yeah?
Froggy: Yeah, ’cause if we don’t we could get hurt in a wreck.
Me: Yep, you’re right.
Then he continues…
Froggy: If people get in a wreck, some of them have to go to the doctor, and some of them get dead. People who get dead go to Heaven, but some go to Hell. Hell is not good, it is where the Devil is. Mom, why do some people go to Hell?
Me: Well, people who don’t accept Jesus as their Saviour don’t get to go to Heaven, they have to go to Hell. That’s why it’s very important for us to pray for people. We don’t want anyone to go to Hell.
(Long pause)
Me: What do you think Hell is like?
Froggy: (thinking) It has darkness and burning and people screaming. And that little guy, the Devil. I don’t want to go there.
Me: Okay, what do you think Heaven is like?
Froggy: (big smile) It is nice and all peachy. And it has that tall guy, Jesus. He lives in Heaven and in our hearts.
Me: Yes sir…you are right.

Do you have conversations like this with your kids?

‘Too Much To-Do’ Tuesday

Well, it’s the first of March, and I really have nothing clever to say about it. This year has been so busy so far, and I feel as though I haven’t accomplished much. My poor house is suffering from my lack of time organization lately. I guess I could be cleaning rather than writing this, but writing is therapeutic right? I often seem to make plans of what to do that are impossible to accomplish in the amount of time allotted…plus there’s always something that pops up at the last minute to throw a wrench into my meticulous plans. So today, I’ve got to run a bunch of piddly errands, pick kids up from 2 different schools, come home & do typical after school stuff, take Princess2T to tumbling, and come back home & prepare 2 different dinners because of The Diet. I’m ready for bed just thinking about it. Okay, enough rambling (can you say ‘too much coffee?!’), on to this weeks plan.

  • Stick with weekly menu plan.
  • Sort through kids Winter clothes & get ready for Spring!
  • Remind my friends to vote for me & my blog HERE!
  • Get truck tags renewed. (DMV = UGH!)
  • Run weekly errands…with as few trips into town as possible. Gas prices are getting quite icky.
  • Call about getting brakes on truck replaced before our vacation.
  • Organize & declutter!
  • Keep up with the budget! (I’ve been doing good at keeping track, but not so good about not going over in certain areas…oops!)
  • Take some time for me!
  • Well, that’s enough of that. Yes, I realize that there are lots of !! up there…I’m blaming it on all the coffee this morning. Here’s hoping you all have a fantastic week & accomplish much! :)