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Menu Monday

Our schedule this week is totally insane, so if we stick to this it will be a miracle…I am so ready for school to be over!

Princess2T is finishing up tumbling for this year, there’s practices, photos, rehearsal, & recital in the next couple weeks.  She also has a few school activities in the evenings this week, so hopefully we can get everything squeezed in.  Pickle finished up her activities a couple weeks ago, so she’s just along for the ride.  Chubbs has a lunch thing this week, so Big Puppy may be able to surprise her with that…if his schedule allows.  Froggy has his rescheduled soccer awards this week…he is crazy excited about getting a trophy!  Big Puppy is having to miss his weekly tennis game with his friends because of all these activities…poor guy!  Is your schedule as crazy as ours?

Monday ~ Sweet & Spicy Meatballs w/ steamed broccoli

Tuesday ~ McDonald’s 1/2 price Happy Meals (I know we did this in May already, but we’ve got 3 different things going on Tuesday night…I cannot add cooking into the schedule.)

Wednesday ~ French Toast Casserole w/ strawberries

Thursday ~ BBQ Pork Sandwiches w/ coleslaw (I’m going to attempt to make my own hamburger buns to use for these…I’ll let you know how they turn out!

Friday ~ Sausage, Onions & Peppers

Saturday ~ Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff w/ sweet peas

Sunday ~ Turkey Bake

Thrifty Thursday

This week I haven’t really been very motivated to do much, but that doesn’t keep me from finding those bargains!


Off! Personal Clip On Starter Kit (2) $8.99/ea = $17.98 – B1G1 FREE coupon = $8.99 – $2 coupon – (2) $1 WG coupon = $4.99 for both

ActivOn Pain Reliever $7.99 – MIR = FREE

Scotch Tape (3) $1.99/ea = $5.97 – B1G2 FREE coupon = $1.99 – (3) $1 coupon = $1.01 Money Maker

(Not pictured) Cars poster on clearance for $0.50 as a filler item


These super cute bags were on Clearance for $1 each!  Regular price was $12, so I couldn’t pass them up…not that my girls need anymore bags, but they were too cute!

What deals did you snag this week?

Froggy’s ‘Art’

While he was supposed to be picking out his clothes for today & making his bed, Froggy was dressing Spiderman. This is actually Spiderman’s 2nd outfit of the day…down to the underwear. He also had socks & shoes on in the previous outfit, but I had Froggy remove them so he could wear them today…little did I know, Spiderman would be trying on more clothes.

As I have him pose for this photo, he looks up at me with all the 4 year old cuteness on the planet, and says… “Mom, this is art, you know.” I am so thankful for my children…they seem to continually melt my heart and make me laugh 24/7.

Menu Monday ~ 5/9

Well, it’s nearing the end of the school year, and we have LOTS of activities going on.
Monday ~ Grilled Chicken, corn on the cob, & sweet potato fries (Putting Big Puppy to work since he got such a fantastic birthday present…a gas grill…which was actually kind of a present to myself.)
Tuesday ~ McDonald’s 1/2 price Happy Meals (Princess2T has tumbling practice, then an 1.5 hours later, Pickle has her class program, so hoping to minimize the trips into town & get everything squeezed in.)
Wednesday ~ Tacos (Gotta be something quick & easy because we’ve gotta squeeze homework & showers in before church.)
Thursday ~ Spaghetti & Meatballs (Good ol’ standby…if I haven’t passed out from sheer exhaustion, we are going to have movie night w/ a FREE Redbox movie.
Friday ~ *hopefully* Dinner at new Italian restaurant in town! (There’s a new place in town that I’ve been really wanting to try & my Mom gave us date night money for our birthday’s…how convenient is that!?)
Saturday ~ Turkey Cabbage Bake
Sunday ~ Pizza-getti (We can’t have this when the girls are here because of Pickle’s dairy allergy…I mean, we *could* if I gave her something else, but that’s just torture. Yes, it’s that good.)

So, what’s on your menu plan for the week? Do you have a good ol’ standby you can throw together in a pinch that everyone loves?

Thrifty Thursday

Wow…this week has been so crazy that I didn’t post this because I’ve been thinking all day that it was Wednesday. Froggy is having an off day, so is currently taking a nap. You’d think I’d sent him to prison rather than his bed by the sobbing earlier. It was pitiful. Anyways, on to the savings!

Ya gotta love a good Walgreens smackdown. This week I planned on making more than one trip…mainly because when I went in on Monday, they were out of something I had printed a coupon for that would have ended up being a moneymaker for me, but I’ve been busy.

Monday's Haul

Transaction #1
Cottonelle Toilet Paper (2) $5/ea = $10 – (2).50 coupons – (2)$1 WG coupon = $7 – $3RR = $4 for both (or .17/roll)
Tylenol Precise Neck/Arm $7.99 – $5 coupon – $3 WG coupon = FREE
GUM Eez-thru Flosser $2 – $2RR = FREE
J&J Travel Size First Aid Kit (2) $1.49/ea – .75 (B1G1 50% off) – $1.50 coupon = $.73 for both
J&J First Aid Case $4.99 – $4.99 (from purchasing the 2 travel kits) = FREE
Transaction # 1 total = $10.50 (including tax) out of pocket & received $5RR

Transaction #2
Tylenol Precise Cream $7.99 – $5 coupon – $3 WG coupon = FREE
GUM Eez-thru Flosser $2 – $2RR = FREE
Irish Spring Deodorant (2) $4/ea = $8 – $4 (B1G1 FREE) – (2) $1 = $2 for both
Glade Candle $3.79 – $3.79 (coupon for FREE candle) = FREE
Gogos Crazy Bones Sample = FREE
Transaction #2 total = $5.40 (including tax) out of pocket & received $2RR

I also grabbed a Redbox movie (in the pouring rain…not too fun) for FREE. If you haven’t already, you can join their mobile club by texting the word REDBOX to 727272. You’ll get a code the first Monday of the month good for a free rental that day only.

Menu Monday ~ 4/25

Last week, I didn’t have a menu…every once in awhile, I get in a mood where I want to wing it, and I realize quickly it is not a good idea. But by that time, it’s too late, and I’m stuck winging it. This past week, I had a meal in mind for dinner that needed to slow cook in the crockpot for 6-7 hours. For 3 days in a row, I forgot to put this in the crock pot in time. Needless-to-say, if I don’t have a plan, I’m a mess. This weeks menu consists of several things we’ve never tried, so I will try to post photos after I prepare each particular meal…unless it’s ugly or I fall off the menu wagon. ;) Oh, and I’m planning on making a massive cake for Saturday…we are celebrating Chubbs’ 8th, Big Puppy’s BIG 3-0, and my 30ish birthday. Big Puppy decided he didn’t want a party (he’s a loon), so I un-invited the few I had invited early…the plan is now just the family hanging out, taking turns opening presents, & eating cake. Okay, enough of that…here’s our menu!

Monday ~Roast Beef Wheels w/ pickle spears & Sun Chips

Tuesday ~Ham & Cheese Quiche w/ Grapes

Wednesday ~Italian Pork Chops w/ mashed potatoes & salad

Thursday ~Grilled Chicken w/ corn on the cob & baked sweet potatoes

Friday ~Sweet & Spicy Meatballs w/ rice & broccoli

Saturday ~Jerky Turkey Burgers w/ potato salad & baked beans (And birthday cake!)

Sunday ~Easy Crockpot Chicken w/ rice & sweet peas

What is one of your favorite stand by meals? Something that you can whip up in a pinch that everyone loves?
Link up your menu plan for the week using the linky below! Have a fantastic week!