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And so it begins…

Back to school shopping. Do you enjoy taking your kids shopping for school supplies for the new year, or is it torture? Do you even take them? Typically what we do is I buy most of the supplies on my own, then let them choose backpacks and one new outfit for the first day of school. This year we had to buy backpacks early because of church camp, so they didn’t really get much choice. I also have acquired lots of clothes, some new, some just new to them (Thanks Kim!)…all of them super cute. My favorite part of school shopping is getting great deals on clothes…my favorite store? Old Navy…hands down. I always seem to find clothes that my kids love at a reasonable price…or at a fantastic price in the clearance section. Here is my latest score at Old Navy from my trip to Branson w/ my good friend Kim.

Grey w/ sparkly headphones – Reg. 9.94 // Clearance – 2.99

Be Cool! Scratch-N-Sniff – Reg. 9.94 // Clearance 2.99

Orange heart – Reg. 9.94 // Clearance 2.49

Grey w/ hearts – Reg. 12.94 // Clearance 1.97

Camo jacket in a packet – Reg. 19.94 // Clearance 2.47

Total – Reg. 62.70 // Clearance 12.91

Boom! I saved almost $50!

Aside from thrift store finds…which is another of my favorite places to shop…what have been your best finds this season?

The Wonderful Sound of Silence

I don’t often get to enjoy silence/soliitariety, and when I do it’s like I don’t know what to do with myself. (And yes, I did have to look that word up because I spelled it wrong & it was driving me crazy, and now it looks even weirder. And prepare yourself, I’m going to use it a lot since I had to look it up. hehe) So what do I choose to do with my morning of soliitariety? Write a blog post about being alone…wow…inspiring. I actually get 3 mornings of soliitariety this week because of various activities the children have going on, the fact that we STILL only have one vehicle, and that I have the greatest husband on the planet who will be shuttling the kids to & from said activities. My plans to fill my soliitariety consist of exercise, reading, catching up on housework, dancing like a weirdo to some dubstep, ya know…the usual. So far, all I’ve done is wander aimlessly through the house, talk on the phone, and read. Well, I guess I accomplished one thing on my list. ;)

Oh, and just in case you were questioning my use of the word soliitariety…here’s the definition:


Sol`ii*ta*ri”e*ty\, n. The state of being solitary; solitariness.[Obs.] –Cudworth.

Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.