A doozy of a week…

We’ve had a doozy of a week to end a doozy of a year. Our year started out with Kylie and Kara coming back to our house covered in ringworm, and is ending with the stomach flu. We’ve battled bronchitis, allergies, shingles, ringworm, head lice, poison ivy (a few times), ear infection, 2 ER visits (Kylie – poison ivy & Greg – A Fib), swine flu, borderline pneumonia, fifth’s disease, and typical bumps and bruises, colds and fevers. What a year! One of our goals for next year is to not catch and spread every illness we come into contact with. *SHEESH!* (Don’t get me wrong, we had a wonderful year…it was just sprinkled with LOTS of sickness.)

The past week has been a whirlwind. We had a fantastic Christmas Eve Eve/Christmas Eve service at church, visited with family at Greg’s Grandmother’s house, had a total of 4 wonderful Christmas’s, and a birthday party. We’ve all felt icky at one point…Grayson throwing up on Christmas evening, and then the next day also, and Trinity throwing up this morning. I have some sort of problem with my right ear…I’m thinking an ear infection. I can’t hear squat, and it’s been ringing and driving me crazy. I don’t have pain, but I am pretty sure I have fluid in there. (Ewwww…I know.) We have plans to attend a New Years Eve party at our church…which I am extremely excited about, and now am not sure if we will be able to attend because of sick kids.
Instead of resolutions (which last maybe a week), we are setting personal & family goals for the year which I plan on posting on here to keep myself accountable. I am really looking forward to 2010. I believe God has big plans for us as a family, and that this is going to be a phenomenal year.

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