Alexander 2010 Family Vacation ~ Day 2

Day 2 began with the attitude of “Let’s shower & get the heck out of here.”  We thought ahead about the comfort of travelling with 4 kids and all our luggage, and purchased a ‘saddlebag’ that hangs on the back of our SUV to house most of our bags.  What we didn’t think of is how big a pain it was for someone who is ‘vertically challenged’ like myself to assist with the attaching of the aforementioned saddlebag.  It involves balancing on one foot standing on the back bumper, trying not to be scorched by the lava hot roof of the truck while threading straps through the luggage rack bars, and helping lift an 80+ lb. bag while securing clips.  I must admit, by the end of our journey, we had it down to a science.
Not long after leaving the “hotel”, I busted out a surprise for the kids from the Activity Bag…new DS games for all.  Not just any DS games, these were like DS games on crack…the smallest cartridge containing 55 games, and the largest 116. And these are real games, not lame ones…all in English from a company based out of Hong Kong for about $16/each.  The kids played the games until they passed out, and Mom took the opportunity to snap some pics…even one of Daddy. hehe
Anyways back to the point, we had a pretty uneventful drive from Alabama, through Georgia, and down to Cocoa Beach.  We arrived in Cocoa Beach to visit with my Uncle Ron & Aunt Sunni Rae, and stay the night in the beach house.  We arrived around 8:30pm, and I got the bright idea of taking a walk on the pitch black beach with my husband.  My uncle had said the turtles had been coming ashore to lay their eggs, so we might luck out & see one.  As most of you know, I’m not a huge animal person, but was excited about the possibility of seeing a turtle.  We left the kids eating pizza & discussing our trip with my family while Greg & I walked down the steps and out onto the beach.  The experience of the ocean at night is amazing.  You can’t see much, but you can sense it’s power.  I love when you can actually feel the greatness of God’s creation.  We took a flashlight to watch out for turtles, and began our walk.  Sweeping the light back and forth in front of us, I saw movement.  I stopped suddenly, and let out a little scream as a crab scurried unbelievably fast across the sand and into the sea.  We laughed at the fact that I was frightened by the little crab, then saw how many crabs there actually were.  It was crazy…I had no idea they were so fast.  This is the closest shot I could get with my phone.
Needlesstosay, I’m a weenie & we didn’t stay on the beach long.  Considering how skittish I was about the crabs, I probably would have lost my mind if I actually encountered a giant turtle.  We walked down the street enjoying the music and laughter coming from the local bars & restaurants, the warm air and smell of the ocean, and looking at the items for sale in the windows of the darkened shops.
When we returned to the beach house, the kids were ready for bed and excited about hitting the beach in the morning.  I set my alarm for 6am to be sure to catch the sunrise, and headed to bed.

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