Alexander 2010 Family Vacation ~ Day 3

Day 3:  6:00am the alarm goes off.  The typical thought of ‘Already!?’ goes through my head. Then I remember…I’m on vacation! I hop out of bed eager to sneak a peek at the beach.  I grab my camera and tiptoe out of the bedroom, through the house, and out the sliding glass door.  The sound of the waves on the shore, the smell of the salty air, and the fact that I am nearly alone in enjoying this moment is amazing.  I sat on the steps of the balcony relishing the experience.  It was as if God had made this beautiful morning just for me…I was enjoying it immensely, but wanted to share it with my family.  The sun was starting to peek up over the horizon, so I went inside & coaxed everyone out of bed with promises of breakfast and coffee.  Clad in pj’s my sleepy-eyed children lumbered out of bed and out the door.  The looks of awe on their little faces at the first glimpse of the beach were priceless.  The photos of the sunrise weren’t as spectacular as I had hoped because of the overcast sky, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

Sunrise on Cocoa Beach

We ate breakfast, donned our swimsuits, grabbed our beach gear & headed down the steps and onto the beach.  We were once again greeted by a local, and the girls made a beeline for the waves, while Grayson tried to figure out how to walk in the sand.

The bravest of the crabs...welcoming us to Cocoa Beach!

Heading straight for the waves!

Grayson's first beach experience.

The majority of our day consisted of the girls catching waves with their boogie boards, and Grayson either playing in the sand or attempting to leap over the waves with the help of Marie-Antoinette.

Running into the surf to catch some waves!

Grayson burying his hand in the sand.

Grayson doing his 'cool pose'.

Grayson & his wave jumping partner...Marie Antionette

Kara and Trinity were magically transformed in to mermaids, and even Greg played in the sand.  My Uncle Ron extended the invite to come back any time…we will be taking him up on that offer for sure. =)

Kara as a mermaid.

Trinity transformed into a mermaid.

Daddy playing in the sand.

Uncle Ron & Greg

Lunch was brought to us courtesy of my Aunt Sunni & Marie Antionette…delicious sandwiches, chips & fresh fruit.  While we waited for tummies to settle, we collected shells, played in the sand and visited a nearby turtle nest.  (One of the turtles we had missed the previous night because of the crab attack my being scared of the crabs.)

Me & my Aunt Sunni

Sea Turtle Nest

Me & Greg on Cocoa Beach

We continued our beach day, nearly oblivious to the crowds that were gathering to stake their claim to a good spot for that evening’s fireworks.  We had other plans, of course…our hotel awaited!  Even after being at the beach ALL DAY, the kids were reluctant to leave.  I reassured them it wouldn’t be our last visit to the beach, and we had much more in store for them.  Everyone pitched in and gathered our stuff, which somehow took more trips to bring back to the beach house than it had taken to bring out to the beach originally, and the kids had to ‘rinse off’ about 15 times each, but we finally got everyone back to the beach house and changed.  After loading up and saying our goodbyes, we headed to our hotel…The Westgate Palace in Orlando.

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