April Fools’ Day

Just for the record I hate April Fools’ Day.  My husband and I usually have a truce, and the kids are terrible at pranks.  The main person I torture year after year is my Mom.  The first joke I remember being played on her wasn’t by me, it was by my dad.  He hung a pig skull (not sure where managed to get it) from the ceiling fan in our living room.  She was not a happy camper.  My favorite joke that was played on her was by me.

I can’t remember if it was last year or the year before, but my oldest step-daughter, Kylie has very thin hair.  We keep it cut in a cute little A-line style so it doesn’t look stringy and so it looks thicker…plus it’s easy to manage and adorable on her.  Anyway, I called my sweet, innocent Mom, and in a very upset voice told her that Kylie got gum stuck in her hair up near her scalp and it wouldn’t come out.  We tried everything…peanut butter, ice, vegetable oil, Vaseline, and nothing worked.  We had to get her hair cut off…I mean OFF.  She looked like a boy, and was devastated.  She cried about going to school, etc., etc.  She bought the whole thing.  She was voicing her sympathies for her poor, beautiful Kylie, when I interrupted and said, ‘Hey, isn’t today April 1st?’  Hehe.  It’s a good thing she’s in Texas, because I just might have got a spanking for that one. ;)

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