A few weeks ago I was contacted by Carly with AXE to see if I would be interested in trying and reviewing AXE Hair products.

My husband, having used the shampoo, body wash, and body spray in the past was eager to be a guinea pig try the AXE brand hair styling product. I told Carly that I would love to try and write a review, and I soon received a box containing shampoo and hair styler.
In the past, I had always purchased hair styling products for my husband based on if I could get a deal by using a coupon or finding a good sale. Because of this, my poor husband has been stuck with everything from organic mousse to curl enhancing gel (he does not have curls). Since receiving this hair care package from AXE…or should I call it a hair “rescue” package…I have been banned from purchasing these sale items. The products we received were AXE Primed – Just Clean shampoo, and AXE Whatever – Messy Look paste. I asked him several questions about each item…here’s the verdict.
Q: How did you like the packaging? A: ‘The flip-top on the shampoo is awesome.’
Q: What did you think of the scent? A: ‘I really like the scent of both the shampoo and paste. They smell fresh and clean.’
Q: How did you feel about the shampoo? A: ‘I like that it doesn’t make your hair poofy.’ The paste? ‘It’s phenomenal. It’s not sticky, doesn’t make your hair crunchy, and it lasts all day without having to re-apply.’
Q: On a scale of 1-10 (10 being best) how would you rate each product? A: Shampoo = 8 Paste = 10
Q: Is there anything you didn’t like about the products? A: ‘No. Everything was as good or better than I expected it to be.’
So as you can see, the overall opinion on the AXE products we received was very positive. In my 3rd person opinion, (since I didn’t actually use the product on myself) I really liked the scent, and the way they made his hair look and feel. The scent of the paste was a little strong when hubby used it on my toddler, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t intended for use by toddlers. LOL
A huge thanks to Carly and AXE (you can follow her on twitter @CarlywithAXE or check out the AXE Hair Crisis Relief site) for the opportunity to try and review this product…my husband has now requested that I ONLY purchase AXE hair styling products for him.
Up for grabs:
1st Prize (1 winner): 2 Full size AXE Hair Care products + 2 coupons for a FREE AXE Hair product.
Extra Prizes (10+ winners): coupon for FREE AXE Hair product.
How to enter:
1. Follow @jessalexander on twitter. (1 entry)
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Leave a separate comment below for each entry. (Be sure to post the link to your tweets in your comment & make sure your e-mail is in your comment or easily found in your blogger profile.) Please remember you can enter daily, so enter, enter, enter! This giveaway begins Monday, January 11, 2010 and the winners will be chosen at NOON CST on January 23, 2010 using Winners will be contacted by e-mail and will have 48 hours to reply with their mailing address or a new winner will be drawn. *ONE PRIZE PER PERSON*
*NOTE* 1st prize in this giveaway is available to U.S. residents only, but my readers from outside the U.S. are eligible to win the coupons…sorry for the inconvenience! (If you live outside the U.S., please note that in your entries so there is no confusion.)

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