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Okay, now that I’m kinda in a groove with this homeschooling/working from home thing, I’m going to attempt to get back into blogging. I am doing this in a laid back kind of way, and am not going to stress out about having a post everyday. There will not always be relevant, meaningful content. Sometimes I will post something funny that has happened or was said and other times I’ll touch on serious topics. This is just going to be a place of freedom, expression, family experiences, and no stress. Did I mention no stress? The big reason I stopped blogging is that I felt this huge pressure to do something every day…which is totally NOT feasible for me with my chaotic schedule/family. ;) It became a burden for me, rather than something that I enjoyed. I hope to be able to just come here and write, vent, post photos, and relax. And I hope you can enjoy it as well. So, here we go…I’m back!

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