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Well, I’ve totally been neglecting the blog, and have decided to get back to blogging.  I stopped because Greg’s power supply on his computer went out, so he stole mine…then, we had a storm that wiped out our modem and router…then, I’ve just been lazy.  There it is…I confess!  

I know I promised part 2 of Trinity’s birthday, but my camera cord is nowhere to be found, SO, when I locate that, I will have lots of blogging picture posts to do.  So, skipping everything up to this point for a later blog…
I am home right now with a sick kid…Kara.  She is running a fever, coughing, runny nose…the usual.  Last week it was Grayson and me, now that we have the girls back from their mom’s, Kara comes home with it.  Anyways, what can ya do?  I’ve given her some meds and put her to bed.  I’ve decided to blog for a minute, then straighten up a bit around here before attending the iCampus at @ 11:00.  I am hoping she will be better before school tomorrow.  If not, I may lose my mind…lol.  

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