A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Caitlin from Rocket XL about reviewing the system. My beauty routine and products are lacking, so I was quite excited to test it out! I received the Spring 2010 Beautyfix in return for my honest opinion of the system and products. (There is also a special offer available for my readers. Yeah!) is an exclusive beauty club that offers a different package of beauty products each season. The way it works is when you become a member, you complete your personal profile. Then their panel of beauty experts suggest products for you based on the information you put into your profile. You choose 8 products from the ones listed and that’s it! It costs $49.99/season and shipping is always FREE. The products are high quality, and there is a pretty good variety. Here’s a quick video highlighting the beauty experts…

The products I chose were:

Bella Bronze ~ Golden Chamomile and Goats Milk Self Tanner (It had the expected strange odor of self tanners, made my skin a really nice golden color, but was streaky. I was very careful to apply evenly and to rub in completely, but I had blotches and streaks. It may just be me, but that was my experience.)

Bella Bronze ~ Face Tanner (Since I was streaky from the other tanner, I was afraid to use this one on my face. I’m giving both to a friend…hopefully they’ll have better luck applying it.)

Canyon Ranch Your Transformation ~ Balance Light Weight Moisture (This is a moisturizer that I really like. It comes in a pump and it works well for my skin type.)

Raw Natural Beauty ~ Mineral Eye Shadow Trio (I LOVE this eye shadow. It is a powder and comes in little shakers and you use make-up brushes to apply. My only issue is that I am messy and end up spilling a little every time I use it. It goes on smoothly and is my favorite item out of the whole box.)

Hair Therapy Wrap ~ Hair Therapy Wrap – Brown

Alchimie Forever ~ Helium Body Conditioner (I really liked this stuff. It has a ‘fancy’ scent – Rosemary/Green Tea like it comes from a high end store. It works the same as the Olay In-shower Body Lotion I mentioned in a previous review.)

iQ Derma ~ Glacial Hydrating Mask (This was NOT for me. I’ve had reactions to facial masks in the past, so I should have known to avoid this one. It says to leave it on for 10 minutes, that it has a cooling sensation, and is hypoallergenic. The cooling sensation was intense, I washed it off well before 10 minutes, and within 5 minutes or so (after I rinsed) I had red whelps on over half my face, which disappeared after a few hours…tried it on my husband, no whelps…he said it made shaving easier & he really liked it.)

iQ Derma ~ Smartlash (This stuff is to promote eyelash growth. Since this is an over-time product, I don’t know if it is working or not. You apply it like an eyeliner 2x a day…which I can never seem to remember to do.)

I also received a Beautyfix Large Cosmetics Bag…which I desperately needed. It fits all my make-up, beauty ‘tools’ (brushes, eyelash curler, tweezers, etc.), moisturizers, and has room to spare. It seems quite durable and even looks cool.

Overall, I was happy with my Beautyfix box. I think the combined value of the items included is well worth $49.99. I plan on using my $25 certificate soon and posting a review on that as well. One complaint I did have was shipping time. I placed my order on March 22nd, I received a shipping notification on March 29th, it didn’t actually ship until April 6th, and I received the box on April 14th. It was securely packaged, and some of the items even showed retail pricing…the Smartlash retails at $125!

There are other member benefits as well:
By sharing your opinion (via a short survey) of 2 or more products, you will receive a $25 off $50 order to gift certificate.
There are member only discounts to
You get personalized recommendations from a panel of experts.
There are new products quarterly.
And there is a referral system… For every person that you refer (limit of 5 per season), you receive a $10 credit. That means if 5 of your referrals register, your next Beautyfix is FREE!

As a special for my wonderful readers, is offering a discount for your first Beautyfix. When you use the promo code: BFIX5, it will give you $30 off the $49.99 price for the Beautyfix Spring 2010 season! You’ll be able to get your Spring Beautyfix for only $19.99 + FREE shipping!

Check it out for yourself at, or on Facebook, or on Twitter. Be sure to come back here and leave your feedback on your Beautyfix experience! =)

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