Blogging Hiatus

As you can see from the dates of my posts, I have been on somewhat of a blogging hiatus. This was not completely on purpose. With last week being the first week of summer break, I have been extremely busy entertaining kids. We managed to get everyone signed up for the classes they wanted at the library, Big Puppy decided to purchase a little pop up pool for the kids (total nightmare for me trying…still unsuccessfully, I might add…to get all the pH, chlorine, etc. levels right), and we’re still adapting to the new school-less schedule. This week should give me a little breathing room to get the house in order, and relax a little before the kids come back. They are crazy excited about their library classes. Princess2T chose a sign language class, Pickle signed up for quilting, Chubbs picked a jewelry making class, and Froggy is in the only class available for 4 year olds.

Aside from all that, Big Puppy and I constructed a platform bed (blog post in the works), rearranged the game room to make it an office/craft/game room (crafty post coming soon), and we purchased a new-to-us sectional (we absolutely LOVE it)! Our garage is going from looking like a black hole full of empty cardboard boxes & stuff we need to get rid of…to an abundance of extra furniture. We are hoping to sell some of it off & buy a new dining table & chairs. Ours is beautiful (black metal & slate tile), but totally NOT for children. Anything that gets spilled or crumbs get in between the tiles & it gets nasty in there…especially when kids don’t tell you they’ve spilt something…and don’t clean it up themselves. Ick. It is a monster of a job requiring several hours, toothpicks, and a scrub brush.

Okay, obviously I had too much coffee today and have turned a quickie ‘I’m back’ post into a rambling jumble of information. So, I’m signing off for now…time to make some no-bake cookies with Froggy! Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!

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