BNK ~ Back To School Bash

Last Wednesday was the first day of school in our area, and let me tell you…things in town were iNsAnE. Aside from crazy traffic from all the parents driving their kids to & from the first day of school, it decided to begin pouring right before school let out. The original plan for the evening was to attend and volunteer at the Brand New Kids ‘Back To School Bash’. At first it was supposed to be a huge water fight…squirt guns, water balloons, etc. We then changed it to a swimming party, and planned on taking the kids to the city pool for open swim. Then because of the sudden downpour, we had to come up with a plan’C’.

Since the kids were possibly going to be in their swimsuits already, we decided on a Luau theme. For having to come up with a whole new plan 3 hours before kids started arriving, it was hugely successful. Whitney, our Campus Pastor’s wife, searched all over town looking for a pinata with no luck. She did however, find some great decorations and picked up some snacks and the paint for the kids faces. I happened to have a large roll of ‘newspaper’ paper for their murals, yarn for the leis, and I whipped up a batch of home made finger paints. On our way to the church I ran into the store to grab some red food coloring for the finger paints and noodles for the lei’s, and I found some hula hoops for 0.75/each. I couldn’t pass that up. Our Children’s Pastor from the Bergman Campus (Bev) came for the event, and also brought hula hoops…there were enough for each child to have their own. Everything came together perfectly! I spent the evening cutting flowers from construction paper for the leis.
The kids made lei’s with noodles & yarn,
finger painted large tribal murals,
had a hula hoop contest,
enjoyed a snack,
and had their faces painted in a tribal fashion.
Their bible lesson was on peace, and tied in perfectly with the theme and the day’s events.
I would have to classify the ‘Back To School Bash’ as a total success. Thanks to all the volunteers and staff, the kids had a wonderful time and had no idea we were totally winging it the whole night…plus they learned about Jesus! Who could ask for anything more?

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  1. That sounds like fun! Even though we're not really Bud drinkers, we're pretty much Miller fans. But, hey–a free beer is a good beer!

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