Bounce Dryer Bar *REVIEW*

I received a Bounce Dryer Bar from Viewpoints, have been using it for over a month now, and absolutely love it. It was very easy to install, and has a wonderful scent. It is available in a 2-month bar and a 4-month bar. I received a 2 month bar, and it seems to be lasting longer than expected. With 4 kids, we do A LOT of laundry…but, it looks as though the bar is going to exceed the 2 month mark easily. Installation was simple…clean a spot inside the dryer between the fins, remove the backing from the adhesive, press firmly onto your ‘cleaned spot’ for 15 seconds…and ‘Ta-da!’ 2 months of soft, fresh smelling laundry.

Aside from having a choice between a 2-month bar, and a 4-month bar, there are also 2 available scents…Outdoor Fresh and Fresh Line. Both of these smell wonderful, but I think my favorite is the Outdoor Fresh. I like a strong, long lasting scent, and this bar delivers way better than dryer sheets. The only thing I can see that it doesn’t out-perform dryer sheets on is preventing static cling. I’ve recently busted out some fleece blankets, and a couple sweaters in preparation for colder days and evenings, and after washing/drying using the Bounce Dryer Bar, there was significant static cling. Considering the fact that I do so much laundry, this issue is not really a deal breaker for me. I like that I don’t have to put in fabric softener or dryer sheets…plus the fact that I am not disposing of dryer sheets makes me feel a little more ‘Earth friendly’. (These are available at Wal-mart, and online at I don’t recall seeing them at Walgreen’s, but I haven’t really looked that hard either.)

Bottom line, I would recommend these to anyone who does any amount of laundry. The Bounce Dryer Bar is a good value (especially if you can find coupons), it performs up to and exceeds expectations on fabric softening and scent, and is a time saver. A minimal time saver, but one none-the-less. I think it is a great innovation in laundry, and hope they are able to ramp up the static prevention part to where it works like it should.

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