Brand New Kids "Big Event"

Tonight was the Brand New Kids monthly event titled “Fun and Games”. About 20 kids or so showed up…pretty decent turn out in my opinion. Water balloons, water guns, bubbles, what more could kids want? It started out pretty crazy – kids fighting about their place in line, not getting a squirt gun, getting hit with balloons, etc. After they got pretty wet the fighting subsided. The kids had a great time with the different games and activities. I got to enjoy a little “grown up” conversation with some friends from church…much welcomed company when you have no adult interaction during the day.
When it was finally time to go, after about 2 hours of wild, wet fun, I decided to race Trinity the last 5 feet or so to the truck, and the fun ended. She slipped on some gravel, and slid under the truck. After convincing her she wasn’t dying, I loaded her into the truck & drove her home (listening to overly dramatic sobbing gasps coming from the back). She scraped her knee pretty good and required a HUGE band aid. Seems she will survive since I spun her a pretty good story to tell her friends at school about how she almost beat her mom in a race…so she wouldn’t be embarrassed of the HUGE band aid.

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