Busy Bee

Wow…this week seems like it has been going on for a month. Typically when you are inhumanly busy, time flies…not this week. I have had so many regular things going on that I can hardly keep track, and then there are the random unplanned things that pop up. And then there is the fact that if there is old stuff around, I can’t control my self and must go through it. For instance…my Dad brought over a bunch of stuff that was my grandmother’s – old pictures, newspaper clippings, papers, etc., and I’ve been flipping through old pictures for a few days now. I plan on scanning as much as I can over the next few weeks so I can share this forgotten treasure of memories with other family members. Some of the stuff is stinking awesome. I found pictures of my Grandpa when he was in the Navy, of my Grandparents when they were young…like in their 20′s & 30′s, newspaper clippings of their wedding announcement, land deeds from the 1800′s, my Great-Grandmother’s hunting license from the 1940′s – in case you were wondering, it cost $1.50 back then, and tons more. Here are a few examples…

I am infatuated with this stuff…seeing their lives in a whole new light. I so wish they were still around to tell me stories about what is going on in many of the photos, who some of the people are, and just because I miss them. Even though they both have been gone for several years (Grandpa – 1994 & Grandma – 2005), I still miss them…a lot. They were wonderful Grandparents, who had a plethora of friends, and who were both strong Christians. So, if you don’t hear from me much the next few days, don’t be alarmed…I’ve just slipped into a fascinating vortex of my family’s past. I will be back. ;)

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  1. Aww, thanks for reading and enjoying my blogs chic!!! They don’t come anywhere close to yours, but I still appreciate the recognition!! :-) You’re too sweet….And I agree that BNC is incredibly awesome, I am beyond happy and proud to be a part of it with you!! Blog readers, I highly recommend you check out BNC’s iCampus and Shannon’s blog!

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