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Friday…sneaking up again.

Well, it’s Friday again, and it has snuck up on me…well kinda.  I had a whole video edition of Funny Story Friday planned, but hubby has once again neglected to get me the video in a timely manner.  (Which is okay because he’s been working so hard, plus today is his birthday…sooooo we’ll let it slide another week.) 
There are a few things I wanted to address this morning, so here we go.  
#1 – I have received my very first blog award!  Sara, over at Ordinary and Awesome has given me the the following award…(drumroll)…
I’m also passing this award on to a few of my favorite blogs!  Be sure to check them out & leave them some comment love! =)
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#2 – Today is Greg’s 28th birthday.  I wanted to take a minute to express how phenomenal this man, my husband, is.  He is an amazing husband and father who puts others above himself on a daily basis.  People are drawn to him, and he is a wonderful friend.  He takes initative & risks and I love that.  Often times it is a bit scary, but he knows when he’s doing what God wants him to do, and it’s always worked out in an awesome way.  He adores his family, and strives to give us all he can.  He is funny, and sweet, and one of the smartest people I know.  God has given him so many talents…there is hardly enough time to be able to use them all.  He is truly a remarkable man and I am blessed to have him as my husband.
#3 – I am beyond proud to be a member of Brand New Church (BNC).  Our pastor, Shannon O’Dell, has a blog that I highly recommend checking out called Breaking All The Rurals.  Give it a look and get a little idea of how blessed we are to have the leadership we do.  BNC offers an iCampus, so we have regular attenders across the globe, as well as, several satellite house churches sprinkled across the US.  Locally (within our state) we have 4 campuses that are growing and making a difference in our community.  We are not limited to the fact that we live in a small, rural area, and I find that remarkable.
I’m working on a new blog design…seems to be taking forever.  Hopefully I can get it finished and live this month.  I’m also thinking about tweaking the name of my blog a bit and actually getting my own domain name.  I have BIG plans for this blog…hang with me & enjoy the ride! =)