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Teaching ‘Paying It Forward’

Over the last few months, we’ve began seriously following a budget.  We’ve found wasted money, places we can cut back, and things we can completely eliminate.  We’ve actually been able to put a little money into a savings account…can you believe it?!  This is a massive turnaround from our situation a few years ago going through foreclosure & bankruptcy at the same time…feeling helpless and hopeless.

During that time we tried to stay positive…praying that our finances would be blessed and that God would fix what we messed up.  We prayed hard core for what seemed like forever, but we didn’t actually let go and trust God with our finances.  Once we did that…all I can say is WOW!  We were short one month by about $240 to pay our bills, and what came in the mail? I kid you not, a check from an ‘overpayment’ to a doctor’s office for $245.  Another instance was we only had one working vehicle at the time (the other was just taking up space in the driveway), and it started running really rough.  We took it in to the mechanic, and it was only running on 7 cylinders…not good.  They fixed it, we wrote the check in faith…not having any clue where we were going to pull the money from, and we drove home.  A couple days later, we received mail from the mechanic.  First thing that popped into my financially exhausted brain was, ‘What now?! Did they forget to bill us for something? How else are they going to try to squeeze money from us?’  I grudgingly opened the envelope, and pulled out the paper.  As I unfolded the statement, a check fell out…for the full amount we had paid.  Written on the statement was a note…it said that they were returning our payment because an angel came in and paid it.  I burst into tears.  It was almost too much.  You hear about this stuff happening, but it doesn’t happen to you…we were blown away.  We began not only praying for our finances to be blessed, but that we could bless others.

Okay, now on to the main point of this post…

Our church, Brand New Church (BNC), started talking about a mission to sponsor orphans in Haiti.  For only $35 a month, we would choose a child from the ACREJAH orphanage in Haiti that we would be providing aid to.  We spoke to our kids about this, and after a small discussion they were super excited about our plan.  We had trusted God with our finances and wanted to share that experience with the kids, while at the same time blessing others.  After checking our budget, we came up with an idea.  Every other week on Tuesday evenings, after Princess2T’s tumbling practice, we stop by McDonald’s and pick up half price Happy Meals and a Free Redbox movie.  This typically costs us about $40 a month.  Along with trust & blessing, we wanted to teach the kids sacrifice.  We presented the idea of cutting down our McDonald’s to one night a month, and with the money saved, adopt an orphan from Haiti (we would cover the remaining amount).  There was absolutely no resistance…the kids were totally, 100% on board.  Meet our precious orphan…

In addition to the monthly $35, we plan on sending goodie boxes as well once we figure out what would be appropriate to send to Haiti…we’re not real sure about all the rules & regulations yet.  Chubbs actually thought we were adopting her, and that she was going to come live with us.  The other girls talked about going to visit someday, and Froggy made her a Valentine. I am so proud of my kids & pray this is the beginning of a lifetime of ‘Paying It Forward’, being a blessing, and God sized vision.

*NOTE* The ‘God sized vision’ of BNC has sponsored every child in the ACREJAH orphanage & our church has started sponsoring in a second.  We are beyond blessed to have a pastor, Shannon O’Dell, that isn’t afraid to step out and try new things.  If you are interested in sponsoring an orphan or for more information, please either contact me or Brand New Church directly HERE.

BNK ~ Back To School Bash

Last Wednesday was the first day of school in our area, and let me tell you…things in town were iNsAnE. Aside from crazy traffic from all the parents driving their kids to & from the first day of school, it decided to begin pouring right before school let out. The original plan for the evening was to attend and volunteer at the Brand New Kids ‘Back To School Bash’. At first it was supposed to be a huge water fight…squirt guns, water balloons, etc. We then changed it to a swimming party, and planned on taking the kids to the city pool for open swim. Then because of the sudden downpour, we had to come up with a plan’C’.

Since the kids were possibly going to be in their swimsuits already, we decided on a Luau theme. For having to come up with a whole new plan 3 hours before kids started arriving, it was hugely successful. Whitney, our Campus Pastor’s wife, searched all over town looking for a pinata with no luck. She did however, find some great decorations and picked up some snacks and the paint for the kids faces. I happened to have a large roll of ‘newspaper’ paper for their murals, yarn for the leis, and I whipped up a batch of home made finger paints. On our way to the church I ran into the store to grab some red food coloring for the finger paints and noodles for the lei’s, and I found some hula hoops for 0.75/each. I couldn’t pass that up. Our Children’s Pastor from the Bergman Campus (Bev) came for the event, and also brought hula hoops…there were enough for each child to have their own. Everything came together perfectly! I spent the evening cutting flowers from construction paper for the leis.
The kids made lei’s with noodles & yarn,
finger painted large tribal murals,
had a hula hoop contest,
enjoyed a snack,
and had their faces painted in a tribal fashion.
Their bible lesson was on peace, and tied in perfectly with the theme and the day’s events.
I would have to classify the ‘Back To School Bash’ as a total success. Thanks to all the volunteers and staff, the kids had a wonderful time and had no idea we were totally winging it the whole night…plus they learned about Jesus! Who could ask for anything more?

Friday…sneaking up again.

Well, it’s Friday again, and it has snuck up on me…well kinda.  I had a whole video edition of Funny Story Friday planned, but hubby has once again neglected to get me the video in a timely manner.  (Which is okay because he’s been working so hard, plus today is his birthday…sooooo we’ll let it slide another week.) 
There are a few things I wanted to address this morning, so here we go.  
#1 – I have received my very first blog award!  Sara, over at Ordinary and Awesome has given me the the following award…(drumroll)…
I’m also passing this award on to a few of my favorite blogs!  Be sure to check them out & leave them some comment love! =)
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#2 – Today is Greg’s 28th birthday.  I wanted to take a minute to express how phenomenal this man, my husband, is.  He is an amazing husband and father who puts others above himself on a daily basis.  People are drawn to him, and he is a wonderful friend.  He takes initative & risks and I love that.  Often times it is a bit scary, but he knows when he’s doing what God wants him to do, and it’s always worked out in an awesome way.  He adores his family, and strives to give us all he can.  He is funny, and sweet, and one of the smartest people I know.  God has given him so many talents…there is hardly enough time to be able to use them all.  He is truly a remarkable man and I am blessed to have him as my husband.
#3 – I am beyond proud to be a member of Brand New Church (BNC).  Our pastor, Shannon O’Dell, has a blog that I highly recommend checking out called Breaking All The Rurals.  Give it a look and get a little idea of how blessed we are to have the leadership we do.  BNC offers an iCampus, so we have regular attenders across the globe, as well as, several satellite house churches sprinkled across the US.  Locally (within our state) we have 4 campuses that are growing and making a difference in our community.  We are not limited to the fact that we live in a small, rural area, and I find that remarkable.
I’m working on a new blog design…seems to be taking forever.  Hopefully I can get it finished and live this month.  I’m also thinking about tweaking the name of my blog a bit and actually getting my own domain name.  I have BIG plans for this blog…hang with me & enjoy the ride! =)

Halloween Part 2

Well, Halloween is over and I am soooooooooo glad.  We had a great time, but it was so much work!  Why do I feel the need to get all crafty and make everything?  After carving a pumpkin (didn’t feel well that week, so only did one), baking seeds, baking cookies, making 3 costumes…I was exhausted – so exhausted that I didn’t take a single picture of Grayson on his first official Halloween.  Thank heavens for James Moore the photography genius who got a picture of me and Trinity walking in the door, and a picture of Greg holding Grayson.  I really wish we would have got one of all of us together since we were a theme, but I’m not complaining.  I have got to better organize my mind…I can’t believe I forgot to take pictures.  Anyways, we had a great time.  Trinity was adorable as Goldilocks with her curly blond wig. 

We attended the BNC Hallowin party, and then since all the men were starving – we went to Pizza Hut.  We got kind of a late start, but handed out quite a few DVD’s.  What a wonderful way to minister to the masses & appease the kids *cough* dad’s *cough* hunger for free candy.  I am definitely planning on starting the costumes sooner next year than I did this year…can’t wait to see what I come up with. =)

Halloween Part 1

Due to photo demand, here are a couple pictures of pumpkin #1 – the BNC W3 pumpkin.  There were a few incidents, so it’s not as detailed as I wanted, but I am happy with it. =) My camera has been having technical difficulties, needless to say it’s not taking the greatest pictures.  Plus, it’s kinda hard to photograph a pumpkin and do it justice.  Also, excuse the shine, I scrubed the front to get the Vaseline off, but it is still shiny.  Pumpkin #2 should be Spongebob, but we’ll see.  I haven’t really started that one because the kids are out of school today, so my carving time has been limited…tonight isn’t good either since we have the remaining 2 parent/teacher conferences. UGH!

Brand New Kids "Big Event"

Tonight was the Brand New Kids monthly event titled “Fun and Games”. About 20 kids or so showed up…pretty decent turn out in my opinion. Water balloons, water guns, bubbles, what more could kids want? It started out pretty crazy – kids fighting about their place in line, not getting a squirt gun, getting hit with balloons, etc. After they got pretty wet the fighting subsided. The kids had a great time with the different games and activities. I got to enjoy a little “grown up” conversation with some friends from church…much welcomed company when you have no adult interaction during the day.
When it was finally time to go, after about 2 hours of wild, wet fun, I decided to race Trinity the last 5 feet or so to the truck, and the fun ended. She slipped on some gravel, and slid under the truck. After convincing her she wasn’t dying, I loaded her into the truck & drove her home (listening to overly dramatic sobbing gasps coming from the back). She scraped her knee pretty good and required a HUGE band aid. Seems she will survive since I spun her a pretty good story to tell her friends at school about how she almost beat her mom in a race…so she wouldn’t be embarrassed of the HUGE band aid.