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And so it begins…

Back to school shopping. Do you enjoy taking your kids shopping for school supplies for the new year, or is it torture? Do you even take them? Typically what we do is I buy most of the supplies on my own, then let them choose backpacks and one new outfit for the first day of school. This year we had to buy backpacks early because of church camp, so they didn’t really get much choice. I also have acquired lots of clothes, some new, some just new to them (Thanks Kim!)…all of them super cute. My favorite part of school shopping is getting great deals on clothes…my favorite store? Old Navy…hands down. I always seem to find clothes that my kids love at a reasonable price…or at a fantastic price in the clearance section. Here is my latest score at Old Navy from my trip to Branson w/ my good friend Kim.

Grey w/ sparkly headphones – Reg. 9.94 // Clearance – 2.99

Be Cool! Scratch-N-Sniff – Reg. 9.94 // Clearance 2.99

Orange heart – Reg. 9.94 // Clearance 2.49

Grey w/ hearts – Reg. 12.94 // Clearance 1.97

Camo jacket in a packet – Reg. 19.94 // Clearance 2.47

Total – Reg. 62.70 // Clearance 12.91

Boom! I saved almost $50!

Aside from thrift store finds…which is another of my favorite places to shop…what have been your best finds this season?

Thrifty Thursday

This week I haven’t really been very motivated to do much, but that doesn’t keep me from finding those bargains!


Off! Personal Clip On Starter Kit (2) $8.99/ea = $17.98 – B1G1 FREE coupon = $8.99 – $2 coupon – (2) $1 WG coupon = $4.99 for both

ActivOn Pain Reliever $7.99 – MIR = FREE

Scotch Tape (3) $1.99/ea = $5.97 – B1G2 FREE coupon = $1.99 – (3) $1 coupon = $1.01 Money Maker

(Not pictured) Cars poster on clearance for $0.50 as a filler item


These super cute bags were on Clearance for $1 each!  Regular price was $12, so I couldn’t pass them up…not that my girls need anymore bags, but they were too cute!

What deals did you snag this week?

Thrifty Thursday

Well, I got distracted and didn’t get a photo of my haul, but here are the deals I found this week.

Scott Naturals Paper Towels 6 rolls $5 – $2.50 coupon – $1 WG coupon = $1.50
Goody Headbands $3.00 – $3RR = FREE
Peeps (4) .75/ea = $3 – $1 WG ad coupon – (2) $1/2 coupon = FREE
Nexcare Bandages (3) $3.49/ea – MIR = FREE
Nasogel $4.99 – $1 peelie coupon – $5 RR = FREE + $1 Money Maker
Reach Total Care Dental Floss $2.99 – $1 coupon – $2RR = FREE
WG Paper Plates (2) $3.29 – $1.51 WG ad coupon = $1.78 (for both)
Colgate Total Toothpaste (2) $6 – $1 coupon – $4RR = $1 (for both)
Green Giant Green Beans (2) $3 – $2.02 WG ad coupon = .98 (for both)
Tasters Choice singles 7ct box (2) $2 – $1 B1G1 coupon = $1 (for both)
Total = $6.26 + tax (after coupons/RR/MIR)

I also made a trip to Walmart and snagged Toy Story 3 Operation game for $2 after coupon for Froggy! It was regularly $15, but was on sale for $5 and I had a $3 coupon. I also picked up a couple presents for Chubbs & Big Puppy since we have Easter, Our Anniversary, and a slew of birthday’s over the next couple weeks. (Can’t post exactly what I bought since they read my blog.)

What kind of great deals did you grab this week? Or do you know of any upcoming ‘Super Deals’?

Thrifty Thursday

As you know, we went on a nice vacation over Spring Break. What you may not know, is that I had a little shopping spree while we were on vacation. I got some fabulous deals, but wouldn’t really consider myself to have been thrifty since I ended up spending over budget. Oops! Regardless of budgets, I scored a pair of black sandals, white sandals, gold wedges, and some Sketcher Shape Ups. (Yes, I did say I would never buy a pair because of their horrible Super Bowl commercial, but I got them for $50, and couldn’t pass that up.) I also bought 2 super cute pairs of shorts, and several awesome shirts. I absolutely love all the clothes I got…THANK YOU, BIG PUPPY! =) So this weeks thriftiness occurred at…you guessed it, Walgreen’s. Here’s the rundown:

(2) Scott’s Naturals Paper Towels 6-roll $5/ea – $1 WGC – $1.50 coupon = $2.50/each or .42/roll.
(7) Googly Bands on Clearance for $.49/ea.
(1) Colgate Max Toothpaste $2.99 – $3 RR = FREE
(2) Rice Krispies on Sale for $1.88/ea – $1/2 coupon = $1.38/each.
(2) Kotex U on Sale for 2/$7 – $1 coupon = 2/$5 – $3 RR = $1/each.
(1) 8×10 photo – WG Photo deal = FREE

What kind of savings did you get this week?

My 1st Thred-Up Box!

Last week I discovered the site Thred-Up. Basically what it is, is a place for you to list boxes of clothes your kids have outgrown or no longer wear. They supply Medium Flat Rate boxes from the USPS for you to use, and it’s free for you to ship the boxes when someone picks them. If you find a box you like, you select it, pay $5.00 + $10.95 shipping, and that’s it! I chose a box of mainly jeans for my girls since they *cough* Pickle *cough* are so hard on jeans. I figured even at a yard sale/consignment store I would pay around $3.00 a pair for jeans, so having them shipped directly to me was a total bonus! My box arrived in a couple days, and I was very pleased. Here’s a rundown of what was in the box…

Black & white dress shirt, 4 pairs of jeans (one seemed brand new), 1 pair of stretchy type capri pants, insulated lunch tote, and bath confetti.  In the listing, it said that the jeans were size 10′s but fit like size 8′s…after comparing these to some of our size 8′s, there’s no way these will fit right now.  They are definitely size 10′s.  I’m cool with that though, because I recently bought the girls jeans & these should fit in the fall.  I am excited about showing them the shirt though…I think it will look cute on any of the girls.  I started going through the kids clothes over the weekend, and after I finish that…hopefully today, I plan on listing a few boxes of goodies.  If you have or need kids clothes, I would recommend at least checking it out.  Use this link & get a $5 credit!

Thrifty Thursday

This week was a good week for me in the thrifty department. As you all know, I have 4 kids who are growing like stinking weeds, and 3 that are destructive when it comes to their clothes. Pickle is the most destructive, which is not cool because she has surpassed Princess2T in size & is now the passer rather than the passee in the clothes department. My main problem with her destructiveness is the stains. For some reason, I am not the greatest at stain removal. It may have to do with the fact that clothes occasionally get hidden for a couple days before making their way into the hamper…or I may just stink at it. Regardless, since Pickle outgrew Princess2T, NO jeans have made the grade to be passed down. There have been a few passed from Princess2T to Chubbs, but nothing from Pickle. So, when I saw this deal, I had to jump on it. The ‘Cookie’s The Kids Department Store’ site had some jeans for HUGE discounts. I ended up purchasing 3 pairs of jeans for Princess2T & 2 pair for Chubbs (Pickle received several pair for Christmas/her Birthday).

Regular non-sale retail price would have been $169 + shipping…I chose items on Clearance & used a coupon code and paid less than $39 shipped. They are all super cute & I can’t wait for the girls to see them!

Okay, on to my Walgreen’s run…

(6) small boxes of heart candy – Reg. price 2/$1, after WGC .39/ea = $2.34 total

(2) Ester-C Gummies $6.99/ea  - B1G1 = 2/$6.99 – (2) $2 coupons = $2.99 total

(3) Kraft Mac & Cheese – Reg. price $1.49/ea, after WGC .69/ea = $2.07 total

Omega Smart Super Critical Fish Oil – $10 – $2 coupon = $8 – $10 MIR = $2 profit

Pedia-Care Cold Relief – $5.99 – $1.00 coupon = $4.99 – $4 RR = .99 total

(3) Bag candy – Reg. price $.99/ea, after WGC .79/ea = $2.37 total

So after, RR & MIR, I ended up paying $8.72 for everything pictured.

Thrifty Thursday

Well, I haven’t posted about my thriftiness in awhile, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been saving money. ;) (It typically means I have forgotten to take pictures of my thrifty buys…) Over the past few weeks I have been grabbing Christmas presents almost every time I’ve gone shopping. Perusing Clearance aisles, or just looking for those red or orange Clearance tags has been a huge saver for me. I can’t list specifics here because my oldest likes to read my blog, but I can say on one item I bought for each of my kids I paid $10 each for an item that would have cost $23 each. I also took advantage of the special at Walmart a few weeks ago on the Xbox 360 Arcade Console. Greg has been asking for an Xbox 360 on every gift giving occasion for about 3 years now…Walmart finally had a deal I couldn’t pass up. They had the Xbox 360 Arcade Console + $100 Walmart Gift Card for $199, so essentially we paid $99 for the gaming system. He, of course, couldn’t wait until Christmas, and since I sent him to stand in line for his own present, he deserved to get it early.

I’ve also been ordering several photo gifts online using specials I’ve found and in most cases I’ve only had to pay shipping charges. Check Snapfish, Shutterfly, Kodak Gallery, W Photo & Vistaprint for great deals.
For my weekly Walgreen’s run, I got the following items for $15.46 after coupons and I received $9 in RR, and a RR type coupon for a free Clinical Strength Deodorant. (I did purchase some Christmas presents also, but can’t give specifics…)
Ricola $1 – .50 coupon = .50 + $1 RR = + .50 moneymaker.
Bic Soliel Razor Cartridges $5.99 – $2 coupon = 3.99 + $3 RR = .99
Always Infinity $5.29 – FREE coupon = FREE
Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant $7.99 – $2 coupon = 5.99 + RR coupon for FREE SCS Deodorant = 2/5.99 (I’ll get the free one next visit)
Scotch Magic Tape $1.99 – .50 coupon = $1.49
Gillette Deodorant $4.49 – $1 coupon = $3.49
Gillette Body Wash $4.99 – Buy Gillette Deodorant get FREE Body Wash = FREE
(I also received a $5 RR for spending over $20 on toys.)
Not a huge trip, but coupled with the savings on the Christmas presents, I would say it was a success. Feel free to link to your thrifty posts using the linky below, or post your thrifty tips in the comments section!

Thrifty Thursday

My weekly Walgreen’s shopping trip was a bit light this time. They were out of a lot of stuff…this seems to be becoming a habit with them. I may start going on Sunday before church rather than waiting until Wednesday. They’ve been in the process of restocking everytime I go in, and have been jabbering rather than working. I will say, everyone is very friendly and helpful. The cashiers are always great at our local Walgreen’s. Anyways, on to the good stuff.
Sally Hansen’s Nail Polish – on sale for 1.37 + 1.67 = 3.04 – $3 coupon = .04 (printed another $3 coupon)
Termacare Heat Wrap – on sale for 2.49 – $1 coupon = 1.49 (printed 2.50 RR)
Aquafresh Toothpaste – on sale for 3.49 – $1 coupon = 2.49 (printed 1.50 RR)
Comet 1.19 x 2 = 2.38 – 1.38 WG ad coupon = 2/$1
Campbells Cream of Mushroom Soup – 1.59 x 2 = 3.18 – $1 coupon – 1.40 WG ad coupon = 2/.78
Blue Diamond Almonds – 4.29 x 2 = 8.58 – 4.29 (B1G1) = 2/4.29 (I had a 1.50 coupon, but couldn’t use it because it was for Emerald Nuts…oops!)
Glade Sense & Spray – 9.99 – $5 (rain check for 50% off from a few weeks ago) – $4 coupon = .99
Milk – 2.69
In addition to the above coupons, I used $13 in RR from last week. My total went from 26.55 after coupons before taxes to $2.32 after all coupons, RR, & tax. AND it printed $4 in RR & the $3 Sally Hansen coupon. I may make another trip this week to get the stuff that was out of stock…not sure yet. If so, I will update below.


Can you tell I’m a little excited? I have up for grabs 3 Old Navy Coupons for 3 lucky readers! My Old Navy trips have been temporarily suspended, so I have coupons for 3 of my wonderful readers! I will draw winners using First one drawn will win a $50 off $100 coupon, next 2 drawn will receive 25% off coupons. (These coupons expire on 8/13/09.) Entering is simple…do any of the following!

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*Be sure you leave comments w/ links if you tweet/FB, and put separate comments for each. (Example: Subscribed #1, Subscribed #2 – in separate comments) Also, leave your e-mail in your comment if it is not in your blogger profile. If I can’t find your e-mail to send you the coupon, you can’t win!

Thrifty Thursday

This week I feel like I was the Thrifty Queen. I made another trip to Old Navy (I have a feeling hubby is going to cut me off soon) using the $50/100 coupon I found at, grabbed a decent amount of school supplies at Staples, and I scored big at Walgreens with a combination of coupons, Register Rewards, and a rebate.
From Old Navy I got the girls each a shirt for school, Greg 2 polo shirts, Grayson a Spider-Man T-shirt, and for myself…2 shirts, 1 shorts, 1 capris, and 1 pants. They were offering an additional 50% off clearance items, so 4/5 of my items were from there. The polo’s were 2/$24.99 (originally 19.50 each), and the girls shirts were on sale, but I can’t remember what it was exactly. I do know, after adding all the original amounts on the tags, this would have cost me $202.50 + tax…I paid $55.84 after taxes.
At Staples, (I don’t have a picture for my Staples trip…everything got divided up between the kids before I had a chance to get out the camera.) I got 5 pkg. wide ruled filler paper .01/ea, 2 reams of printer paper $5.99/ea (3.99/ea Easy Saver rebate so really $2/each after rebate), 3 1-subject spiral notebooks .75/ea, Watercolors .90 (accidentally bought these instead of markers…oops!), 8.5×11 Dry Erase board 5.00 (Greg’s been wanting one of these…figured he deserved a surprise!), 3 24-ct. Crayola crayons .59/ea, 3 pkg. 4-glue sticks .99/ea, 2 3-hole zipper pouches 2.00/ea. Total of $31.24 after tax plus I’ll get a check for 7.98 (Easy Saver Rebate).
I did 4 transactions at Walgreens…
Transaction #1 – Vitamin Shampoo & Gum Toothbrushes: 3.99 + 3.49 = 7.48+tax (4.00RR + 3.50RR)
Transaction #2 – Dove Shampoo & Conditioner, Dawn Dish Soap, 2 Skippy Peanut Butter, 4 Ragu Spaghetti Sauce, 2 pkg. pencils, 2 scissors, 2 pencil sharpeners, 1 pkg. highlighters: 2/6.00 + .99 + 2/4.00 + 4/8.00 + 2/.38 + 2/1.98 + 2/1.18 + .29 – 4.80C – 7.50 RR = 10.52+tax (10.00 RR)
Transaction #3 – 2 Special K Cereal, 4 boxes Rice Krispie Treats (one box not pictured), 4 boxes of Pop Tarts, 1 apple juice (not pictured): 2/5.00 + 4/8.00 + 4/8.00 + 1.19 – 5.00C – 10.00RR = 7.10+tax (2.00 RR + 5.00 RR) *Will get $10 rebate check & $70 coupon code toward Dell laptop in the mail for purchasing 10 Kellogg’s products in 1 transaction…here’s the ‘Fuel For School!’ form)
Transaction #4 – 2 Special K Cereal, Gum Toothbrushes: 2/5.00 + 3.49 – 1.00C = 7.49+tax (2.00RR + 3.50RR)
Grand Total: 32.59+tax (plus I have 12.50RR + $10 rebate check + $70 Dell coupon code)
Whew! I am worn out from all that saving! Think I’ll take a few days off of shopping… Wait…nope, I can’t. Gotta go grocery shopping on Friday…well, I guess 1 day off will have to do. Prepare yourself, Walmart…I’m coming w/ coupons in hand!
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