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Busy, Busy…

Okay, so I’ve taken a really long break from blogging, but I think about it so much I figured it was just time to come back. We have been ridiculously busy the past few months with 2 birthdays, the holidays, moving, etc. One thing I can say is that I’m LOVING the new house. Not only do we have room for everyone to do more than breathe, room for all our stuff, a wonderfully sized kitchen for me, a huge yard…well, I forgot where I was going with that. Basically, I am so happy here. Also, I’ve been crafting. Alot. Here are my latest 2 creations. Hubby says I should sell them…what do you think?

100′s Day

At Chubbs’ school they celebrate 100′s Day.  This is the 100th day of the school year, and they do all kinds of stuff dealing with the number 100.  It’s been pushed back a few days this year because of the weather, but that was good for us so we had plenty of time to work on her poster.  Her assignment was to bring a poster with 100 things on it.  We thought about it, and came up with her ’100 Favorites’.  We had a brainstorming session to come up with 10 different categories, then 10 items in each category.  This project became a ‘Mommy Nightmare’.  We don’t buy magazines, so I didn’t have an abundance for her to cut from.  We ended up going online to find most of the pictures.  I spent an entire evening saving pictures to my computer, uploading them to snapfish, and making them into collages so we could pick them up from Walgreens, cut them out and attach to the poster.  Well, Walgreens wouldn’t print my collages because I didn’t have rights to all the pictures.  My fault for not knowing that, but I was furious anyway.  So, on to plan B…hook up the photo printer & print them off myself.  After a frustrating hour of trying to get the photo printer to do something other than growl and flash lights at me, we moved on to plan C…use a friend’s printer.  That worked, although the pages got progressively worse as printing went on since they were almost out of ink.  At that time, I was to the point of ‘Who cares!? It’s going on the stinking poster!’  I spent another few hours helping cut and glue everything on.  She hand wrote the labels, drew pictures of a few things that didn’t make the printing cut, I got to use my Cricut to make the letters for her title, we glued on some marshmallows, cinnamon stick, a vanilla bean, and voilà!

Chubbs with her poster.

Big Puppy called me on his way to work to let me know that she was positively glowing walking into school with her poster.  I am so pleased with the way it came out, and that she is proud of it.  She worked very hard on it, and we did have a lot of fun…minus the printing issues.

Party All Night Long! (or not)

Trinity’s birthday party was a huge success! We began actually prepping for the party the week before by making the invitations and planning the evening out a bit. The invitations were simple to make, turned out very cute, and Trinity was quite proud of them. The plan was for her to bring the invitations to school on Monday and give them to her friends. We were only inviting a few girls because of the birthday party being a slumber party, and I wanted to survive the weekend with my sanity intact. There was to be a total of 8 girls (including my 3), one didn’t go to her school, and 2 were sisters, so she really only had 3 invitations to deliver. The last day of school being 2 days before the party wouldn’t pose a problem since she was handing the invitations out on Monday, right? WRONG! First, she ‘forgot’ to bring the invitations to school on Monday…then on Tuesday she informs me that the school won’t let her hand them out. What?! Evidently it is against school policy to hand out invitations…not sure why, but whatever. So, I then had her call her friends to invite them…none of which answered, so I now had a very discouraged birthday girl leaving party invitation messages on voicemail.

Fast forward to Friday…Party Day. I had purchased pizza, pre-made Banana Punch, and was putting the finishing touches on the Ice Cream Sandwich Cake. Kids were set to arrive after 4, with my girls coming at noon. Trinity completed her pre-party preparations, and I sent the girls outside to play. 3/5 girls had RSVP’d, so everything was going smoothly. The 2 sisters that were coming live in our neighborhood, so when they saw our girls outside at 2pm, they came over early…not a problem. I began setting up for the party. Nothing fancy, just getting the craft ready, setting the punch out, bringing out the presents, etc.
Our third and final guest arrived at 4pm as planned, and we began the craft. They decorated tote bags to take home, and had a great time. They also made a special one for Trinity that they all added something to for her birthday.
Greg got home around 5:15, and I put the pizza’s in. We got a phone call about 5:30 that one of the girls that was invited would be coming sometime after 6:30, so our count was up to 4/5 guests. I let the girls go ahead and eat pizza and cake and then we waited on our final guest to begin opening presents and finally start the movie.
Trinity got some great stuff for her birthday, and was glowing when she read cards saying how good of a friend she was and how much her friends loved her. It was really wonderful to see how this affected her.
Trinity chose ‘Hotel For Dog’s’ as the movie. We laid out some blankets and had them bring in their pillows and small blankets for what began as a quiet time.
Several of the girls had already seen it, so it was a bit wild in the game room during the movie. After the movie was over, I gave them all glow sticks to play with in the game room…we’ve never had a problem with them before, but of course we would at a slumber party with sugared up kids. A glow stick burst on Trinity as she cracked it and sprayed her in the face. Thankfully it didn’t get in her eyes, just on her forehead, chin, and her blanket. We cleaned up the glowing mess and continued on with the evening. Our late arrival announced she was not having any fun and wanted to go home around 10:30. Since she lives in our neighborhood, I let her call her mom and she came to pick her up. I told the girls they could stay up as late as they wanted as long as they were quiet and stayed in the room. I fell asleep on the couch around 11:30, and when Greg woke me up to go to bed at almost 1am, they were all asleep.
The plan was for the kids to be picked up by 2pm on Saturday, but they were all gone by noon.
Trinity had a great time with her friends, and overall had a wonderful birthday. I was very pleasantly surprised that there was hardly any fighting the entire time. Since I did survive the weekend with my sanity intact, I think we will do this again. I will most likely plan a few more specific things for them do next time, but the party really was a success.