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The Great Camera Debacle

Okay, so we leave for Florida, and about 2 hours into our drive we realize we forgot the camera. I wanted to cry. How could a person who loves to take pictures of every minute thing forget the camera?! So, we decide to buy one once we stop at a Walmart. We go in and pick out a fairly inexpensive, but good quality camera…the Nikon Coolpix S8100.

I immediately love it. I’m playing with the features, customising it, fixing all the settings, etc. We video the sunrise one morning, take tons of photos of the ocean, walks on the beach, Froggy’s random daily cuteness…we are totally loving the camera.

Froggy being 'scared' of the 'Dinosaur Toe' he found on the beach.

We travel from Cocoa Beach down to West Palm Beach to visit more family and to attend my Uncle Joey’s wedding. I’m super excited about using my new camera, and about 5 shots into the wedding, the camera freaks out & shows ‘lens error’ on the screen. I try to turn it off…nothing. Another bridesmaid walks down the aisle, I begin to panic. I pop out the battery…nothing. I gently twist, push, & pull on the lens…nothing. The wedding march begins. I am beyond ticked off. I stand, holding a nearly $300 worthless piece of crap, and smile as my new Aunt glides beautifully down the aisle. Throughout the beautiful ceremony, I am elated at how happy my Uncle is & how beautiful the wedding is, yet infuriated at how I can’t take any photos to capture this special moment! We end up taking a few hundred pictures with my iPhone…which aren’t too bad, but aren’t that great either. After the reception, we begin our journey home stopping in Panama City Beach to visit more family & to pick up Pickle & Chubbs. We return the camera at the nearest Walmart, but they don’t have the same one, so I end up purchasing the Samsung PL210.

It doesn’t take long for me to come to the conclusion that I do not like this one as much as the other one. I took some good pictures of the kids with family, got some beautiful final shots of the ocean, and then notice that the zoom button is getting stuck. Seriously?! I’ve had this camera for a couple hours and it’s already starting to jack up? Once we make it back home, I give it another day or so before I decide I need to return this one as well. So yesterday, I returned the camera and bought our second Coolpix S8100…yeah, I know, we’re home & didn’t really need it, but our old camera isn’t the greatest, so I still bought it. The return process on both cameras was a catastrophe in itself because of the not-so-helpful-or-friendly-or-bright employees at the various Walmart’s we visited. So, basically over the course of 2 weeks, I’ve purchased 3 cameras, and still don’t own the mack-daddy camera I really want. Hopefully the blogging contest I’m participating in for the grant will end well and I can get it. If you haven’t voted today, please head over to Facebook & vote for me & my blog! Thanks!

We’re baaaack!

Well, we made it back from our vacation. I totally had the ‘vacation is over blues’ on our way home. We ended our vacation in the gorgeous sunny 80 degree temps of Boca Raton, FL, and were snapped back to the reality of rainy 30 degree gloomy Arkansas. Boo. I can admit that I became a bit spoiled by ocean sunrises and daily walks along the beach with my boys.

Sunrise on Cocoa Beach

Now that we are back home, we have to reprogram & get back into the groove of life. It seem that when we go on any type of vacation, even a weekend getaway, we come back changed…or with life changes in mind. We’ve decided to travel more, spend more time together, and work more on being a family. We are a very close family, very affectionate, and communicate well, but we do so many things separate that it feels like we’ve grown apart a little as the kids have gotten older. We plan on trying to reverse that a little.

It was nice to come back home, but I can honestly say that I could have stayed on the beach for at least a month without blinking an eye. And the fact that I got to see family I hadn’t seen in years & meet cousins I’ve never met while attending my Uncle Joey’s wedding was fantastic. Overall, our vacation was near perfect…only flaws were 1. It wasn’t long enough. 2. We had to buy a new camera since we forgot ours, and then it broke at the beginning of the wedding. 3. It wasn’t long enough. 4. Did I mention it wasn’t long enough? ;)

Alexander 2010 Family Vacation ~ Day 3

Day 3:  6:00am the alarm goes off.  The typical thought of ‘Already!?’ goes through my head. Then I remember…I’m on vacation! I hop out of bed eager to sneak a peek at the beach.  I grab my camera and tiptoe out of the bedroom, through the house, and out the sliding glass door.  The sound of the waves on the shore, the smell of the salty air, and the fact that I am nearly alone in enjoying this moment is amazing.  I sat on the steps of the balcony relishing the experience.  It was as if God had made this beautiful morning just for me…I was enjoying it immensely, but wanted to share it with my family.  The sun was starting to peek up over the horizon, so I went inside & coaxed everyone out of bed with promises of breakfast and coffee.  Clad in pj’s my sleepy-eyed children lumbered out of bed and out the door.  The looks of awe on their little faces at the first glimpse of the beach were priceless.  The photos of the sunrise weren’t as spectacular as I had hoped because of the overcast sky, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

Sunrise on Cocoa Beach

We ate breakfast, donned our swimsuits, grabbed our beach gear & headed down the steps and onto the beach.  We were once again greeted by a local, and the girls made a beeline for the waves, while Grayson tried to figure out how to walk in the sand.

The bravest of the crabs...welcoming us to Cocoa Beach!

Heading straight for the waves!

Grayson's first beach experience.

The majority of our day consisted of the girls catching waves with their boogie boards, and Grayson either playing in the sand or attempting to leap over the waves with the help of Marie-Antoinette.

Running into the surf to catch some waves!

Grayson burying his hand in the sand.

Grayson doing his 'cool pose'.

Grayson & his wave jumping partner...Marie Antionette

Kara and Trinity were magically transformed in to mermaids, and even Greg played in the sand.  My Uncle Ron extended the invite to come back any time…we will be taking him up on that offer for sure. =)

Kara as a mermaid.

Trinity transformed into a mermaid.

Daddy playing in the sand.

Uncle Ron & Greg

Lunch was brought to us courtesy of my Aunt Sunni & Marie Antionette…delicious sandwiches, chips & fresh fruit.  While we waited for tummies to settle, we collected shells, played in the sand and visited a nearby turtle nest.  (One of the turtles we had missed the previous night because of the crab attack my being scared of the crabs.)

Me & my Aunt Sunni

Sea Turtle Nest

Me & Greg on Cocoa Beach

We continued our beach day, nearly oblivious to the crowds that were gathering to stake their claim to a good spot for that evening’s fireworks.  We had other plans, of course…our hotel awaited!  Even after being at the beach ALL DAY, the kids were reluctant to leave.  I reassured them it wouldn’t be our last visit to the beach, and we had much more in store for them.  Everyone pitched in and gathered our stuff, which somehow took more trips to bring back to the beach house than it had taken to bring out to the beach originally, and the kids had to ‘rinse off’ about 15 times each, but we finally got everyone back to the beach house and changed.  After loading up and saying our goodbyes, we headed to our hotel…The Westgate Palace in Orlando.

Alexander 2010 Family Vacation ~ Day 2

Day 2 began with the attitude of “Let’s shower & get the heck out of here.”  We thought ahead about the comfort of travelling with 4 kids and all our luggage, and purchased a ‘saddlebag’ that hangs on the back of our SUV to house most of our bags.  What we didn’t think of is how big a pain it was for someone who is ‘vertically challenged’ like myself to assist with the attaching of the aforementioned saddlebag.  It involves balancing on one foot standing on the back bumper, trying not to be scorched by the lava hot roof of the truck while threading straps through the luggage rack bars, and helping lift an 80+ lb. bag while securing clips.  I must admit, by the end of our journey, we had it down to a science.
Not long after leaving the “hotel”, I busted out a surprise for the kids from the Activity Bag…new DS games for all.  Not just any DS games, these were like DS games on crack…the smallest cartridge containing 55 games, and the largest 116. And these are real games, not lame ones…all in English from a company based out of Hong Kong for about $16/each.  The kids played the games until they passed out, and Mom took the opportunity to snap some pics…even one of Daddy. hehe
Anyways back to the point, we had a pretty uneventful drive from Alabama, through Georgia, and down to Cocoa Beach.  We arrived in Cocoa Beach to visit with my Uncle Ron & Aunt Sunni Rae, and stay the night in the beach house.  We arrived around 8:30pm, and I got the bright idea of taking a walk on the pitch black beach with my husband.  My uncle had said the turtles had been coming ashore to lay their eggs, so we might luck out & see one.  As most of you know, I’m not a huge animal person, but was excited about the possibility of seeing a turtle.  We left the kids eating pizza & discussing our trip with my family while Greg & I walked down the steps and out onto the beach.  The experience of the ocean at night is amazing.  You can’t see much, but you can sense it’s power.  I love when you can actually feel the greatness of God’s creation.  We took a flashlight to watch out for turtles, and began our walk.  Sweeping the light back and forth in front of us, I saw movement.  I stopped suddenly, and let out a little scream as a crab scurried unbelievably fast across the sand and into the sea.  We laughed at the fact that I was frightened by the little crab, then saw how many crabs there actually were.  It was crazy…I had no idea they were so fast.  This is the closest shot I could get with my phone.
Needlesstosay, I’m a weenie & we didn’t stay on the beach long.  Considering how skittish I was about the crabs, I probably would have lost my mind if I actually encountered a giant turtle.  We walked down the street enjoying the music and laughter coming from the local bars & restaurants, the warm air and smell of the ocean, and looking at the items for sale in the windows of the darkened shops.
When we returned to the beach house, the kids were ready for bed and excited about hitting the beach in the morning.  I set my alarm for 6am to be sure to catch the sunrise, and headed to bed.

Alexander 2010 Family Vacation ~ Day 1

Our 2010 family vacation adventure began as planned.  Packed and waiting for Daddy to get home from work, the kids began asking all kinds of questions about our destination.  Where were we headed? Eventually, Cocoa Beach, FL, would be our first official stop, with a brief rest between Birmingham & Atlanta.  Daddy arrived home from work, we ate a quick dinner, loaded up the truck, prayed safety and fun over our trip (and that our A/C would work just fine), and away we went.
I took the first shift of driving, kids occupying themselves with their DS’s, and Greg attempting to nap before his turn.  Within 45 minutes of our departure, we already had the dreaded question…’Are we getting close?’  I answered it with a ‘Closer then we were at home.’  (Before falling asleep we only had the question ‘Are we still in Arkansas?’ 2 more times or so…not bad.)  After enjoying a beautiful sunset, another call from the back, ‘Are we going to take a potty break?’ So we pulled into the nearest gas station to take turns taking in the kids…while the other parent stayed with the truck.  Having all our clothing & stuff hanging off the back of the truck made me a little nervous to leave the truck unattended.  Upon returning from taking all the girls to the bathroom…which was a 10 minute ordeal, we were notified our vehicle was under attack.  Greg and Grayson had killed 14 mosquitoes that had infiltrated the truck during our absence.  After winning the battle we continued on our journey along with our  new found friend…Red Bull.
Wow. I was skeptical that this magical beverage would be able to keep me awake since no matter how much sleep I get I can only stay awake to drive for 2 hours max once it gets dark outside.  I was blown away.  When it was my turn again, I was ready to drive straight through to Cocoa Beach.  I was for sure I could make it at least until Atlanta.  There were periods of surreal-ness…not another car on the road, streetlights glowing in the early morning haze…that were reminiscent of the Spongebob episode when he accidentally boarded a bus out of Bikini Bottom.  At one pit stop at a huge gas station, it was only us, the unfriendly gas station attendant, and one other patron who was limping & dragging his leg walking through the parking lot.
Needless to say, I was in a bit of a hurry to get out of there.  When we hit the Talladega area, Greg and I decided the kids looked a little miserable in their strange contorted sleep positions and that they really needed to be able to stretch out.  Unfortunately, all the decent hotels in and around the area were booked due to an event where Corvettes were racing at the speedway.  We ended up in a cheap, but icky hotel.  Not the worst I’ve stayed in, but definitely in the bottom 20%.  We rolled into our hotel ‘Americas Best Value Inn’ around 4am, and were fed, showered, and headed to Atlanta by 10:30am.

The countdown has begun…

The countdown has begun.

I’ve slowly been planning this vacation since January. A few things have changed, but nothing major. Our hotel is booked.

Our drive is roughly mapped (with a few scenic/fun detours along the way). I’ve purchased almost everything we will need…still hoping to get cool sun hats for all the girls & boonie covers for the guys. We are crazy excited to see family I haven’t seen in about 7 years, and Greg & 3/4 of the kids have never even met.

I’m ready for my babies to see the vastness of the ocean, smell the salt in the breeze, feel the beach sand between their tiny toes for the first time. Of course, they’ve seen pictures of where we’re going, but you can never really grasp the awesomeness of how large and wonderful God’s creation is unless you see it with your own eyes. It’s the same way with the mountains, you know their big, but you don’t understand until you actually see them up close.

We have some pretty cool things planned that the kids have no clue about in addition to lots of beach time…I’ll be posting about those surprises while we’re there. Overall, we will be driving for a total of about 2500 miles/44 hours, and I think I have that covered as well…random games/activities, snacks, and DS’s for each child, complete with car chargers. I may have over-prepared, but it’s better to do that then have to hear ‘Are we there yet?’ 12 bazillion times over the course of our trip. I’m sure we will still hear that dreaded question, but hopefully my preparation will minimize the quantity. Aside from our safety, I’m praying for our sanity…either I’ve done a great job to prepare for this adventure, or I’ve lost my stinking mind taking 4 kids half way across the country.

2009 Family Vacation ~ Magic House

After leaving the St. Louis Art Museum, we headed to the St. Louis Children’s Museum aka The Magic House. It would have cost us $51.00 (8.50/ea ages 1+), but I found coupons HERE and it only cost us $34.00…parking is FREE. We could have spent the entire vacation here, I’m sure. The moment we walked in the door, I thought the kids heads would explode. They didn’t know what to do first. If we had known anything about the different areas, we would have gone to the Fairy Tale portion last. There were a lot of kids in there playing dress-up and it was ridiculously crowded, so they didn’t stay in there long, but I could tell they would have LOVED to play dress up with all the other kids.

They weren’t bummed out for long, moving on to the next area. While wandering around, we came across an area that had a mystery to be solved. Greg took charge on this activity and took the girls to each station for them to collect the clues to solve the crime. While they did this Grayson and I played with these shape building things. He loved putting them together in his own way. When Greg and the girls disappeared into a hidden passage behind a false bookcase, and were gone for nearly an hour I became very sleepy and totally could have taken a nap if it hadn’t been for the uncomfortable chair and the loud banging accompanied by shrieks of laughter coming from the other side of the wall.
Once they returned, they told me all about what they’d done on the other side of the bookcase. The loud banging and shrieking was actually my children (along with other) climbing through an air vent and going down a slide…repeatedly. Next we found the Star-Spangled Center where they sat behind a replica of the President’s desk, and made a speech from the podium.
We then made a pit-stop at the air tubes. The kids played here for a good 10 minutes…shoving scarves & fluffy balls into the chamber, watching them swirl through the series of tubes, finally shooting out and hitting one or another giggling child in the face.
Our next stop was the music play area. It housed huge instruments that the kids immediately were drawn to and were so proud of their musical prowess that they didn’t want to move to the next area.
I had to tell them there was something super cool upstairs and we didn’t have much time. Once I finally convinced them it was going to be well worth it, we moved on. There were brief stops at the air power station and the magnet room…and then the mother of all science entertainment…the electrostatic generator.
Grayson refused to go up there with Kara, so I took him. Kara didn’t listen very good to the instructions, and got quite a little shock right before I took her picture. They told her not to take her hand off and if she did, not to put it back on…so, what did she do? Let go, then slapped her hand back on. Zzzzztttt! It was quite comical.
There was a charge of $3.50 per photo for them to ‘professionally’ take the picture…I figured I’d save $7 and take my own…they turned out just as good I think. After their ‘hair raising experience’, there was a 3 story spiral slide that the girls went down twice. I tried to get pictures, but they were just colored blurs on a silver background.
Finally, on our way out, we went through the bubble room. The kids blew enormous bubbles, played the bubble organ, and generally had a lot of soapy fun. They were pretty exhausted by the time we left, so they slept quite a bit on the drive home.
Although they slept most of the way, the drive home was not uneventful. While Greg was driving through a remote area of Missouri, I was startled awake by a sickening ‘thwack’ on the windshield. Greg, startled as well, asks ‘What the heck kind of bug was that?’ I reply, ‘It wasn’t a bug, it’s a bat.’ Notice I didn’t say ‘It was a bat.’ I said ‘It is a bat.’ The poor, hopefully dead at that point, creature was stuck in the windshield wiper. There were quite a few ‘Ewww! Ewww!’s from me as it flopped up and back down a few times…I’m hoping just from the wind of driving. We were fairly close to home, so I told him to just leave it alone and he could get it off at the house…plus, I wanted a picture for my blog. I mean, who else does weird stuff like this happen to? I needed proof. Well, about 10 minutes from the house, Greg goes to dim his bright lights, and you guessed it…hit the windshield wiper controls sending our unexpected hitchhiker into the night. So, I am sorry to say, there is no picture evidence of this event. Below are the pictures of the souvenirs we acquired on our vacation.
And there you have it…the conclusion of the Alexander 2009 Family Vacation to St. Louis, MO. I hope that I have showed you a few ways to save money, without compromising fun, if you are heading to St. Louis.

2009 Family Vacation ~ St. Louis Art Museum

On our final day in St. Louis, after checking out of our hotel, we drove over to the St. Louis Art Museum.

This attraction was mainly for me, but the kids were pretty excited to see the different kinds of art. This excitement quickly dissipated once we entered the building. I don’t know if they were expecting giant canvases of finger paintings or huge sculptures made of play-doh, but they were itching to get through so we could go to the Magic House. The St. Louis Art Museum is FREE to get in and to park, but I can tell you the people who work there are not very friendly. The nicest person there was the security guard that was at the door. Everyone else was very snooty and rude…
Okay, back to the art… Personally, I could have spent the entire day in the Art Museum (if I did not have the kids with me). There were many works that I would have loved to admire a bit longer. (Forgive me for the pictures…my camera did not do well on the ‘museum’ setting.) For example, this carving of what I believe is called the 12 Stations of the Cross.
The ‘religious’ artwork was beautiful. There was a bust of Jesus, a full size sculpture of John the Baptist, various sculptures and paintings of Saints, along with an assortment of beautiful ceremonial paraphernalia. (I would have included pictures of the above mentioned exhibits, but they are quite blurry.)
Another section I thoroughly enjoyed was the medieval area which housed an assortment of weapons and armor. Some of the swords were taller than me…not that it is a great feat for something to be bigger than me, but a 5′ sword has to weigh quite a bit.
Grayson insisted a full set of armor was actually a robot. I think he was a little nervous that it was going to try to grab him or something. It was very interesting to see the different styles of the armor depending on which country it was from. The helm on the left is a French helm, and the one on the right is German.
The kids favorite exhibit was the Egyptian Sarcophagus. They were pretty creeped out that you could see actual toes through the wrappings on one of them, but they asked a lot of questions about Egyptian beliefs afterwards. They were very interested in the culture differences and were amazed by how their beliefs were so vastly different from our own.
My favorite part of the museum was the abstract art. The exhibit below was huge and was made of metal and glass, and it’s truly remarkable.
And finally just a couple pieces I liked. The cute little wooden man for some reason reminds me of my Dad…not sure if it is because it is something he would like or what, but he was one of my favorite pieces.
Oh, and yesterday when I said that this post would be the conclusion of the ’2009 Family Vacation’ series…I was wrong. I thought I could combine the Art Museum & the Magic house, but I got a bit carried away with the Art Museum pictures. Tomorrow…the Magic House & trip home.

2009 Family Vacation ~ St. Louis Science Center

After leaving Grant’s Farm, we headed to the St. Louis Science Center. This fantastic place was also FREE. I wish we had been able to spend more time at the Science Center, and that it hadn’t been so crowded. When we first arrived, I planned on being able to really show the kids some cool stuff and them even learning…shhh, don’t tell them. They were immediately fascinated by the Energizer Ball Machine.

I’m sure they would have been happy to sit and watch this thing for hours, but we had lots of educational fun stuff to see! We started by going through an exhibit about the 5 senses. We learned that Kylie has no sense of smell, Kara is possibly half deaf, Trinity’s balance is a little off (or she is overly dramatic…which is totally possible), and Grayson can throw a serious fit when confined to his stroller. There were all sorts of medical equipment that we explained to the kids including an iron lung and some old creepy looking surgical tools. Next in line was Cyberville. Exhibits included a laser harp, a lego robot class (we just watched them compete), lessons on the evolution of the computer…including binary code stuff which was WAAAAY over my head. We kept trying to explain things to them and all they wanted to do was touch stuff. They had no clue why things were doing what they were doing, but they had a blast making things do random stuff.

We spent the majority of our time in the dinosaur exhibit. Grayson was very excited to check it out, then lost his enthusiasm when he saw the giant robotic beast. He wanted nothing to do with the enormous T-rex…Trinity on the other hand had fun acting as if she were afraid it would eat her.

When we finished with our goofiness, we moved on to checking out the actual dinosaur bones. Knowing that dinosaurs were ginormous is one thing, but actually putting it into perspective is another. As you can see, the bone below is the femur of a Triceratops compared to the femur of a chicken…does God have a great imagination or what?!

As mind blowing as this may be, the highlight of Grayson’s visit to the Science Center (besides the ball machine) was excavating dinosaur bones with a toothbrush. He sat there for at least 10-15 minutes infatuated with brushing the white powder away from the real dinosaur bones. Maybe he’ll be an archaeologist someday.

Unfortunately we didn’t have much time at the Science Center, and missed out on so much stuff. Next time we visit (I really hope to take them back in a few years), we will dedicate an entire day to the Science Center and will for sure spend a large chunk of time in the Planetarium. I was interested in stars, planets, and space travel when I was a kid, and would have loved to explore the different areas of the Planetarium.

After dragging the kids away from the closing museum, we treated them to pizza at Papa John’s…you’d think by their grins that they’d never had pizza before. (To be fair, it was quite delicious.)

2009 Family Vacation ~ Grant’s Farm

When I first began researching St. Louis as our ’2009 Family Vacation Destination’, I was immediately drawn to the big, well known attractions…St. Louis Arch, Six Flags, St. Louis Zoo, etc. When I realized our vacation budget would be significantly less than originally planned, I really began searching for FREE or very low cost family activities. Grant’s Farm was one that came highly recommended by friends, so I thought we’d check it out. (Admission is FREE, parking $11.) We’d already been to the zoo, and weren’t sure if the kids would want to see animals a second day. Boy were we wrong… They absolutely loved Grant’s Farm. There were animal shows featuring a variety of birds, some rats, a pig, and the kids favorite…Bud the Elephant.

Bud the Elephant was pretty cute even though he’s humongous. He enjoyed getting various reactions from the audience for his ‘tricks’. Cheers for carrying a huge log with his trunk, picking a dime up off the ground, reaching high up in the air to retrieve a ball from atop a pole, and ‘Ewwws’ coupled with children’s laughter as he peed and pooped mass quantities. Evidently he does that every show, and loves getting that reaction.
Grayson quite enjoyed the giant turtles. One of them didn’t move an inch, the other made his way across the small puddle of water and over close to us. I’m pretty sure Grayson would have touched it if I’d let him.
It rained a little here and there, but nothing we couldn’t handle. Our visit to Grant’s farm included, visits to all the animals including camels, bald eagles, various parrots, goats, and a pair of male kangaroos that were doing unmentionable things to each other…I am eternally scarred.
We even found our way to the Bauernhof (German for ‘homestead). It’s pretty much a giant food court with a gift shop, and it’s the place where you get free beer samples. Fully expecting to get a small punch cup size sample, I hand over my ID to a sweet little old man (who was quite the flirt, I might add). I was surprised to receive a full glass of beer. Considering it was before lunch, I did not want an entire beer…just wanted to taste a sample. (I got a kind I’d never heard of called Stella Artois…it was good, as far as beer goes.) There was a sign indicating there was a limit of 2 samples per day…which if I had taken advantage of these free ‘samples’, I would have been totally hammered.
Another cool thing about Grant’s Farm is the tour you get on the tram heading into the farm. It is where you see the free roaming animals (deer, bison, buffalo, horse, etc.), and you see the cabin that Ulysses S. Grant built (mostly himself) in the 1800′s. The fence across from the cabin (which I neglected to get an actual picture of, so nabbed the one below from HERE) is made up of over 2,500 rifle barrels as a Civil War memorial. A very unique memorial, that I found quite interesting and beautiful.
(There’s also a whole separate Clydesdale Stables where you can visit the beautiful Clydesdale horses who call Grant’s Farm home…unfortunately we didn’t make it over there to see them, so no pics.)
After catching a buzz (just kidding) at the Bauernhof, we caught the tram back to the parking area and main gift shop to grab some souvenirs. Kylie and Kara chose tiny rubber Clydesdales, while Trinity and Grayson picked out elephants. We also picked up a ‘squished penny album’ to hold our various souvenir squished pennies we were accumulating, and Greg bought a nice Budweiser glass. We then headed to the St. Louis Science Center to finish out our day…