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Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

Froggy likes to draw, color, paint…pretty much any kind of craft he’s tried, he likes. He’s pretty protective of his art, so when he wanted to show his friend Coop a picture he colored & cut out, he had to secure it properly.

Froggy's secure method of transporting his art.

Froggy’s secure method of transporting his art.


Evidently I have passed on the sleepwalking gene not only to my daughter, but also to my son. Last night, Princess2T comes running into the living room about 10:30ish laughing hysterically, almost unable to tell us why she is freaking out. Turns out, my 6 year old son climbed down from the top bunk, pulled off his pj shorts & underwear and attempted to pee on the bottom bunk…that T was laying in reading a book. She catches him in time and redirects him to the bathroom (after he spins in circles a few times), where he manages to find the toilet. In the mean time, Daddy goes back there to assess the situation, and comes running back in…laughing…to get me. I enter the bathroom to find Froggy putting on his t-shirt…like they’re his shorts. Seriously. He’s got this confused look on his face, eyes dilated, not seeing what we’re seeing…obviously. He has his legs through the arm holes, and can’t quite figure out why it won’t stay up when he pulls it up & lets go. I help him back into his underwear, and Daddy helps him back into bed. When I questioned him this morning about the incident, he acts as though we are joking…he has absolutely NO recollection of last nights events.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* I no longer sleep walk, and as far as I know, I have never done anything super weird while sleepwalking. My Mom told me she caught me watching TV (that was not on) as a child in a pitch dark living room…creepy, but not overly weird.

To-Do’s 5 year old style…

So, I am always making to-do lists…daily, weekly, someday, for me, for hubby, for kids, for individual chores, etc. I don’t always accomplish what is on my list, but it’s always there just waiting for me to check it off. This habit seems to have rubbed off on my 5 year old. He decided he wanted to make a list of things he wanted to do today, and since he’s only 5 and doesn’t know how to spell everything he drew pictures instead.

Best. List. Ever.

Here is a key explaining what each icon means…according to what Froggy told me.
1. Throw a hot wheels car & it land on it’s wheels game.
2. Running – exercise
3. Staring – so my eyeballs give more attention to my friends.
4. Writing 10 things – writing exercise to get my hand ready for school.
5. Hold up 1 finger for 5 minutes – exercise
6. Standing for 5 minutes – exercise helps you if you’re standing and someone tells you to stay.
7. Put together a puzzle.
8. Play with Pokemon cards.
9. Rocking in rocking chair as fast as I can.
10. Clean my room.
11. Play with the dogs.
12. Read a book.
13. Nap
14. Play tag.
15. Draw clouds.
16. Build lego alien and take a picture for contest.
17. Pick up trash in my room.
18. Play on iphone.
19. Jump on trampoline – exercise.
20. Look for quarters to take to Larry’s Pizza to win tickets.
21. Look at other peoples eyeballs – to see what color they are to help you remember stuff.
22. Color
23. Make bed.
24. Look at Silly Band collection.
25. Take shower.
26. Look for dollars.
27. Love Mom really much.

Of course, #27 is my favorite.

Froggy’s ‘Art’

While he was supposed to be picking out his clothes for today & making his bed, Froggy was dressing Spiderman. This is actually Spiderman’s 2nd outfit of the day…down to the underwear. He also had socks & shoes on in the previous outfit, but I had Froggy remove them so he could wear them today…little did I know, Spiderman would be trying on more clothes.

As I have him pose for this photo, he looks up at me with all the 4 year old cuteness on the planet, and says… “Mom, this is art, you know.” I am so thankful for my children…they seem to continually melt my heart and make me laugh 24/7.

Shearing The Frog

‘What’s that?’ you might ask? A small woodland animal? Nope, it’s the result of Froggy’s initial summer hair cut. Froggy likes his hair long, and I think it’s cute, but it’s gotten to the point that he desperately needs a haircut. His hair is impossible to fix after he wakes up in the morning without wetting it first, the back is all fuzzy and matted when we get out of the truck, and it’s starting to look like a bad hair cut rather than a non-existent one. I do love the way the wind blows his hair as he runs after the soccer ball, but I also love his hair short…plus it’s getting warmer out & we always give him a Marine-type hair cut in the summer. Soooooo, he went from being this shaggy beast…

Froggy the 'Shaggy Beast'!

To ‘Stage 1′ (using the longest guard so I can see what the heck I’m doing) of the process…

We're getting there...

To ‘Stage 2′ (no guard, fading the sides, praying he doesn’t wiggle and have to be completely bald)…

Doing major wiggles.

To the end result (the only haircut I know how to do) Froggy’s awesome ‘High & Tight’.

Ta-da! He chose the faux-hawk styling...too cute!

Nearly Unbearable Cuteness

Froggy is a 4 year old little boy with gobs of personality, is super smart and funny, and is the most loving kid you’ll ever meet. We are often almost speechless (which is a big deal for me) by his cuteness. For instance, last night when we were eating dinner…

Froggy: Why is this chicken yellow?
Me: It’s the spices.
Froggy: What spices?
Me: Curry, garlic powder, onion powder, tarragon… (It was actually turmeric, but I said tarragon.)
Froggy: (Looking at the chunk of chicken speared on his fork with a scrunched, thoughtful look on his face) Hmmm…I think maybe it’s a triangle or sumping (something).

The kid mistook the word tarragon for hexagon or one of the other -agon shapes, and decided to correct me. I seriously want to squeeze him forever…we are so blessed. I LOVE that little boy!

I think I may start a regular post (maybe 2x a month or so?) with Froggy-isms. I mean, sometimes he is too funny/cute not to share.

4 Year Old Philosophy

I love just sitting and listening to Froggy’s take on life. Most of the time, it has to do with dinosaurs, robots, or any number of superheroes, but yesterday was different. While sitting in line waiting to pick Chubbs up from school, our conversation went something like this:
Froggy: Momma, I know why we have to wear our seatbelt.
Me: Oh yeah?
Froggy: Yeah, ’cause if we don’t we could get hurt in a wreck.
Me: Yep, you’re right.
Then he continues…
Froggy: If people get in a wreck, some of them have to go to the doctor, and some of them get dead. People who get dead go to Heaven, but some go to Hell. Hell is not good, it is where the Devil is. Mom, why do some people go to Hell?
Me: Well, people who don’t accept Jesus as their Saviour don’t get to go to Heaven, they have to go to Hell. That’s why it’s very important for us to pray for people. We don’t want anyone to go to Hell.
(Long pause)
Me: What do you think Hell is like?
Froggy: (thinking) It has darkness and burning and people screaming. And that little guy, the Devil. I don’t want to go there.
Me: Okay, what do you think Heaven is like?
Froggy: (big smile) It is nice and all peachy. And it has that tall guy, Jesus. He lives in Heaven and in our hearts.
Me: Yes sir…you are right.

Do you have conversations like this with your kids?