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Adventures w/ the Fam ~ Part 2

For July 4th festivities, we went to Bull Shoals. We originally planned on meeting some friends and enjoying the fireworks from the Golf Course, but it didn’t work out as planned. Before leaving the house, we pattied up ranch burgers and filled the coolers with random food including ingredients for S’mores…YUM! We had to run into Wal-mart for a couple last minute items, and had the bright idea of grabbing a little grill just in case there weren’t any open. This turned into a 15 minute (at least) ordeal, where we had to grab utensils, a screwdriver, and charcoal. Luckily we got a great spot with a large picnic table and grill right next to the playground. I’m pretty sure if we had to assemble the small grill it would have been after dark before we even got started on the burgers.

The kids tossed around a football, played with ‘sand castle toys’ in the gravel, and enjoyed the playground.
The fireworks were quite nice, and Grayson actually got used to the explosions and enjoyed them.
Traffic wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be…I’m used to watching the fireworks show at Celebrate Freedom in Texas and fighting 200,000 other people trying to get home.
Of course we had a ‘photo shoot’ the day that Mom, Nicki, Johnny & Madi left…this consisted of cute pictures of Grayson hugging and kissing Madi (an often times unwilling recipient of his affections),
funny pictures like us asking them ‘Where’s your Be-Bo? (bellybutton),
nice pictures of Mimi with all her grand babies,
and then the ever popular ‘Can we do a silly one?’ Where everyone makes funny faces and/or acts like a weirdo.
And you wonder where I get it…