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Memory Lane Monday…Technology

As a kid, did you ever get sick of hearing your parents tell you how good you have it compared to when they were a kid? “We had to walk to school in the snow.” “We didn’t have seatbelts.” “We had to get up at 4am to do chores.” Typically it came at a time when you were complaining about having to do something you felt was either too difficult or unfair. I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid it seemed like they were making all that crap up. All I tended to hear was “When I was a kid…blah, blah, blah, wah, wah wah, you have it so easy, blah, blah, blah.”

Now, being 30ish, I am often reminded of these stories from my childhood when I hear “When I was a kid…” come out of my mouth. The hard part is that when you really think back to those stories, it makes you realize how hard your parents and grandparents really had it as opposed to the way things are now. Regardless of where you grew up, technology has changed in a crazily rapid pace. My kids tend to laugh when they hear things like…I didn’t have a cell phone until I was married, computers didn’t have pictures when we first started using them in school (remember the amber monitors), the internet didn’t exist – we had to use the library to research papers…and at the library we had to use the card catalogue to find stuff, we didn’t have GPS to lead the way…we used things called an atlas and a map.

I then think back to when my parents & grandparents were kids and chores were serious. I hear whining about…having to carry a hamper up the stairs so I can wash and dry their clothes in my nice washer & dryer…back in the day they had to wash their own clothes by hand…in a bucket…with a washboard. I hear whining about having to get up in the morning to get dressed, brush teeth, make bed, fix hair, read devotional, bring up the previously mentioned hamper, and catch the bus…back in the day they had to do all of that, tend to farm animals, and WALK to school. There are many more examples of how our kids are so much softer than we were and how we are softer than our parents were and so on. The thing is technology is here for our advancement & convenience, but we need not forget our roots and that some things can be done without it. My challenge to you, unplug for an hour a day and play with your kids, work with your kids, read with your kids…you’ll feel good that you did and they’ll be better for it.

Six Years Ago…

Six years ago today, I married my best friend. It was a chilly day, and I had mixed emotions since my grandmother had passed away the day before. I was crazy excited to be beginning a new life with this wonderful man, but sad that my grandmother was unable to share in my joy. I was glad to be able to share the day with a few family members and close friends though…it turned out to be a beautiful moment that is forever in my heart.

April 23, 2005

If it’s possible, I love him more today than the day I married him. I’m not saying that there haven’t been rough patches, but nothing God can’t handle. I can honestly say that I have never been happier with my life than I am now. We have grown so much together and I look forward to how much more we have to grow. Mostly I look forward to just living my life with this man, my best friend.

Our first dance...almost 6 years after our wedding and ironically at a wedding that isn't ours. =)

Happy Anniversary, Big Puppy. I am so excited about spending the rest of my life with you…what adventures we have in front of us! I love you.

Our Fantastic Family Adventure #1

What is this ‘Fantastic Family Adventure’ you may ask? It is something that was brought to my attention last week, and I have totally gone nuts for it. I spent an entire day reading on it, and today we got to put our plan into action full swing. We like to go on family outings, play games, and just spend time with each other, but most activities are so expensive…bowling, movies, mini-golf, etc. for a family of 6 is just not in our budget often. So, we spent all day today Geocaching. For those of you who are like I was last week, Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt. Armed with a GPS (our iPhones), a pen, water, and a baggie of trinkets, we hunted caches – containers ranging in size from a 35mm film canister to an ammo can, containing at the very least a baggie with a log sheet enclosed. We had a blast all day long!
We left the house at 10ish and headed to our first location. (I’m not going to give any details on the locations as not to spoil it for anyone else who wants to attempt geocaching in our area.) We ended up discovering 8 caches today (Big Puppy & I did 2 earlier this week, just to get started)…including 3 in old graveyards, a crazy hike up a stinking mountain, and a few urban areas. Once we located the cache we would sign the log, and if the container is large enough we would leave a trinket & take a trinket for our collection. Here’s some photos of our finds including the items we traded for.

Our 1st find of the day...WTG Princess2T!

Our 2nd find...our first 'micro cache'.

Our 3rd find...graveyard #2. Very cool.

Our 4th find...our final graveyard of the day.

We found it! Crazy hike that took over an hour to complete.

It was an insane hike through the cedar trees, but totally worth the view.

Our first 'urban' cache.

A good cache where we found our 1st travel bug!

Our final cache...a great one to end the day with!

The goodies we've collected thus far.

The kids had such a great time, they tried to ‘one more’ us several times, and want to go again tomorrow after church. When asked what their favorite part was, Froggy said picking the treasures, and the girls all said the hike…we were very surprised that they enjoyed the hardest part of the day! We plan on doing this often (especially on our upcoming vacation), and maybe creating a few of our own. Be sure to check out if it sounds like something for you & your family…and add me as a friend (Life@30ish)!

Memory Lane Monday

This is kind of a creepy crawler edition of Memory Lane Monday…prepare yourself.

On Saturday night, kids in bed, we sit down to watch ‘Yes Man‘. (On a side note…it was a pretty good movie.) Greg and I are snuggled on the couch enjoying the movie and I feel something touch my neck. For a second I thought it was my hair, then I felt it fall down the back of my shirt. I jump up, jiggling my shirt, shouting ‘Bug! Bug!’. The (I’m sure totally terrified) bug falls on to the couch and Greg smooshes it before it can hide between the cushions. We could not identify the mush, but he says he thinks it may have been a silverfish…whatever that is. I’m just thankful it wasn’t a spider.
(Here’s a pic I found on wikipedia…ewww.)
Okay…now for the memory part. This incident coupled with the recent battles with ants and spiders has brought back memories of childhood battles with crickets. We used to live out in the boonies, and there were always crickets in our house…especially in the summer. Their favorite place was in the bathtub, but they were known to also love camping out in the hallway right in front of my room. My parents would awaken in the morning to find couch pillows and shoes littering the hallway. My brother and I used to throw things at the crickets and then when they were covered, run past them into our rooms and shut the door. I actually remember, once when I was sleeping, I was startled awake by something tickling my face. I immediately knew what it was, grabbed it and threw it as hard as I could. I then slept with my head under the covers for the rest of the night. Here’s a pic I found with the help of Google of the type of cricket I used to fight nightly.
Ewww, ewww, ewww!!!

Memory Lane Monday

My brother came from Texas this weekend to play at a friend’s anniversary party, and I got to spend a couple hours with him and his girlfriend, Shay.  The kids absolutely love them…Grayson takes a bit to warm up to Dylan, but he always comes around.  I really wish they lived closer.  While they were here, the kids literally attacked them.  They had a ponytail holder war, a tickle battle, and once Shay finally passed out from sheer exhaustion, they covered her head with Webkinz.

A stray shot from a ponytail holder into the ceiling fan brought up memories of throwing socks into the fan as kids and watching them fly.  These memories brought up flashbacks of several creative ways we used to entertain ourselves as kids.  We lived on a dirt road, with no friends close by, so all we had was each other.  My being almost 6 years older than Dylan, and 9 1/2 years older than Nicki was a little rough, but we had fun.  I remember searching through pea gravel for shells, smashing ‘sand rocks’ into piles of assorted colors, feeding ants to ant lions, and many other forms of self sustaining entertainment.  
I also came to the realization that my kids can be quite annoying.  K1 becomes unsociable and disappears for like half an hour…playing Lego’s by herself which she has never done before today.  K2 acts like she’s never seen another human being outside of our family and tends to attach herself to guests like a leech – hanging on them, talking two inches from their face, ignoring their pleas of ‘Okay, that’s enough‘ and thrusting herself into their personal space just-one-more-time.  
T, trying to be grown up, includes herself in every conversation asking nonsense questions and trying to show people things they already know. (She might get the whole jabber box thing from me…just sayin‘.)
G throws things at people rather than handing them the object, in an unsuccessful attempt to stay far enough away from our guests to not be captured and smothered in hugs and kisses.  
I, for one, cherish the time I get to spend with my family since they all live so far away.  
I would never do things like:
1. Gripe about him arriving too late to attend church with me.
2. Discuss impersonal subjects like iPhone apps, car stereo systems, social networking sites, among other techish topics.
3. Attempt to solicit a sale of a super cool duct tape wallet I recently created.
In all seriousness, we get along quite well.  We aren’t super close, but we are closer than many other brothers and sisters I know.  We harass each other…he makes comments about my haircut being a ‘fat person’ haircut, and I tease him about looking like a scary girl, but it’s all in fun.  Isn’t that what brothers/sisters are for? 
Can’t you feel the love?!

Memory Lane Monday – Addicted to Giveaways…

Not really a ‘Memory Lane Monday’, but writing this did bring back many memories of contests I’ve entered and won in the past…coloring contests, essays, drawings, etc.  I even got to be on TV once briefly because of some “Say ‘No’ To Drugs” contest I had won.  On to my non-destructive addiction…
I am addicted to giveaways, and not ashamed to admit it.  For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed entering contests.  Whether it be a random drawing or require actual skill/effort, I enter everything I see.  I didn’t know there were such things a blog giveaways until I got started on twitter, and in several ‘mommy’ based social networking sites.  
I first got hooked on blog giveaways when I won a beautiful Four Point Solitaire ring from Guy and Eva in a giveaway sponsored by Eighty MPH Mom.  I had been casually entering giveaways for a couple days, and then received an e-mail from Jennifer that I was a winner in one of her giveaways.  (She most always has several great giveaways going on her site…I’d definitely recommend checking it out.)  A few days later, I received this…

I then became slightly addicted…especially after finding several places where tons of blog
 giveaways are listed.  Check this neat little spreadsheet out:  Contest Linky Compilation.
It lists when the contest linky’s are updated including links to the main sites, and some of them have Mr. Linky’s that often have 150+ giveaways included.  I found that helpful little tool from Diaper Diaries, who posted a link to Mommy Snacks, who actually compiled the handy-dandy list.
Over the next 5 weeks or so, I entered probably a little over 200 giveaways, attended a virtual baby shower, and an online ‘Mom’s Night Out’, and won 6 more prizes.  
From the virtual baby shower sponsored by MomLogic, I won a month’s membership to Sittercity, and ‘Surviving and Thriving During Your Baby’s First Year‘ 2-disk box set DVD.  
From the ‘Mom’s Night Out’ event (which I also attended via the MomLogic live chat), I won 2 books – ‘The Mom I Want To Be‘ by T. Suzanne Eller and ‘No Matter What!‘ by Lisa Nichols.
I also managed to snag a really cool Personalized Journal from Dore’s Diaries.  I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of this prize…I will be posting a review about it soon.

And last, but not least, I won a book for Grayson (which he will absolutely LOVE) titled ‘Dinosaur‘ by Stephanie Stansbie in a giveaway hosted by MomDot. is a great site…not just for giveaways, but for community & entertainment as well (Trisha and the other girls that run the site are hilarious).  Everyone I have met there has been friendly and helpful, and I can be found checking the site several times a day to see what’s going on.  
Giveaways are a great way to draw traffic to your blog, which can result in more regular visitors to your site as well as new friendships.  I hosted my first ever giveaway earlier this month, and plan on hosting another in the next couple weeks…stay tuned. =)

Memory Lane Monday

For today’s trip down memory lane we are going to reference something I did as a kid in relation to what my kids have done.  When I was 4 or 5 and hanging out at my Grandma’s house for the day, I decided I needed to trim my bangs.  I think most kids take this task on at some point in their lives.  My make over resulted in crooked bangs…that is all.  My kids take this to a whole new level.  Here is what they looked like a few weeks before their self induced make overs.

About 3 years ago, our 3 girls were playing outside during nice weather.  I noticed they were quiet for quite awhile, and decided to go looking for them.  What did I find?
Trinity hiding behind a friend’s car in our driveway, cutting away.  She ended up cutting about 5 inches in length, but once we took her in to get it fixed it actually turned out pretty cute.
Trinity got into pretty big trouble.  She was grounded for a month, but didn’t get a spanking because she was already crying hysterically so we figured that was enough punishment.  We did stress that this was a HUGE no-no, and if anyone EVER cut their hair again there would be spankings.
Two days later on Saturday, (during Amy’s time) Kylie & Kara were staying at their Grandma’s house.  (Amy said she had warned them there would be dire consequences if either of them ever cut their hair…on the way over to Grandma’s house on Friday.) While Grandma was taking a nap, they decided to play beauty shop.  The agreement was “If you let me cut your hair, I’ll let you cut mine.”  Kara was first to get her beauty treatment.  She began with her bangs, and Kylie finished up the back.  We received a “not-so-nice” phone call on Sunday and then a little visit.  Kara was very snotty about the whole thing, laughed a couple times, and acted like it wasn’t a big deal.  I seriously wanted to smack her…she treats Amy like crap, Amy lets her, and it infuriates me.  Anyways…here were the results.
As you can see…she has NO bangs, and there were some pieces in the back about an inch long.  Grandma didn’t discover this until she woke up from her nap.  Once Kara’s haircut was over, Kylie reneged on her end of the bargain…she cut a small 1″ piece on the side of her hair that was hardly noticeable, so it didn’t warrant a mugshot-like picture.  Kara’s “fix” didn’t turn out quite as cute as Trinity’s…only because of the bangs.  The hairstyle actually fit her quite well. 
(There were no consequences for this monstrosity at the time, but when we got them back the next week, EVERYONE was grounded.)  Needless to say, the kids have not cut their hair again.

Memory Lane

Okay, for our trip down memory lane today I am going to reference a memory from childhood.  My dad was a fantastic dad when we were kids, once I hid adolescence we hit a bit of a bump…which could be contributed to my parents going through a divorce, but our relationship now is excellent.  Anyways, what has brought on this trip down memory lane was a single phrase during a texting war we had following the recent ice storm.  This phrase was “Wazza Meow”.  Now, to the outside world, this is gobbledygook…but to me, this was a flashback to simpler times.  Times before your family had recording equipment, amps, and equalizers…times when “jamming” consisted of singing into a microphone your dad had propped up in one of his Tony Lamas so you wouldn’t have to hold it while he played “There’s A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea” on his 1968 Hummingbird…times when your dad tucking you in and your bedtime ritual was the highlight of your day.  ”Wazza Meow” was my response to my dad when I was a kid and he would tuck me in and say “Hasta mañana“.  During this silly texting back and forth about when we had gotten electricity back, he had included “Wazza Meow”.  This nonsense phrase actually brought tears to my eyes…the fact that he remembered that which I thought had been forgotten long ago was so touching.  Below is the actual goofy texts we had going on for about an hour…you have to keep in mind that my dad is a nut & the apple didn’t fall that far from the grapevine.

Dad: Got elec on @ 10 last night (he sent this one 4 times)
Dad: still alive?
Me: Yeah, didn’t you get my txt? We got power Mon night @ 745.  How are you guys?
Dad: No we got it Sun. elec I mean
Me: Yeah I know you sent the same txt 4 times. lol Glad to hear you guys made it okay. Miss you!!!
Dad: Did you get power on yet! lol
Me: Yes! Monday @745pm.  So glad to be back home.
Dad: Did you say Sun. at 2 EST?
Me: What?
Dad: When r u gettin u power on. U can stay with us if u want 2.
Me:  Okay loonie…for like the 7th time-we got our power back on MONDAY @745pm lol
Dad: Central or Mtn. time? love yall (This is where I realize he is being goofy…can you believe it took me this long???)
Me:  CST why does it matter? Habla Englais?
Dad: Hope u don’t suffer without electricity.
Me:  There is a typhoon headed your way named Raoul…might wanna board up & stock up on soup.
Dad:  Drop the soap!!? Power 2 the people…Wazza Meow
Me: Night…LOVE YOU!! Gobble, gobble (we used to make turkey noises to each other)

Then the next evening it resumed…

Dad: Did Dylan & Nico get elec back on? (My bro & sis…live in TX & were not effected by the ice storm)
Me: Nope, TX fell into a sink hole & popped out in Japan…enjoying the sushi.
Dad:  Lucky dogs.

And the next night…
Dad:  We got elec back on Hooray!!! 

I didn’t respond to that one because I was running low on texts at that point…I mean, I only get 200/month and had already used half in like the first week and a half of the month.  

So that concludes our trip down memory lane for today…hope you enjoyed it. =)