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Cold Medicine

This post is a short rant, so if you came here for some sort of meaningful content…move on to an older post.
I have been sick for about 2 weeks. It started out with stuffiness, sneezing, and an occasional cough…then escalated. I got to the point where I was shaking, coughing uncontrollably, migraines, and just feeling crappy overall. When I reached this level of sick, I became desperate. I took a night time cold medicine. I typically avoid them until I’m desperate because they really mess me up…as in knock me out and then I’m woozy for another full day. Upside is that 3 days later I am almost back to normal…health-wise. haha My rant is pretty much about myself…why can’t I take cold medicine without becoming a complete weirdo? Non-drowsy stuff makes me a total nut job and keeps me up for 2 days, and night time stuff wrecks me for 2 days. No wonder when I get sick, I stay that way for what seems like forever…I’m afraid of medicine! (And I’m a weenie and can’t take liquids without gagging & having a fit like a little kid…I’m sure it seems funny, and I thank God no one has ever caught me on camera having to take cough syrup.) *END RANT* Does anyone else have this problem?


Evidently I have passed on the sleepwalking gene not only to my daughter, but also to my son. Last night, Princess2T comes running into the living room about 10:30ish laughing hysterically, almost unable to tell us why she is freaking out. Turns out, my 6 year old son climbed down from the top bunk, pulled off his pj shorts & underwear and attempted to pee on the bottom bunk…that T was laying in reading a book. She catches him in time and redirects him to the bathroom (after he spins in circles a few times), where he manages to find the toilet. In the mean time, Daddy goes back there to assess the situation, and comes running back in…laughing…to get me. I enter the bathroom to find Froggy putting on his t-shirt…like they’re his shorts. Seriously. He’s got this confused look on his face, eyes dilated, not seeing what we’re seeing…obviously. He has his legs through the arm holes, and can’t quite figure out why it won’t stay up when he pulls it up & lets go. I help him back into his underwear, and Daddy helps him back into bed. When I questioned him this morning about the incident, he acts as though we are joking…he has absolutely NO recollection of last nights events.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* I no longer sleep walk, and as far as I know, I have never done anything super weird while sleepwalking. My Mom told me she caught me watching TV (that was not on) as a child in a pitch dark living room…creepy, but not overly weird.


I like to take pictures of everything. Not everyone appreciates photos of the dinner I’ve cooked, my kids making weird faces, messes I’ve made, but hey…it’s my blog/FB page/Twitter account/Instagram…and I can do what I want. ;) In all fairness, most of us post way too much, and we only post the good stuff. In honor of something my pastor Shannon O’Dell has repeatedly said (Don’t compare your life to other’s highlight reels.) I have decided to post 2 pictures of our breakfast today. (Yes, I know he has also said to stop posting pictures of your food, but this is relevant.)

Mmmm...golden, delicious, perfect waffles.

Mmmm…golden, delicious, perfect waffles.

The first photo is of the homemade waffles we enjoyed this morning. I woke up bright and early, did my devotional, made coffee, and whipped up these beautiful waffles for my family…uh, yeah right. I did wake up bright and early…then fell back asleep. I was then awakened by a kid asking for the waffles I promised them yesterday *punch yesterday promising self in the face*. Once I hauled myself out of bed and made coffee, I plugged in my headphones to listen to the bible while I made waffles…beginning to feel good about myself for multitasking and attempting to get back on track, I repeatedly had the earphones ripped from my ears by drawer knobs…which is infuriating. There went my feel good. Back to waffles. Kids are singing praises of how good the waffles smell, and then how good they look and taste. Back to feeling like I’m doing my job well…
And then I get sucked into the life of a homeschooling, crafting, Facebooking, blogging, mother…and get sidetracked…and then start to smell something foul…and then remember the last little waffle. The one I commented to the kids about as I poured the last bit of batter into the waffle iron. The one I said was going to be so cute. The one that was now assaulting my nose with it’s burning aroma. This one.

The cute, little, last, BURNT waffle.

The cute, little, last, BURNT waffle.

This little gem has made our house stink most of the morning…and it actually broke when I threw it in the sink. So, laying it all out there…I’ve had a rough day, and I want you to know that even though I love my life and often post about how awesome and perfect it is…I have A LOT of these types of days. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love my life and think it is perfect, it just means I am human and I don’t want to cause anyone to stumble because of my highlight reel.

Oh, and welcome to my new blog layout…courtesy of my amazing husband. Let me know what you think!

Trying this…again.

So, my kids have been being slobs lately, and I’ve had enough. After going downstairs for the¬†umpteenth¬†time after asking them if they’ve done blah, blah, blah, and them saying yes, only to discover it wasn’t actually done, I got out the floor mop. I scooped everything out from under dressers and beds, from behind couches, things shoved in closets, and items strategically placed on dressers & windowsills…and formed a pile…in each room. You put your laundry in the hamper? You cleaned under your bed? You hung up and put away the clothes I lovingly folded? Um…yeah, sure ya did.

Family Room Pile

T's Pile

K & K's Pile aka Pile in the Fight Club

So instead of playing outside on this gorgeous day, they are cleaning…and fighting. And I am ignoring them…and eating the rest of the Easter candy. Bam!

Self torture…

Not sure why I do it, but I go through phases where I NEED to purge our house of miscellaneous crap that we have accumulated. I am currently in one of those phases. It all started when Chubbs broke the top bunk on her & Froggy’s bunk bed. Granted, it wasn’t that sturdy to begin with, but bouncing on the top bunk was not a good idea…I’m so thankful that Froggy wasn’t under there when it came crashing down…it could have been VERY bad. Because of this incident, we needed to purchase another bunk bed. I found one in the paper that was perfect, and came with a new dresser & loveseat type thing. We didn’t need any of those things, but whatever…it was that or nothing. While in the disassembling/assembling/rearranging process, I noticed ALOT of junk, outgrown/not-played-with toys, things not where they belong, etc. I began to purge Chubbs & Froggy’s room…2 days & 3 garbage sacks later, the end is in sight. The torture part of this venture is that for some unknown reason, I decided I needed to rearrange & purge Princess2T & Pickle’s room as well. I am taking a break…maybe for the rest of the day. I’ve filled 2 garbage bags, moved a very heavy bunkbed, and made a huge mess of their bookshelves. I am maybe half way through. I now have 2 messy rooms that I need to finish before they get home from school on Friday…all I want to do is take a nap & watch netflix.

Princess2t & Pickle's progress. Ugh.

Chubbs & Froggy's room...almost finished!

Psycho Encounter

Well, today was a doozy. On our way home from the library, I decide to pick up a movie for the kids…one they’ve been asking to watch for a few weeks – Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. I head to the Redbox a few minutes past our house, which happens to be at McDonalds. While putting my debit card away, I notice a coupon for a free strawberry lemonade that was to expire soon, so I decide to run through the drive thru…this is where it all begins to unravel. The kids are happy about the movie and are excitedly talking, laughing, etc. I put the truck in reverse, but there is a line for the drive thru that extends past me. I begin to wait for the line to move, when this seemingly nice lady waves me into the line in front of her. I smile, wave and move into the line. (Keep in mind there are about 3 other cars in front of me in the drive thru line.) This ‘lady’ then honks at me…not just honks…LAYS on the horn…for at least 20-30 seconds AT A TIME. The kids are laughing hysterically because this crazy lady is honking and flailing her arms at me. Others in the parking lot begin yelling at her to stop honking. She proceeds to roll her window down, and flip me off while SCREAMING the ‘F’ word at me and calling me very colorful names…that I can hear even though all my windows are up. The kids have stopped laughing and are asking what is wrong with this ‘lady’. I inch forward in line…I am now ready to order my free drink, which is now seeming totally not worth it. As I roll down my window, she begins screaming and cursing at the employee who is attempting to take my order. I quickly place my order, and pull forward. I am now trying to explain to my kids why this ‘lady’ was flipping out, and reassure them that it’s fine…no big deal. I grab my drink, thank the poor employee that is about to have to deal with the psycho behind me, and quickly head towards home. I thought I did an okay job of handling the situation. In hindsight, I could have totally avoided the situation, but I’m hoping that I was able to teach my kids a good lesson about how to react to other people’s overreactions. I mean, did I want to just sit there and ignore the crazy lady? No. Inside I wanted to scream back at her to shut her filthy mouth. But what kind of example would that have been for my kids? I believe that by ignoring her & keeping my cool that I handled a potentially bad situation to the best of my ability. What would you have done?

Blogging Hiatus

As you can see from the dates of my posts, I have been on somewhat of a blogging hiatus. This was not completely on purpose. With last week being the first week of summer break, I have been extremely busy entertaining kids. We managed to get everyone signed up for the classes they wanted at the library, Big Puppy decided to purchase a little pop up pool for the kids (total nightmare for me trying…still unsuccessfully, I might add…to get all the pH, chlorine, etc. levels right), and we’re still adapting to the new school-less schedule. This week should give me a little breathing room to get the house in order, and relax a little before the kids come back. They are crazy excited about their library classes. Princess2T chose a sign language class, Pickle signed up for quilting, Chubbs picked a jewelry making class, and Froggy is in the only class available for 4 year olds.

Aside from all that, Big Puppy and I constructed a platform bed (blog post in the works), rearranged the game room to make it an office/craft/game room (crafty post coming soon), and we purchased a new-to-us sectional (we absolutely LOVE it)! Our garage is going from looking like a black hole full of empty cardboard boxes & stuff we need to get rid of…to an abundance of extra furniture. We are hoping to sell some of it off & buy a new dining table & chairs. Ours is beautiful (black metal & slate tile), but totally NOT for children. Anything that gets spilled or crumbs get in between the tiles & it gets nasty in there…especially when kids don’t tell you they’ve spilt something…and don’t clean it up themselves. Ick. It is a monster of a job requiring several hours, toothpicks, and a scrub brush.

Okay, obviously I had too much coffee today and have turned a quickie ‘I’m back’ post into a rambling jumble of information. So, I’m signing off for now…time to make some no-bake cookies with Froggy! Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!


As you may have noticed, I enjoy trying new things. Whether it be different types of food, crafts, whatever…I’ll try nearly anything. I recently discovered a site called The whole point is to send postcards to other members around the world & receive postcards from all over the world. I instantly thought this would be a cool way for my kids to learn about different cultures and places. Leave it to me to turn something fun into a learning experience! I just signed up last week, so I haven’t received any postcards yet, but I have sent out 5 (the limit to have out at once for a beginner). I went to several gas stations looking for postcards unsuccessfully…one guy actually told me he thought postcards were ‘extinct’. I finally found some with a picture of a local bridge on them in a grocery store. I wrote a short blurb about our area and what we enjoy doing, and sent them out.
Our first 5 postcards are headed to:
Dublin, Ireland
Sankt Petersburg, Russia
Taichung, Taiwan
Alberta, Canada
Tseung Kwan O, New Territories Hong Kong

What creative ways do you teach your children about the world?

An Attitude of Gratitude

I may complain about our vehicles needing repair, not getting to do things I want to do, that our house is too small, that it always seems like we need more money because our budget is stretched to the limit & some ‘emergency’ has come up, the kids are acting up, the ex’s are being a pain, etc.
But in all these areas I am grateful.
1. I am grateful for our vehicles. They are decent, they get us where we need to go, they may need occasional work but nothing major, and most of all they are paid off.
2. I am grateful that I get to stay home with Froggy. I get to invest in my son’s life in a way that many mothers are unable to do because they have to work a full time job for their families to survive. We get to take vacation at least once a year. We spend quality time together – hiking, game night, movie night, around the dinner table, snuggles, etc.

3. I am grateful that we have a home. There was a time when we were in trouble. Our house was being foreclosed on, we were being forced to file bankruptcy…we were drowning in debt. Desperately looking for a place to rent, everyone wanted to run a credit check…we were even upfront & told them ‘It’s bad.’ We stumbled across a newly listed rental in the paper that we could totally afford. We’ve been in that house for over 3 years now…our landlords are a huge blessing.
4. I am grateful for our finances. We are blessed. Even when an ‘emergency’ comes up, we always seem to have enough money. God is so good to us, and definitely has his hand on our money. We almost have all our debt paid off. We are able to do extra things with the kids and make ‘splurge’ purchases once in a while. Seriously…we are BLESSED.
5. I am grateful for my children. My kids are healthy, beautiful, and super smart. They are typically well behaved, get good grades, have lots of friends, and are very sweet and loving kids. Yeah, they have their off days where it seems they’ve been replaced by heinous alien spawn determined to destroy the house & make me rip out all my hair, but who’s kids don’t go through those days? Our kids have to deal with a split home, which is something we did to them. It takes its toll switching back and forth every week, but they deal with it well. They are very giving, and love to help others…they are wonderful kids and I am proud to be their Mother.

6. I am grateful for the relationship we have with our ex-spouses. For the most part, we all get along. There are moments of tension and/or occasional arguing, but it’s not constant stress. We try to help each other out when we can, and be flexible with the schedule to make a tough situation as easy as it can be.
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