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Rain, rain, go away!

Okay, so it’s been raining/storming for what seems like forever now. We’ve been under tornado watch/warning, severe thunderstorm watch/warning, flash flood watch/warning or any combination of the three daily for the past several days. I think I heard them say we had like 7+ inches of rain total for this period of storms. The lightning and thunder have been brutal…poor Froggy has ended up in our bed every night, and we thought lightning hit the trees in our front yard, but it didn’t. It was pretty stinking close though. I typically like the rain and small storms…consisting of distant thunder & light rain, but this is getting to be ridiculous.

I’m tired of being stuck inside, tired of stepping in wet spots in my socks from people *cough* Big Puppy *cough* coming in from outside, and the bottom of my pants getting wet every time I go outside. I’m starting to get crabby…hopefully I’ll be able to chill out today after I get my housework done and do a little ‘craft therapy’. ;) I’m on a painting kick with Froggy, and it’s nice to not have to think about anything, just enjoy the moment. Ahhh…just thinking about it made me feel a little better. What’s your favorite rainy day activity?


Yesterday we had the bug man come out for our yearly termite inspection. The house wasn’t exactly spotless, but considering we recently got back from vacation, then had company for a week, it was good enough. The bug man first checks the game room, then has to go into the black hole garage. When he came back in from the garage, he mentions that he noticed the BNC sticker on the back of my truck. I told him we’ve been going there for several years, and absolutely love it. He excitedly launched into a story about a book that changed the way he looks at his church, his life, and the way that God uses us. That book is Transforming Church in Rural America, written by our pastor & friend Shannon O’Dell. It’s funny how things come around like that. I explained about how our church has grown, and he was surprised at how many campuses we had across Arkansas and now in Texas. He said he was inspired by Shannon’s vision, and how God put His hand in, stirred the pot, and made such a HUGE difference in a small area. I love that when I’m feeling low about something totally random, God makes an appearance in the most unexpected and abstract way. So, to sum up, I need to quit being a mopey pants, suck it up, and do what I need to do for my family & for the Kingdom…and I got that inspiration from God through the bug man. Sheesh.

The Great Camera Debacle

Okay, so we leave for Florida, and about 2 hours into our drive we realize we forgot the camera. I wanted to cry. How could a person who loves to take pictures of every minute thing forget the camera?! So, we decide to buy one once we stop at a Walmart. We go in and pick out a fairly inexpensive, but good quality camera…the Nikon Coolpix S8100.

I immediately love it. I’m playing with the features, customising it, fixing all the settings, etc. We video the sunrise one morning, take tons of photos of the ocean, walks on the beach, Froggy’s random daily cuteness…we are totally loving the camera.

Froggy being 'scared' of the 'Dinosaur Toe' he found on the beach.

We travel from Cocoa Beach down to West Palm Beach to visit more family and to attend my Uncle Joey’s wedding. I’m super excited about using my new camera, and about 5 shots into the wedding, the camera freaks out & shows ‘lens error’ on the screen. I try to turn it off…nothing. Another bridesmaid walks down the aisle, I begin to panic. I pop out the battery…nothing. I gently twist, push, & pull on the lens…nothing. The wedding march begins. I am beyond ticked off. I stand, holding a nearly $300 worthless piece of crap, and smile as my new Aunt glides beautifully down the aisle. Throughout the beautiful ceremony, I am elated at how happy my Uncle is & how beautiful the wedding is, yet infuriated at how I can’t take any photos to capture this special moment! We end up taking a few hundred pictures with my iPhone…which aren’t too bad, but aren’t that great either. After the reception, we begin our journey home stopping in Panama City Beach to visit more family & to pick up Pickle & Chubbs. We return the camera at the nearest Walmart, but they don’t have the same one, so I end up purchasing the Samsung PL210.

It doesn’t take long for me to come to the conclusion that I do not like this one as much as the other one. I took some good pictures of the kids with family, got some beautiful final shots of the ocean, and then notice that the zoom button is getting stuck. Seriously?! I’ve had this camera for a couple hours and it’s already starting to jack up? Once we make it back home, I give it another day or so before I decide I need to return this one as well. So yesterday, I returned the camera and bought our second Coolpix S8100…yeah, I know, we’re home & didn’t really need it, but our old camera isn’t the greatest, so I still bought it. The return process on both cameras was a catastrophe in itself because of the not-so-helpful-or-friendly-or-bright employees at the various Walmart’s we visited. So, basically over the course of 2 weeks, I’ve purchased 3 cameras, and still don’t own the mack-daddy camera I really want. Hopefully the blogging contest I’m participating in for the grant will end well and I can get it. If you haven’t voted today, please head over to Facebook & vote for me & my blog! Thanks!

I’m NOT an idiot…but I am cheap.

Okay, so a few weeks ago I get the oil changed in the truck. I use a mobile service that comes to wherever you are & is reasonably priced…I LOVE it. (Here’s the link to their FB page…Estes Mobile Lube.) So, when the guy is finished changing the oil and checking everything, he says he noticed we needed new brakes soon. Since we are leaving for Florida soon, I figured I needed to get it done this week. I call a couple places yesterday and can get the truck in today with ‘Place B’ and they quote me a price of $200-250. (‘Place A’ didn’t do brakes.) Even though I thought that sounded high for getting some brake pads replaced, I stupidly make the appointment, and forget to set up a ride until this morning. I text my awesome friend Angie this morning & she agrees to be my taxi. After she drops me off back at home, I receive a call from ‘Place B’. They say yes, I do need new brake pads, the rotors look good, there’s some sort of rear axle leak on both sides, and it’s going to cost almost $750. I say (maybe a little too loudly), “There’s no way I can afford that!” Then he refigures the total, not fixing the leaking rear axle seals…still over $500. I tell him that I can’t afford that either, and that I was quoted $200-250 yesterday. He says, “Oh, that’s per axle.” He then says they’ll put it back together, and I can come pick it up…and that I should be safe driving to Florida and back, but need to get it done as soon as we get back. So, that’s where I’m at…had to pay $32 for them to do nothing, have a few messages out there to various friends with expertise, and I’m frustrated…so I’m ranting. Do you find (if you’re a woman) that mechanics try to take advantage of you? This is the second time this has happened this year. I sometimes want to yell at them, “Just because I have boobs doesn’t mean I don’t have a brain!” I don’t know tons of stuff about cars, but I know enough to know that quoting someone a price then jacking it up 300% is messed up.

New Dishes!

Last week we purchased some new dishes…they are totally amazing. To give you a little perspective as to why I am so excited about these new dishes, let me tell you about our old dishes. I first began with a set that I had purchased through a promotion at our local grocery store. I bought these dishes about 10 years ago. They were affordable, decent looking, but not really my style. (Before that, I had been using miscellaneous dishes I had picked up at yard sales.)

My apple dishes...which were donated...except this one. Oops!

Once Big Puppy & I got married, we began using a nicer set that he had gotten in his divorce. I wasn’t crazy about them, but they were better than what I had.

A step up from what we had, but still not my style...

Then during the After Christmas sales at Walmart, we found these plates & bowls for super cheap…only problem is they aren’t microwavable because of the metal, and you’re not supposed to wash them in the dishwasher, but we did & they seemed fine.  (Plus we accidentally purchased one with a silver rim & one with gold…I was very unhappy when I realized this.)

Simple, elegant, but not practical...

I’ve always liked big plates…kinda dramatic looking. I enjoy taking pictures of food, and what better way to display my creations than on some gorgeous dishes?

Thanks to Housewares Deals and my fantastic husband, we are now the proud owner of these…

Stock photo from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Each place setting came in it's own fancy box.

As did the flatware...

Ta-da! Aren't they fabulous!?

So shiny! ;)


I got a fantastic deal on service for 16, which is a bit too much for our little cabinets to handle, so I am auctioning off 4 place settings, including flatware! Check out my auction at:


So many things are going on, my mind is in a spin.  Mostly just the normal hecticness of our lives, but it seems like things are really hitting me hard lately.

1. The fact that my oldest daughter had her first school dance last night totally blows my mind.  She is growing up too fast, and has really become a beautiful young lady in what seems like a blink of an eye.  She has a wonderful heart, and I am so proud of her and all that she does.

2. The fact that we are going on vacation in a little over a month…to the beach…for Spring Break…and I started a serious diet (which I will blog about in the near future)…right before Valentine’s Day…and I didn’t get to eat ANY chocolate…has driven me partially mad. ;)


3. The fact that each day I look at my sweet little boy and know that it is one day closer to him going to school…and me being home all by myself…and it may not happen because I may not be able to let go…and I’ll home school him…and then I feel a little better.

Scary dinosaur face while wearing his 'dinosaur hat'

4. The fact that I often feel so busy that I barely have time to breathe…much less do all the ‘jobs’ I’ve signed up for.  Here lately feel like I’m not doing anything well, just mediocre.  I pray that my mediocrity is just in my head and not bleeding through to my being a Mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, etc.

Ahhhh…that little vent made me feel better…time to take a breath & strive for excellence.  Wish me luck! :)

Snow Day Prank

Last night after 3/4 of our kids had gone to bed, we got the automated call…no school again tomorrow due to snow.  Princess2T & I devised a not-so-evil plan to prank the other 2 school age kids.  Since Princess2T is the ‘manager’ of the other kids, she makes sure they get all their morning duties done & that they’re ready to leave for school at the right time.  She was to get up & get ready just like any other school day, and make sure Pickle & Chubbs did the same.  This is what went down when they were ready to leave…

A Typical Tuesday

Here is an example of a typical Tuesday in our household…

6:00 – Wake up alarms start going off…kids have 15 minutes to complete their ‘Morning Duties’ (make bed, get dressed, brush teeth, & put dirty clothes in hamper), I begin my morning devotional.
6:15 – Kids start their devotional
6:30 – Kids start their exercise (playing on the Kinect) – 2 at a time for 15 minutes until all 3 girls have had 2 turns (whoever is not playing at the time gets their hair fixed by me)
7:15 – Final backpack check, and out the door w/ Big Puppy.
7:30 – I start my Kinect workout…either playing Kinect Adventures, or doing the Biggest Loser workout depending on how sore I am.
8:30ish – I shower & wake Froggy up, if he’s not up yet.

8:45 – Breakfast
9:00 – Start making my driver phone calls & placing ads…I do this along with another ‘work from home’ type job, in addition to all my household duties – (figure at least 3 loads of laundry in here somewhere…it’s towel day, along with various straightening up), and working on my blog.

12:00 – Big Puppy comes home for lunch
1:00 – Back to calling drivers/answering driver phone calls & placing more ads.
2:40 – Leave to pick up the girls from school.
3:30ish – Back from picking up the girls from school…check backpacks, help with homework.
4:45 – Head out to Princess2T’s tumbling class

5:15 – Big Puppy meets us at tumbling class so he can take the remaining 3 kids home
6:10 – Pick up McDonalds & a Redbox movie for Movie Night.

6:30 – Arrive home to showered kids, pass out Happy Meals & start movie while Princess2T showers.
7:45 – Kids begin ‘Before Bed Routine’ – Nightly chores, making sure backpacks are ready for the next day, rooms are clean, and as manager, Princess2T checks everyone’s work.
8:00 – Chubbs & Pickle’s bed time.
8:30 – Princess2T & Froggy’s bed time.
8:45 – After tucking everyone in & praying with the kids, I can now take a minute and relax. This either consists of some sort of craft/art project, working on the computer, or watching tv…while working on some sort of craft/art project or working on the computer. LOL I’m one of those people who can’t just sit & watch tv…I have to do something while I watch.

Now the time varies, depending on what I’ve got going on and how exhausted I am. I typically go to bed somewhere between 10:00 & 1:00…then fight sleep, and get up at 6:00am to start it all over again.

Spongebob Squarepants – No pants? WTH?

Okay, yeah…so I haven’t posted in forever.  I have good reason. Well, no, not really.  I have been super busy, and am in the process of totally overhauling my blog.  Hopefully I will be up and ready to go by Jan. 1st.  Well, that’s the plan.  When I say total overhaul, I mean it.  You won’t recognize this place. ;)  Anyways, back to the point of this post.

Today I Grayson was watching Spongebob Squarepants, and it was the episode where he and Squidward go nuts over the Employee of the Month award.  Towards the end, the Krusty Krab explodes causing Krabby Patties to rain from the sky.  A few local fish wander up talking about the free krabby patties.  Originally, I thought I was nuts, but thanks to the rewind button on my DVR, I discovered I am most definitely not nuts, just super observant. =) And thanks to the internet and vimeo, I can share my observance with the world…  Why on earth, would the cartoonists of SBSP decide to draw a ‘man part’ (I really struggled with what word to use there…as to not be offensive to ANYONE, or be crude) on the tall skinny blue fish on the left?  Typically, no pants on cartoon animals = no big deal, but when they have visible reproductive parts…pants are mandatory in my opinion.

Fish 'Things'...ew.