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And so it begins…

Back to school shopping. Do you enjoy taking your kids shopping for school supplies for the new year, or is it torture? Do you even take them? Typically what we do is I buy most of the supplies on my own, then let them choose backpacks and one new outfit for the first day of school. This year we had to buy backpacks early because of church camp, so they didn’t really get much choice. I also have acquired lots of clothes, some new, some just new to them (Thanks Kim!)…all of them super cute. My favorite part of school shopping is getting great deals on clothes…my favorite store? Old Navy…hands down. I always seem to find clothes that my kids love at a reasonable price…or at a fantastic price in the clearance section. Here is my latest score at Old Navy from my trip to Branson w/ my good friend Kim.

Grey w/ sparkly headphones – Reg. 9.94 // Clearance – 2.99

Be Cool! Scratch-N-Sniff – Reg. 9.94 // Clearance 2.99

Orange heart – Reg. 9.94 // Clearance 2.49

Grey w/ hearts – Reg. 12.94 // Clearance 1.97

Camo jacket in a packet – Reg. 19.94 // Clearance 2.47

Total – Reg. 62.70 // Clearance 12.91

Boom! I saved almost $50!

Aside from thrift store finds…which is another of my favorite places to shop…what have been your best finds this season?

100′s Day

At Chubbs’ school they celebrate 100′s Day.  This is the 100th day of the school year, and they do all kinds of stuff dealing with the number 100.  It’s been pushed back a few days this year because of the weather, but that was good for us so we had plenty of time to work on her poster.  Her assignment was to bring a poster with 100 things on it.  We thought about it, and came up with her ’100 Favorites’.  We had a brainstorming session to come up with 10 different categories, then 10 items in each category.  This project became a ‘Mommy Nightmare’.  We don’t buy magazines, so I didn’t have an abundance for her to cut from.  We ended up going online to find most of the pictures.  I spent an entire evening saving pictures to my computer, uploading them to snapfish, and making them into collages so we could pick them up from Walgreens, cut them out and attach to the poster.  Well, Walgreens wouldn’t print my collages because I didn’t have rights to all the pictures.  My fault for not knowing that, but I was furious anyway.  So, on to plan B…hook up the photo printer & print them off myself.  After a frustrating hour of trying to get the photo printer to do something other than growl and flash lights at me, we moved on to plan C…use a friend’s printer.  That worked, although the pages got progressively worse as printing went on since they were almost out of ink.  At that time, I was to the point of ‘Who cares!? It’s going on the stinking poster!’  I spent another few hours helping cut and glue everything on.  She hand wrote the labels, drew pictures of a few things that didn’t make the printing cut, I got to use my Cricut to make the letters for her title, we glued on some marshmallows, cinnamon stick, a vanilla bean, and voilà!

Chubbs with her poster.

Big Puppy called me on his way to work to let me know that she was positively glowing walking into school with her poster.  I am so pleased with the way it came out, and that she is proud of it.  She worked very hard on it, and we did have a lot of fun…minus the printing issues.