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Saving $$…yeah!!

So the holiday season is upon us and we could all use a little extra money for gifts, travel, charity, etc. As a family of 6, we go through mass quantities of stuff. I like to buy in bulk, but we don’t have those types of stores close to where we live. So…I’ll let you in on a secret. Well, not really a secret, but an app that I really like. It’s called Boxed. (I am including my referral code so you can save $20 on your first order, and I get a $10 credit when you order.) Boxed is like those warehouse type stores as in most of the stuff is in mass quantities and you get good prices…plus it gets delivered right to your door! Let me give you an example of some things I ordered today. *Note: Retail price listed is according to the Boxed app, and the Amazon price is what I saw this morning.

Frosted Mini Wheats 70 oz. – Boxed: $9.49 Retail: $19.60 Amazon: $21.59
Austin Cookies & Crackers 36 pk – Boxed $8.99 Retail: $13.68 Amazon: $12.49
BelVita Cinnamon Brown Sugar 25 4ct packs – Boxed: $12.49 Retail: $24.25 Amazon $20.45
Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner Lemon Verbena 64 oz. – Boxed: $15.49 Retail: $17.28 Amazon: $22.99

I’m not going to bore you with my entire list, but note that if you order over $100 you qualify for free shipping…which saves you an additional $10 I believe. I think it’s also worth mentioning that they offer discounts often and I’ve received random credits in my account that I still have no idea what they are for…for instance, when I went to check out today I had a $15 credit in my account. Not sure why it was there, but a free $15? I’m not going to question it. ;) So if you’d like to check out Boxed, here is the link to the Boxed website, the iphone app, android app, and their Facebook & Twitter accounts…along with my referral code: H4MPI so you can research it for yourself!

*NOTE* I was not compensated for this blog post in any way, aside from my promoting my referral link…I just wanted to share something I feel is a great find with you all.

For The Win…FINALLY!

My amazing husband coaches my son’s flag football team (the Broncos, of course), and I am acting as the assistant coach. I say acting because I have no clue what I’m doing besides keeping the boys (ages 7-8) in line as they sit on the bench. At this age, they are obsessed with their flags…pulling everyone flags, hitting each other with flags, etc. We have a really great group of boys and they seem to be having fun, and we’ve had another player’s Dad step in and help with the coaching…of which I am relieved beyond description. Before this last weekend we were 0-4, and I was absolutely dreading the game. I did not want these boys to lose again and see the disappointment on their sweet little faces. Only one player from our team didn’t make it to the game, and the boys played hard. It came down to the wire with us ahead by less than a touchdown, they had the ball, and there was less than a minute left of the game. Their star player got the ball, and my son makes his first flag pull of the season! The boys on the bench went absolutely ballistic, screaming ‘We WON the game!’, jumping up and down, high fiving each other…it was complete chaos. I am so proud of each and every boy on our team…they worked hard and they deserved that win, and I think the parents needed it just as much as the kids.

Broncos win!!!

Broncos win!!!

I am no longer dreading the next game. As long as we have at least one win, the boys are having fun, and the parents are happy…I am totally at peace. I will say, next year…I will NOT volunteer as tribute Assistant Coach. Too much stress! And a special shout out to all the coaches out there…I appreciate you and what you do! It’s hard!

Back To Blogging

Okay, now that I’m kinda in a groove with this homeschooling/working from home thing, I’m going to attempt to get back into blogging. I am doing this in a laid back kind of way, and am not going to stress out about having a post everyday. There will not always be relevant, meaningful content. Sometimes I will post something funny that has happened or was said and other times I’ll touch on serious topics. This is just going to be a place of freedom, expression, family experiences, and no stress. Did I mention no stress? The big reason I stopped blogging is that I felt this huge pressure to do something every day…which is totally NOT feasible for me with my chaotic schedule/family. ;) It became a burden for me, rather than something that I enjoyed. I hope to be able to just come here and write, vent, post photos, and relax. And I hope you can enjoy it as well. So, here we go…I’m back!

Blog vs. Life

I’ve been having this inner battle lately over my blog. I love to write & share my life with others, but it seems like life has taken over and has sucked up all my time. I was seriously contemplating terminating my blog, but the thought just hurts me. I’ve made so many friends because of blogging, and I like to think that I’m helping people in some way. So, I’ve decided that blogging is something I will stick with even if it’s not a daily thing. I am making the choice to make time to blog even if it’s something quick or silly. I’m no longer going to stress when I don’t blog, when I don’t have anything to say, or when no one comments on my posts. I started this blog as a way to document my life for my family who doesn’t live close by, a way to occasionally vent, and a way to help others. If people choose not to read it, whoopidy-do…I will continue to write.

Psycho Encounter

Well, today was a doozy. On our way home from the library, I decide to pick up a movie for the kids…one they’ve been asking to watch for a few weeks – Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. I head to the Redbox a few minutes past our house, which happens to be at McDonalds. While putting my debit card away, I notice a coupon for a free strawberry lemonade that was to expire soon, so I decide to run through the drive thru…this is where it all begins to unravel. The kids are happy about the movie and are excitedly talking, laughing, etc. I put the truck in reverse, but there is a line for the drive thru that extends past me. I begin to wait for the line to move, when this seemingly nice lady waves me into the line in front of her. I smile, wave and move into the line. (Keep in mind there are about 3 other cars in front of me in the drive thru line.) This ‘lady’ then honks at me…not just honks…LAYS on the horn…for at least 20-30 seconds AT A TIME. The kids are laughing hysterically because this crazy lady is honking and flailing her arms at me. Others in the parking lot begin yelling at her to stop honking. She proceeds to roll her window down, and flip me off while SCREAMING the ‘F’ word at me and calling me very colorful names…that I can hear even though all my windows are up. The kids have stopped laughing and are asking what is wrong with this ‘lady’. I inch forward in line…I am now ready to order my free drink, which is now seeming totally not worth it. As I roll down my window, she begins screaming and cursing at the employee who is attempting to take my order. I quickly place my order, and pull forward. I am now trying to explain to my kids why this ‘lady’ was flipping out, and reassure them that it’s fine…no big deal. I grab my drink, thank the poor employee that is about to have to deal with the psycho behind me, and quickly head towards home. I thought I did an okay job of handling the situation. In hindsight, I could have totally avoided the situation, but I’m hoping that I was able to teach my kids a good lesson about how to react to other people’s overreactions. I mean, did I want to just sit there and ignore the crazy lady? No. Inside I wanted to scream back at her to shut her filthy mouth. But what kind of example would that have been for my kids? I believe that by ignoring her & keeping my cool that I handled a potentially bad situation to the best of my ability. What would you have done?

Chin People ~ Episode 1

Well, it’s summer and I’m one of those parents that want my kids to be doing something fun every second of the day.  I can’t remember when we first started doing this, but the kids absolutely love it and it is so much fun and easy to do.  Really all you need is a sheet to put over their bodies, washable markers or paint to make the faces (we like to use googly eyes, but they can be drawn on as well), yarn or string for hair, and a pair of shorts or a skirt  to cover their faces except for the chin & mouth.


I’m sure they will be coming up with more chin people ideas this summer, so stay tuned. ;)