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Thrifty Thursday

Wow…this week has been so crazy that I didn’t post this because I’ve been thinking all day that it was Wednesday. Froggy is having an off day, so is currently taking a nap. You’d think I’d sent him to prison rather than his bed by the sobbing earlier. It was pitiful. Anyways, on to the savings!

Ya gotta love a good Walgreens smackdown. This week I planned on making more than one trip…mainly because when I went in on Monday, they were out of something I had printed a coupon for that would have ended up being a moneymaker for me, but I’ve been busy.

Monday's Haul

Transaction #1
Cottonelle Toilet Paper (2) $5/ea = $10 – (2).50 coupons – (2)$1 WG coupon = $7 – $3RR = $4 for both (or .17/roll)
Tylenol Precise Neck/Arm $7.99 – $5 coupon – $3 WG coupon = FREE
GUM Eez-thru Flosser $2 – $2RR = FREE
J&J Travel Size First Aid Kit (2) $1.49/ea – .75 (B1G1 50% off) – $1.50 coupon = $.73 for both
J&J First Aid Case $4.99 – $4.99 (from purchasing the 2 travel kits) = FREE
Transaction # 1 total = $10.50 (including tax) out of pocket & received $5RR

Transaction #2
Tylenol Precise Cream $7.99 – $5 coupon – $3 WG coupon = FREE
GUM Eez-thru Flosser $2 – $2RR = FREE
Irish Spring Deodorant (2) $4/ea = $8 – $4 (B1G1 FREE) – (2) $1 = $2 for both
Glade Candle $3.79 – $3.79 (coupon for FREE candle) = FREE
Gogos Crazy Bones Sample = FREE
Transaction #2 total = $5.40 (including tax) out of pocket & received $2RR

I also grabbed a Redbox movie (in the pouring rain…not too fun) for FREE. If you haven’t already, you can join their mobile club by texting the word REDBOX to 727272. You’ll get a code the first Monday of the month good for a free rental that day only.

Menu Monday ~ 4/18

Well, I’m a little late getting this posted…it’s been a slightly hectic morning. It started out great, then I got a phone call from the school that Princess2T was running a fever and I needed to go pick her up. My day went from relaxing and getting housework to rushing to get Froggy out of the bath, grab my coffee, and head out the door. So today I’ve been all over the place/a little scatterbrained, but I’m pulling it together! Here is our menu for the week!

Monday ~ Basil Chicken w/ peas & rolls

Tuesday ~ Roasted Sausage, Peppers & Onions w/ Mashed Potatoes

Wednesday ~ Make Ahead Spaghetti & Meatball Casserole w/ salad & Texas Toast

Thursday ~ Homemade Pizza w/ salad

Friday ~ Slow Cooked Asian Beef & Broccoli w/ brown rice & egg rolls

Saturday ~ Black Bean & Corn Quesadillas w/ Salad & Chips w/ Queso

Easter Sunday ~ Pineapple Crusted Ham, Ambrosia Salad, Sweet Potatoes, Deviled Eggs, 5 Bean Salad, and Strawberry Shortcake

What’s happening at your table this week?

On Vacation…Blog Posting On Hold

We have very limited access at the condo on Cocoa Beach. Hopefully I will be able to blog once we continue down to West Palm Beach. We are having a great time…so many things to blog about! =) I will be back into the blogging groove soon I promise! Please remember to vote daily for me in the Mom Central Blog Grant Program…I’ve fallen behind since I can’t send out reminders regularly, so I need your help! Here’s the link. BLOG VOTING Thanks so much! I love you guys!

Menu Monday ~ 2/21

This week’s menu is pretty easy…since Big Puppy & I are on ‘The Diet’, so aside from our diet foods, I only have to cook for Froggy until Friday. =) Woot!

Monday ~ BLT w/ Turkey Bacon

Tuesday ~ Tacos

Wednesday ~ Spaghetti w/ meat sauce

Thursday ~ Breakfast for dinner! (Pancakes, eggs, bacon, & sliced fruit)

Friday ~ Meatloaf

Saturday ~ Stroganoff

Sunday ~ BBQ Pork sandwiches

I’m working on a post about ‘The Diet’…including what we eat!  Stay tuned!

Menu Monday ~ 1/24

This week was super easy…plus I thought it would be cool for you to see what type of stuff you need to do the 5 Dinners in an Hour thing. Here’s the prep phase…Ingredients, Prep Items, & Containers

And here are the completed meals…Completed meals awaiting transfer to fridge

Sunday: My husband took me out for dinner on Saturday night & we had enough leftovers for dinner! =)

Monday: Chicken Breast w/ Honey-Balsamic Glaze (I’ve never tried this one before, but had boneless skinless chicken left over & didn’t want to refreeze…it’s not one of the 5.) I plan on serving it over rice & w/ a veggie.

Tuesday: Shrimp Quesadillas w/ sliced avacado, chips, & salsa.

Wednesday: Grilled Turkey & Swiss Sandwiches w/ Vegetable Soup

Thursday: Roasted Chicken Wings & Vegetables w/ salad (I made a double batch of this one & froze the extra for another time.)

Friday: Grilled Teriyaki Chicken w/ rice & broccoli

Saturday: Slow Cooked Shepherd’s Pie w/ mashed potato topping

If you’d like to share your menu for the week, feel free to link up below.  Thanks!

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Excuse the mess!

I am currently in the process of FINALLY getting my blog revamped. At this point, it is nowhere near where I want it to be, but I figure if I do a little at a time it will be less painful. ;) Things will probably be a little funky on and off for the next week or so, so don’t be alarmed! Hopefully I will have a new look and easier navigation with all the extra little goodies I’ve been wanting on here by the end of the month! So, please stick with me through the mess & hopefully we will come out uninjured on the other side of the torture that is blog design.

Time Change

There are so many meanings to the phrase ‘Time Change’. For most people, it means turning the clocks back or forward depending on what time of year it is. Just a little side note, I despise the time change in the fall. I know gaining an hour sounds good and all, but dealing with it being dark so stinking early is totally not worth it. I likes me daylight. (Be advised, my allergy medicine may be kicking in…I’m getting a bit sleepy, and my thoughts and evidently that last sentence about daylight are in a british/pirate-y accent…uh-oh.)

Okay…back to my original thought. Time change for me lately has been a time for change in my life. I’ve really begun to take a stand, and change some not-so-great things about myself. My newest goal is to not raise my voice to my kids. I am, by default, a loud person. I’m not sure exactly where I picked up this handy, dandy feature, but it’s not one that I want to use as often as I find myself using it. I’m also trying to express the way I feel towards other people in an appropriate fashion. It seems that some people are offended when you come out and tell them they are being annoying, obnoxious, etc. Who knew? I wouldn’t exactly call it ‘sugar coating’, but maybe just bumping it down a notch. Also, letting those I love know how much they mean to me…how I appreciate them and all they do. And finally, I’ve decided to totally let God handle the drama. I am through feeling stressed out about other peoples reactions to hypothetical situations. I am ready to be prepared in case there is a tomorrow, but live today like there’s no tomorrow. Not necessarily being reckless or anything like that, but showing love and compassion, praying for others in their times of need or blessings, and just enjoying the fact that I have today…another day.
So, to sum up, I am toning myself down a bit, but living life to the fullest…sounds weird, but I’m up for a challenge. Yo-ho-ho! ;)


There are many factors that people use to measure their self worth. I have been challenged in this area lately, and not in a good way. I calculate my self worth in many ways, but the major ones are my job as wife and mother/stepmother, my relationships with friends and family, and my home. I take pride in my performance in my ‘jobs’, and when I’m criticized in these areas it really delivers a blow. Now, don’t get me wrong, constructive criticism is important and needed in every aspect of life, but what I received was in no way constructive. I’ve taken strides lately to just let things go rather than be defensive, but it seems I haven’t actually let go. I’m hoping by writing this post, it will be in some form therapeutic and allow me to get my warm fuzzies back. What I mean by ‘warm fuzzies’ is that, typically I am the kind of person that works hard for my family, I strive for excellence, and it makes me feel good. I may be seen as a perfectionist or a little OCD about some things, but that’s just the way I am. I want my kids to have healthy self-esteem, good work ethic, and most of all a strong relationship with God, us, and each other. Yeah, I have high standards, but that doesn’t make me a bad mother. I work with my kids, and do what it takes to help them be the best they can be, but I don’t do everything for them. That’s not my job. My job is to lead them. To teach them right and wrong, and to pray over them. I do what I can for my kids, and I pray it is enough.

Ahhh…I do feel better. I actually had a huge rant paragraph that had a few too many details about stuff, but felt it was a little too much to post. DELETED. It felt good just to type it though. Sorry for the ‘downer’ post, but I needed it.