‘Cool’ Wordless Wednesday

Since it’s so stinking hot…here’s a flashback to the ice storm earlier this year that crippled North Central Arkansas. We were without power for 7 days. The ice was brutal yet beautiful.

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19 thoughts on “‘Cool’ Wordless Wednesday

  1. Awww hehe Thomas looks comfy! LOL! I remember my brother used to fall asleep with his Thomas trains. My son doesn't own any Thomas toys yet but he likes to watch the show!

    Happy WW! ~erin

  2. Thomas! I have to comment quick and close this before my son sees it and insists on watching Thomas. LOL

  3. My girls loved Thomas too. My oldest used to sleep with Thomas and Lady when she was about 2. Happy WW!

  4. My kids used to be obsessed with Thomas the tank engine too. We still have ALL the stuff and now being 11, HE refuses to part ways! :o ) Happy WW! THanks for stopping by! You are welcome anytime!

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