Cream Cheese Catastrophe

Okay…not really a “Catastrophe” but disappointing nonetheless.  I guess I should have done a little more research on my cream cheese project before beginning…the “buttermilk” I used was not cultured buttermilk.  After uncovering the bowl full of milk and buttermilk sitting on my counter for 24 hours, expecting to see curds or a yogurt-like consistency at least, I have a bowl full of milk.  So in my search of “What went wrong?” (which I am not a stranger to) I discovered the different kinds of buttermilk.  I think I am probably going to try this again sometime using actual cheese making supplies (and alot more research)…maybe in a couple weeks or so…gotta check the budget first.  So, in conclusion, Cream Cheese – Take 1 – ended up in failure, but is that not how we learn? =)

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