Diagnosis…Swine Flu

As most of you know, I have been taking care of sick kids for 3 weeks now. First week was nothing really…Grayson ran a low grade fever and was a bit crabby…coupled with me attempting to help my Dad through a bit of a rough time…made it a bit harder. Last week was torture. Kara came home from school with a fever on Friday, and ran fever on and off until Monday (she also had a little cough). She was pretty bummed out about missing the Fall Festival at a local church on Saturday, but I couldn’t risk her contaminating other kids…plus she really wasn’t up to it. Kylie & Trinity both went, and when they got home, Kylie had a nasty cough. I kept Kara home from school on Monday, and received a call from Trinity’s school at about 10 saying she was running a fever…so I picked her up. Greg’s Mom picked Kylie up from school at the end of the day so I wouldn’t have to go back into town with 2/3 sick kids. When Greg brought Kylie home that evening, she was running a fever and still had the nasty cough. She opted to go to bed early…which is totally strange, but who am I to argue with early sleep? Kara was the only one to go to school on Tuesday, but came home with a, you guessed it, fever. So, Dr. appts. were made on Wednesday morning…Greg took all the girls to the Dr. where they were diagnosed with Allergies, Sinus Infection, Bronchitis, and Borderline Pneumonia…each kid had at least 2 of these. They all stayed home on Thursday, and Kylie & Kara were able to go back on Friday. We ended up keeping Trinity with us through the weekend just so she didn’t have to get out since she was the most ill. Thoroughly healed, she went back to school on Monday. Through all of this madness, Grayson and I managed to dodge the barrage of germ infested bullets raining down on my household.

Well, it finally caught up with us. I have had a sinus infection or some kind of respiratory thing for the past few days…not too worried about it, it’s just annoying. Grayson, on the other hand, scared the crap out of me last night. His fever got up to around 104 and he was just blah. Those of you who know us or who read my blog regularly know that Grayson is NEVER ‘just blah’. He’s been running a low fever on and off since Tuesday, and I didn’t start fever reducer until I could see it was making him feel miserable. I feel low grade fevers are not worthy of meds unless he’s miserable…the body’s gotta fight, and that’s how it works. High fevers are a totally different story. I had the kid drinking Pedialyte last night like crazy, and I kept torturing him with a cool wash cloth. I know he was ticked at me, but he was so stinking hot. When his temp got up to 104 I was ready to head to the ER. It was getting close to time for the clinic to open, so I figured I’d see if I could wait it out and try to get him in. They couldn’t see him until 11, but we were in and out. When we got there his temp was 102.4, he was in a good mood, but was very clingy. The doctor came in, did his thing, and spoke the words that have been all over the media striking fear into the hearts of parents everywhere…Swine Flu. He is contagious for 48 hours after his last fever…which should be in a few days. We have a few rough days ahead of us, but we will be okay. The doctor said his lungs sounded very good, and that he needed lots of fluids and rest. My addition to that is lots of prayer and love. So, that’s where we are…Me praying for and loving on my son, Grayson occasionally uninterestedly watching cartoons, drinking Pedialyte and juice, cherry Jell-o firming up in the fridge, and the rest of the time Grayson is in and out of sleep on the couch.

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