Disaster Area

After making our custom Christmas cards last night, which turned out awesome, the girls worked on their “web show”.  This consisted of Greg recording them “acting” out a scene….needless to say it will not make it to the Internet.  He says Trinity is a good actress, but a little too dramatic, Kylie has terrible “stage fright” as soon as the camera beeps and is very spastic, and Kara tends to hide.  He is working with them, so when they come up with a script and can perform it I will post the link to their web show.

Okay, on to the disaster area part.  The weekend began with spotless rooms, no dirty laundry, clean bathroom, etc.  There had been very little messing throughout the weekend and they were very good about quickly getting their room back in order.  When I went to tuck them in last night, before I could even get in the door, Kylie announces “Our room is trashed”.  Trashed was an understatement…it seriously looked like someone ransacked it looking for treasure.  So…I had Greg bring home some boxes from work at lunch, and I took the boxes and filled them with the random mess on the bookshelves, under the bed, in the closet, shoved in corners, and scattered on the floor.  (I did throw away a bag of what I deemed trash…we’ll see if they notice.)  Hopefully tomorrow I will get to spend time working on the rest of the house in preparation for Thanksgiving.  The girls came home to a strangely empty room, and are currently slaving over the boxes. 
Oh, FYI the web show has been put on hold pending room cleanliness.

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