Dumb & Dumber…

My poor, precious son got a much needed hair cut yesterday, only he got butchered.  I went to a place I have taken my kids often because they do a decent job, and it was in my price range.  They used to charge however old they were up to a certain age, but have since changed this and didn’t tell me when I made the appointment.  Since Grayson is 2, it would have been $2.00, but I usually give $5 because I like to tip…which is what the new price is for his age.  No biggie…except for the fact that it wasn’t worth $2.00 let alone $5.00.  Seriously, it looks like he cut it himself.  There are long chunks here and there, and the front is WAY uneven.  He looks like Jim Carey in Dumb & Dumber except with blond hair.  I am planning on getting my hair cut tomorrow, and will see if my friend can fix his…if it is unfixable, I will be forced to cut it the only way I know how…high and tight.  Needless to say, I will not be going back there.  If I ever get around to uploading the pics off my camera, I will post a before picture.  I will also post an after, after picture tomorrow evening.


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