Emerging from the Ice

As you who follow me on Twitter know, we had a big ice storm here & were without power for 149 hours.  This meant that we had no hot water, and the only heat we had was a small propane wall heater in our game room.  We were lucky in the fact that it was our off week with the kids and the first day it was just Greg, Grayson, & I.  K & K’s mom sent Kylie to stay with us on day 2, and Trinity came on day 4.  So, at one point there were 5 of us in one room passing the time making sock puppets and playing various games.  (I must make note that Greg and I played a torturous game of Trivial Pursuit that I had picked up at a yard sale and didn’t realize it was the genius edition…it was like a 2 hour game that made us feel like idiots most of the time.  I won.)  Greg amused the kids with card tricks…which he is really good at, we have a propane stove, so I was able to cook by flashlight.  The first night was really the worst, I think.  While laying on a futon mattress in the floor of the gameroom, looking out the skylights, you could hear what sounded like a war going on outside.  Loud cracks, and then what sounded like shattering glass raining down all around us.  It sounded alot like fireworks…this was also coupled with the occasional shotgun blast by our neighbors.  This sound was tree limbs succumbing to the weight of the ice, or trees being completely uprooted and falling over in our yard.  Pic is of the kids climbing tree…aka our plum tree.

We actually witnessed a huge limb fall on Greg’s car which resulted in a cracked windshield…nice.  Needless to say, being without power was NOT fun, but we made the most of it and really enjoyed eachother’s company.  On day 5, we loaded up what was left of our food & headed to Ray’s house.  Since he is out of town, he said we could stay at his place.  It was so nice to be able to shower, do laundry, just turn a light on.  Our power came back on late on day 7, and the kids went back to school the next day…my sanity thanks the MH school system!  I still haven’t completely gotten our lives back in order, but am almost there.  I plan to be posting back to normal very soon…

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