Fighting The Funk

Okay, as most of you know I had my appendix out last week. It was kinda an emergency thing, was totally unexpected, and I am almost good-to-go…physically. I am still pretty sore. It varies by day. If I sit up too long or walk around too much or lift something too heavy, I pay for it. I have pretty much lived on the couch for the past week. It sucks. I can’t do my normal wife/mom stuff. Greg has been cooking dinner, the kids have been keeping their messes toned down for the most part, and I have been watching TV, reading, and crocheting like a crazy person. I have several items ready to stock at my non-existent Etsy store…not sure if anyone will buy them, but what the heck, it’s kept me busy. My funk is in my brain. Since I can’t stand long enough to cook what I want to, can’t carry the laundry basket, and have been confined to the couch for long periods of time, I am getting frustrated. Typically, I wouldn’t categorize myself as a super active person, but I miss doing stuff. I’m about to the point where I want to say ‘screw it’ and do what I want to do, but I’m afraid I will hurt myself and be down for even longer…and then I might just lose my mind. The fact that I’ve had to rely on so many different people for stuff is really bothering me. It is very hard for me to let go of control of my duties. To have to instruct someone else on how to do my job or to ask someone for a favor is difficult. I hate that. I am determined to get out of this funk. I am aiming for feeling well enough to go to church on Sunday and sit through the entire service without being in pain all afternoon. I mean, come on…they lapriscopically removed my appendix…a useless organ that is about the size of my pinky finger…over a week ago. The 3 incisions put together might be a little over an inch long. Surely this annoying pain that isn’t excruciating by any means, that puts me in a bad mood and makes me snippy will be over soon…right?

Anyways, so this isn’t a post consisting entirely of my griping, click here to read a funny story about when my Mom was here (it’s her blog…leave her some comment love, she’s new to blogging!), and/or click here to enter the AXE contest that ends TOMORROW!

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