First Day of School 2010-11

No matter what age you are, it seems like the first day of school is exciting. Whether you are a Pre-K, off to your first day away from Mommy & Daddy, or are a 30-something beginning your first day of college, there’s just something about going back to school. The excitement is contagious. I don’t know if it’s the newness, or just a change in routine that ignites that spark, but it was all my kids talked about for almost the last 2 weeks of summer. I am an over preparer, so all school supplies were purchased, labeled, and ready for school weeks ahead of time. New shoes were bought & hidden away to surprise the girls with, backpacks were personalized & packed full of supplies. As the day drew nearer, open houses were attended, new haircuts were scheduled, and the anticipation grew. We adopted a new ‘back to school’ schedule to help us with what could only be described as partially organized chaos. (The kids were excited about this new routine, it is the Flylady Student Control Journal…I would highly advise you check it out if you have school age kids.) The first day of school went off fairly smoothly, kids were up and ready, looking beautiful with their new haircuts, clothes, and shoes.

Ready for 1st day of 2nd grade!

Ready for 1st day of 3rd grade!

Ready for 1st day of 5th grade!

Traffic was ridiculous as expected. We dropped Kara off first at her school which is in the process of being remodeled, so there was mass confusion as to where to pull in to drop her off. The first week is always insane because everyone thinks they need to drive their kids to school. There are parents who’s kids are not typically car riders, so they have no clue as to what to do. The construction zone did not help matters.    The kids started getting a little crazy waiting in line.

Insisting on a silly pic while waiting in line.

The other half of silliness...

After dropping her off at her school & snapping a few pictures while pulling away, as to not cause any more delay in the line for the other parents, we headed across town to take Trinity & Kylie to their school.

Happy to finally be out of the car & @ school!

Trinity & Kylie’s school is brand new. They are the first 3rd & 5th graders to attend the new school. It is an fantastic campus with all kinds of amenities. They arrived right on time, and eagerly ran up to the building.

Heading in to the new school for the 1st time!

And that was it. All the planning, and anticipation for such an anticlimactic moment. Grayson & I drove home feeling a little lonely, but satisfied at the same time. Grayson asked about their day, and we played ‘school’ so he wouldn’t feel too left out. We fell right back into our typical school-day routine from the previous year, and anxiously awaited for time to pick them up so we could hear all about their first day.

2:30 rolled around and we left the house to go pick up the girls. Grayson was very impatient with the pick up line, and there was good reason. The way it is supposed to work, is there is only one in and one out to pick up 1st & 2nd graders at Kara’s school. Once the line gets backed up to the street, the people turning left into the school use the turning lane on the road, and people turning right into the school just stay in the right lane. Anyone needing to get by coming from the right, go around in the turning lane. It is not a difficult thing. The problem began when someone coming from the right decided to use the turning lane as to not block the through traffic…evidently this parent had not done this before.

And the cavalry has been called in...

Less than 1/3 of the line for 1st & 2nd graders.

Traffic began to pile up in the turning lane & the right hand lane…both thinking they were in line. The cops eventually showed up, and attempted unsuccessfully to unclog the street. Once the line began to move, I noticed that the traffic for the left turning people had stretched back through the intersection and had once again drawn the attention of the cop. It was a total mess…I was really glad I had arrived early and wasn’t a part of this mass confusion. Picking up the other 2 was not nearly as bad…it seems as though the school staff had thought out the traffic flow a little better. After picking them up, the girls excitedly chattered all the way home about their teachers, new classrooms, new and old friends, and all the events of the day. I drove home smiling and thanking God for my kids, and that they had a great day & were looking forward to a new school year.

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