‘Flat Billy’ goes to St. Louis…

As you may know, we took a family vacation to St. Louis last week. Our family of 6 loaded up our Expedition and made the 5 hour drive with high hopes of a fun filled 4 days/3 nights. We were not disappointed. (I will be blogging in more detail about our vacation in later posts…this post is dedicated to Billy Mays.)

Everyone knows about ‘Flat Stanley’, well, I created a ‘Flat Billy’ to take with us on our vacation. Meet ‘Flat Billy’…
Hi! Billy Mays here!
He enjoyed visits to the St. Louis Arch,
the carousel at the St. Louis Zoo,
‘Flat Billy’ seemed to have a wonderful time on vacation with us, and we enjoyed having him as an extra family member on our family vacation to St. Louis. The kids took turns holding him up for photo-ops, and were vigilant about us not forgetting him in the truck. Overall, I think he had a wonderful 4-day vacation with the Alexander family to St. Louis, and I hope he might choose to vacation with us in the future. Can’t promise another stay at the Hyatt, but I can promise fun filled adventure. =)
On a ‘not so side note’, our family will greatly miss one of the greatest Pitchmen in the world, Billy Mays. Oxi-Clean commercials just aren’t the same. We find ourselves in need of nearly every product he has ever pitched. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching him go from ‘just a guy advertising a product’ to ‘pitchman extraordinaire’, who along with Anthony Sullivan has helped so many inventors realize their dreams. We’ve seen every episode of Pitchmen, and being able to see aspects of his family life and interaction with his best friend Sully has been truly enjoyable. It has been a pleasure to see his passion, integrity, and heart for his career and family over the last season. We were shocked and saddened to hear of his sudden passing…Billy Mays will be missed by the Alexander Family.

2 thoughts on “‘Flat Billy’ goes to St. Louis…

  1. Hi Jess — stopping by and following from MBC's "under 100" group.

    I know we don't know each other (yet!) but wanted to urge you to talk to a trusted doctor about the way your feeling, as it might be depression. Lots of people who shouldn't be depressed actually are because it's not something you can control through happy thoughts and actions. Knowing you have no reason to be so sad just makes you feel worse (and guilty on top of it!)

    I read a great blog post today by Whitney at It's gravy, baby — you might want to check it out:


    Take care — Dee

  2. I couldn't believe how much talent we lost this past week! I remember as a kid throwing a fit for a Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits cd, crazy he's gone. And we all go through those funks girl, hang in there and pray!!!

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