For The Win…FINALLY!

My amazing husband coaches my son’s flag football team (the Broncos, of course), and I am acting as the assistant coach. I say acting because I have no clue what I’m doing besides keeping the boys (ages 7-8) in line as they sit on the bench. At this age, they are obsessed with their flags…pulling everyone flags, hitting each other with flags, etc. We have a really great group of boys and they seem to be having fun, and we’ve had another player’s Dad step in and help with the coaching…of which I am relieved beyond description. Before this last weekend we were 0-4, and I was absolutely dreading the game. I did not want these boys to lose again and see the disappointment on their sweet little faces. Only one player from our team didn’t make it to the game, and the boys played hard. It came down to the wire with us ahead by less than a touchdown, they had the ball, and there was less than a minute left of the game. Their star player got the ball, and my son makes his first flag pull of the season! The boys on the bench went absolutely ballistic, screaming ‘We WON the game!’, jumping up and down, high fiving each other…it was complete chaos. I am so proud of each and every boy on our team…they worked hard and they deserved that win, and I think the parents needed it just as much as the kids.

Broncos win!!!

Broncos win!!!

I am no longer dreading the next game. As long as we have at least one win, the boys are having fun, and the parents are happy…I am totally at peace. I will say, next year…I will NOT volunteer as tribute Assistant Coach. Too much stress! And a special shout out to all the coaches out there…I appreciate you and what you do! It’s hard!

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