Froggy’s ‘Art’

While he was supposed to be picking out his clothes for today & making his bed, Froggy was dressing Spiderman. This is actually Spiderman’s 2nd outfit of the day…down to the underwear. He also had socks & shoes on in the previous outfit, but I had Froggy remove them so he could wear them today…little did I know, Spiderman would be trying on more clothes.

As I have him pose for this photo, he looks up at me with all the 4 year old cuteness on the planet, and says… “Mom, this is art, you know.” I am so thankful for my children…they seem to continually melt my heart and make me laugh 24/7.

One thought on “Froggy’s ‘Art’

  1. “This is art, you know.” What a remarkable and lovley comment! Your little boy is so cute! :D

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